How to Play Buraco

A few weeks ago, you learned how to play Burraco and it quickly became one of your favorite card games. Since then, you have not missed an opportunity to organize matches with your friends but, you know, getting together is not always easy. What do you say, then, if I point out some virtual alternatives thanks to which you can satisfy your craving for Burraco even when your friends are not available?

On Facebook there are many free applications dedicated to Burraco , and the same goes for smartphones and tablets. In short, all you need is an active Internet connection and you can enjoy your favorite card game from any device: computer, tablet and mobile phone. Just think, you can challenge real people from all over Italy. Let’s see how it’s done!

If you want to find out how to play Burraco from your computer, I advise you not to waste too much time and try to use one of the many themed applications available on Facebook. In this way you can play for free directly from the browser, without installing anything on your PC, without registering and being sure to always find a sufficient number of challengers online.

One of the best Burraco games currently available on Facebook is Net Burraco , which is characterized by really nice and well-finished graphics. To try it, connect to this page of the social network and authorize the game to use your profile by clicking on Allow . At this point, click on the red button See tutorial and follow the guided procedure that will show you in detail how the game works (completely in Italian).

At the end of the procedure, you will be asked to create an avatar to use as your profile picture in the game and you can start your first online game of Buraco by selecting one of the free tables where there are still seats available. Each game will cost you 10 energy points. Energy points can be obtained in-game or paid for via Facebook credits (read my article on how to get free Facebook credits to find out more).

Another good app to play Burraco on Facebook is My Burraco , which you can find on this page of the social network . To start your first game of My Burraco, all you have to do is click on the Go to game button and select one of the available game tables (the ones with the click button to play next to it). Again, to play you need virtual tokens that can be earned or purchased through Facebook credits.

Do you prefer to play from a tablet or smartphone? No problem. Just open the Apple App Store or the Android Google Play Store and search for the term Burraco to be inundated with free and paid titles suitable for all needs. I recommend a couple of the most interesting:

  • Burraco3D for iPadwhich can be downloaded for free and has very well done graphics. It offers the possibility of playing one game per day without registering and without paying a cent, but if you subscribe to the website to which it refers, the games become unlimited (both from iPad and from PC / Mac).
  • Burraco Free for Androidwhich is available in two versions: one free with some limitations (maximum 4 players, low difficulty level, only one game per game, etc.) and one that costs 1.70 euros but has no limitations. Sufficient graphics.


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