Solution for “External API Call Errors” in Genshin Impact

When trying to pay for in-game purchases (i.e. “donate”) in Genshin Impact, the message “Error calling external API” may appear. Given the current geopolitical situation, such purchases are an extremely difficult task, especially for residents of the Russian Federation. Some payment methods are no longer available to players. What to do? Is there really no reliable solution? Unfortunately no. There is no one solution that would work 100% of the time. For one part of the players, one way works, for others, another, and so on.

Solution for “External API Call Errors” in Genshin Impact

Cellular and QIWI – at the moment, in-game purchases of Genshin Impact can be paid with at least some guarantee through these sources. The first payment option implies the presence of a game on a smartphone and funds on a mobile account. The second can be used on the official website of the game, as well as in the Epic Games launcher. On the site, by the way, through QIWI you can only purchase the blessing of the full moon and crystals (this is an in-game currency, but you should be aware).

By the way, a number of players complained that they could not make a purchase in EGS via QIWI: it constantly gives some errors. This issue is most commonly reported by players trying to purchase the Battle Pass. If you are one of those “lucky ones”, then do not despair, because there is a potential solution. Here’s what to do:

  • go to the official website of Epic Games ;
  • log in to your personal account and go to its settings;
  • go to the “Payment Management” tab and remove your QIWI wallet from there;
  • on the payment selection screen, select QIWI and log in to the payment system using your details.

Apparently, such a workaround helps to solve the “External API call error” in Genshin Impact, and purchase the necessary content, for example, the same battle pass.

It is worth noting that, surprisingly, payment for in-game purchases can also be made using cards from Russian banks, but with a whole bunch of not-so-pleasant nuances. For example, Sberbank cardholders can donate to Genshin Impact, but they will need to register with the SberPay service, and not from a mobile phone, but exclusively from the PC version of the web resource. Payment is also available for owners of YooMoney e-wallets (Yumani aka Yandex.Money).

Most importantly: don’t give up! If you failed to complete the transaction once, try again. Try until you are sure that everything is in vain. Payment did not go through the first time – so it will go to the second or third.

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