How to Fix Low FPS Issue on Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 is action-packed and fast-paced, and running it at low FPS (frames per second) can make it difficult to keep up with the action. Additionally, low FPS can make the gaming experience choppy or stuttering, making it more difficult to see and track enemies. This puts players at a severe disadvantage, as quick reactions are the name of the game in most first person shooters. It can be incredibly frustrating when players are struggling to make Battlefield 2042 work well when they can run other games perfectly well.

Unfortunately, this is quite the case with many players looking to run Battlefield 2042 for the first time. FPS dips seem to be pretty standard, and can make the game a miserable experience when players consistently lose firefights due to sudden changes in framerate. It also happens to gamers with reasonably high-end computers, making their impressive gaming machines rather useless in the face of questionable game optimization. Of course, this is far from the only bug in Battlefield 2042, but it’s certainly significant.

Fortunately, there are some solutions, some of which seem quite similar to optimizing FPS for other games, while other solutions may be a step further than what gamers usually would. While there are several ways to improve FPS in Battlefield 2042, these solutions are the most likely to make a difference or eliminate an issue causing inconsistent FPS. Here are the recommended methods, sorted by their likelihood of increasing FPS:

How to fix low FPS issues on Battlefield 2042

Game settings

Changing the game settings will be a little different depending on the severity of the player’s problems. If gamers are running at very low FPS, they should consider moving their graphics preset down a level or two. Lowering the preset will lower all game settings at once, giving players a decent boost in performance. Those who are not suffering too much, but would simply like to optimize, may consider only lowering shadow quality, reflection quality and anti-aliasing, as these effects are quite demanding on the hardware compared to the visual results that provide. After this, players can jump into a Battlefield 2042 Portal game and see how their FPS has improved.

Graphics drivers

Updating graphics drivers is one of the most likely problems gamers can encounter when they notice inconsistent framerates. To do this, gamers with Nvidia graphics cards should open their GeForce Experience app and check if there are any new drivers available. If there are, they should install them and restart the computer. The process is the same for gamers using AMD graphics cards, except the app is called AMD Radeon Software. If gamers don’t have their driver software installed or can’t find it, they can check their manufacturer’s website to install it. If the drivers are out of date, they’re usually the most common reason for poor game performance, as long as it’s not related to Battlefield 2042 servers or game balance.

Disable Overlays

The final problem players might run into is that their overlay is interacting with the game in a way that makes it act. This can happen quite often, and the culprit is usually the Discord overlay. To disable it, players can open Discord and click on the settings button at the bottom left (which looks like a gear). Then, they can navigate to the “game overlay” tab and uncheck the “Enable in-game overlay” option. Then, they can restart the game and see if that fixes the FPS issue in Battlefield 2042.

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