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Sputnik Browser is a fast and secure browser based on Chromium. The Sputnik browser was developed by Rostelecom for family use.

Rostelecom first created the Sputnik search engine, and then its own browser of the same name. The search engine positions itself as focused on interaction with social services, on the provision of public services. The Sputnik family browser has a similar purpose.

The Sputnik browser has built-in protection against harmful and dangerous content, with a filtering system, quick access to the public services portal, children’s mode, and no ads.

The main advantages of the Sputnik browser according to the manufacturer:

  • Simple – the browser is easily and quickly installed on your computer.
  • Convenient – when you start the browser, a panel opens with a search for “Satellite” and specially selected widgets.
  • Useful — the panel with widgets provides direct access to useful information: “Public Services”, “My Home”, “Medicine”, “Maps”, etc.
  • Smart – the browser uses a smart search bar for quick access to sites.
  • Safe – the browser has protection against spam, pornography, viruses, fraudulent sites, etc.
  • Child – a special children’s mode in the browser that will protect your child from most threats on the Internet.
  • Mobile – Sputnik browser is installed on mobile devices running Android, iPad, iPhone.

The smart browser line allows you to quickly access the sites you need. When you enter a search term, suggestions appear based on the text you enter. By default, the browser uses the Sputnik search engine. In the browser settings, in the “Search” section, you can change the search engine to another: Yandex, Google, @MAIL.RU, Sputnik, Sputnik.Children.

The Sputnik browser can be downloaded from the official website for Windows, Android, iPad, iPhone operating systems.

To install the browser on your computer, run the downloaded file. Installing the Sputnik browser is very simple.

Convenient satellite access

The Sputnik browser will open the Easy Access page, which contains widgets for quick access to the most popular everyday information: weather, exchange rates, news, TV program, public services, my home, maps, medicine. You can open the easy access page using the “Go to Satellite services” button, which is located in the left corner of the panel.

On the Easy Access page, you can change the background by uploading an image from your computer, choose your location. By default, after entering a query in the search field, the search will be carried out using the Sputnik search engine. In the browser settings, the search can be changed to another search engine.

After clicking on the “Medicine” widget, the “Satellite / Medicine” page will open, where you can get a lot of useful information.

In the “Pharmacy” tab, the addresses of the nearest pharmacies with contact information are available: phone numbers, opening hours, pharmacies are displayed on the map.

After entering the “Medicines” tab, you will have access to the description of the medicines. Select the name of the medicinal product, after reading the description, click on the “Prices and Availability” button. If the drug is in stock, you will see the price of the drug and the address of the pharmacy where you can buy it.

In the “Articles” tab, by sections, you can get information about diseases, methods of treatment and recommended medicines for this disease.

On the Gosuslugi portal, you can get public services: pay traffic police fines, pay utility bills, file a tax return, make an appointment with a doctor, get information about the tax debt of individuals, etc.

After clicking on the My Home widget, the Satellite / My Home page will open. Enter the full address in the search field in order to get the necessary information about organizations: management companies, multifunctional centers, schools, kindergartens, clinics, post offices, tax inspectorates, police departments, pharmacies, ATMs, and much more.

On the page “TV program” you can get acquainted with the program guide, get additional information, watch online broadcasts of TV channels.

Safe Search in Browser Satellite

Search filters are built into the Sputnik browser: “Light filter”, “Moderate filter”, “Strict filter”. Depending on the selected filter, the search results will not show sites with dangerous and prohibited information. The family filter in the browser protects the computer and the user’s personal data from viruses, spam, pornography, fraudulent sites, etc.

You can adjust the filtering level of search results using the “Search Results Filtering Settings” icon (in the form of a shield), which is located in the address bar of the browser. The icon image will be changed after selecting the appropriate filter.

The browser has a built-in “Advertisement” that blocks pop-up windows and ad blocks on web pages. In the Sputnik browser, you can block all ads after activating the “Block all ads” item. The Ad Blocker module does a good job of blocking ads.

The browser has a built-in security system “Stalker”, which warns the user of danger. If you mark a site as “bad”, then the next time the browser will not allow you to open this site.

The Sputnik browser has a built-in “Invisible” mode. In the “Invisible” mode, the browser will not remember the history of visits, in order not to save user data while surfing. You can start the “Invisible” mode after entering the “Main Menu of the Satellite”. To do this, you need to select the item “New window in stealth mode” in the context menu. After that, a new browser window will open.

To exit the “Invisible” mode, close the browser window in this mode.

The Satellite browser is protected from changes using special protection. Protection protects against changing the search engine, replacing the default browser, from changing browser settings by third-party programs. The built-in Sentinel tool guards the browser, protects the browser from unauthorized changes, protects the hosts file on the computer from changes.

Children’s mode in the Sputnik browser

In the Sputnik browser, “Children’s mode” functions. To enter the children’s mode, click on the image “Duck”. Then enter and confirm your password. The browser has a one-time password mode, although you can enter the same password every time.

This will open the Sputnik browser window launched in child mode. In children’s mode, the Sputnik.Children search engine is turned on, which filters search results to those that are appropriate for a children’s audience.

Please note that you will not be able to turn off the child mode without entering a password. If you close the browser window and then restart it, the browser will reopen in child mode.

To exit the kid mode in Satellite, click on the “Duck” icon, and then enter the password.

Browser extensions Sputnik

The Sputnik browser is compatible with extensions created for the Google Chrome browser, which are available in the Chrome Web Store. The satellite blocks the installation of extensions from the store, referring to the fact that they are not verified. Only a few extensions are available for installation in the browser that have been tested and approved by Sputnik. To be honest, there is not much to choose from.

You can select an extension in the Chrome store, and after blocking the installation, submit an application for approval of this extension.


You can enter the browser settings from the “Satellite Main Menu”, after selecting the “Settings” context menu item.

Sputnik browser settings are similar to Google Chrome browser settings. In the settings, you can change the quick access page, search engine, add a new user, change other browser settings.

Article Conclusions

Safe Browser Sputnik protects the user from spam viruses, harmful and fraudulent sites, by filtering traffic, blocks ads, the browser provides quick access to public services, parents can use “Children’s Mode” for their children.

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