Sorry you are visiting our service too frequent please try again later at Fortnight

Epic Games’ Fortnite Battle Royale issues worry many players. “You visit our services too often” is a situation that occurs among a large number of users, regardless of whether they use a PC or console. What’s the matter and what is this message?

Sorry you are visiting our service too frequent please try again later at Fortnight

This situation occurs in players in three cases:

  • Incorrect client version.
  • Banned by reports.
  • Works on Epic Games servers.

All three of these options seem to be possible, and in 75% of situations such a problem appears due to problems with the Internet or work on the side of Epics. But if this is not so, then it may well be that the matter is already on your side.

Option one. Wrong client

This option is quite possible if, for one reason or another, your game client simply has not been updated. Check the official Fortnight website for updates. If they are there and the client cannot update on its own, update it manually or reinstall it from scratch. One of the variants of the error associated with the wrong client is banal cheating. You can have a patched cheat client or custom addons to make the game easier. Remove all unofficial patches and addons and update the game client.

Option two. Ban

Based on the previous option, a ban based on the use of cheats could have occurred. Or as one of the versions, a ban could occur according to the reports of players who noticed in the actions a hint of the use of cheats and game bugs. And if you deliberately used third-party hacking programs or exploited flaws or glitches of the game, everything will be quite difficult. However, the report ban could have happened simply because of aggressive behavior or whatever it was – the gaming community, moreover, not only in Fortnight likes to throw reports, even if only for their own defeat. After all, the Fortnite Battle Royale admins could have just sent you to the block by mistake. In any case, it is best to contact Epic’s support and take the trouble to thoroughly explain what the problem is and why they should unblock your account. As a rule, they often meet halfway, so do not despair, especially if you have any sins behind you.


The mistakes “Sorry you are visiting our service too frequent” occur for a number of trivial reasons. And in most cases, as practice shows, these are difficulties with the network or servers, as well as account blocking. These problems are not insoluble, but in some cases the players themselves are to blame and it all depends on the support, and in some it is just necessary to wait for the update or the completion of the maintenance of the servers of the “Battle Royale”.

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