Perfect Gear Hack, Cheat Codes, Hints and Secrets

Perfect Gear Hack – compatibility with devices

Android +
iOS +
root not necessary
jailbreak not necessary

Description of Perfect Gear

Simple and at the same time incredibly addictive gameplay awaits you in the presented extreme and exciting game with a colorful design and excellent elaboration. Perfect Gear hack will help both adults and experienced gamers, as well as children, enjoy fast and dizzying races along the city tracks. Feel the speed and drive, and come to the finish line first, over and over again leaving all rivals far behind. Perfect Gear hack is for you if you have always dreamed of driving at high speeds and having your own huge fleet, changing cars for more and more powerful models. the game will bring joy and pleasure.

How to Hack Perfect Gear, Hints, Features

The main goal of this game is to overtake all your opponents on the track, and, having successfully overcome all the obstacles and trials on the way, finish first in the race. In the game you will find a huge number of cars, among which you can choose one or even several in order to race. But not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance. In order not to yield to opponents even at difficult levels, you need to constantly upgrade your car, improving its characteristics. To do this, you will need a certain amount of money, which you can get during the race, or get it by downloading Perfect Gear cheats. In addition, during races, you will find various bonuses, energy and coins on the road that will help you always be the first. Install Perfect Gear cheats and become an unsurpassed racer and undisputed leader.

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Perfect Gear Hack, Secrets

The higher the level, the more difficult tasks and obstacles will be encountered along the way. And your car should always be ready for any challenge. Upgrade your car to each new level to always remain invincible with the Perfect Gear hack version. It is this application that will allow you to get such necessary coins and premium currency. Improve your car or purchase new powerful models without thinking about its cost. After all, with the Perfect Gear hack version, you will have enough money for any purchases. Premium currency will give you a unique opportunity to unlock the rarest and most unique cars that most users buy with real money. Enjoy incredible speed and endless possibilities with this game. You may also be interested in this gameCar vs Cops Hack for Money

About Perfect Gear hack

Perfect Gear Cheats (Cheat Codes) are Promo Codes that you can use in Android and iOS games, even without Root and without Jailbreak. Please note that these Cheat Codes only work with original games. To hack Perfect Gear, your game must be downloaded from the App Store (if it’s iOS) or Google Play (if it’s Android).

Perfect Gear Cheats for Android

Resources Cheat Codes System
Gold 822-bd96200cc63 Android
coins c35-f8ea05f79d0 Android
Energy 2d9-74f6d9d01af Android
Free Shopping 9d3-0f5715f8f46 Android

Perfect Gear Cheat Codes for iOS

Resources Cheat Codes System
Gold 385-91211e0f982 iOS
coins c8d-febd35bc9a7 iOS
Energy 52a-d944b70cc68 iOS
Free Shopping 16b-dadd6784a53 iOS

How to enter cheats in Perfect Gear

  1. Open the game;
  2. Go to the section for entering Cheat Codes;
  3. Click OK and wait a few seconds;
  4. Ready!

If you are new to using Cheat Codes for Android and iOS games, then you definitely need an instruction for Cheats. We have created the most simple and clear instruction on how to enter Cheat Codes into the Perfect Gear game. This link contains instructions.

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