Crypto Gaming: the characteristics of a growing phenomenon

Impossible today to find someone who has never heard of cryptocurrencies: after the world of art with NFTs, now more than ever it is that of video games and online gaming that is interested in virtual currencies. The term “Crypto Gaming” indicates those games that use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum instead of traditional ones, such as the euro. So let’s see what you need to know and have to get closer to this important innovation in the field of entertainment online.

What it takes to do Crypto Gaming

Venturing into this world is fascinating, but it can also be risky, given the high volatility of virtual currencies, so before starting it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the cryptocurrency sector in general.

Once you understand the universe in which you move, you will need to get the “bases” to leave. Meanwhile, a wallet, which must be reliable and secure, then a profile on a gaming site that also offers Crypto Gaming, and finally a device to play on. The first step will be the most delicate one, that is to buy cryptocurrencies. It is a good idea, especially if you are a beginner, to inquire thoroughly before proceeding. It may help to read some  authoritative online guides that explain how to buy cryptocurrencies in an informed way. This way you will also have an overview of the safest sites to buy on.

Tips for playing safely

Security in the crypto world is essential. You must always pay attention to your gaming device, which must preferably be mobile and in any case powerful, updated and equipped with antivirus.

Your account must be created in full security: therefore, green light for complex passwords, multi-factor authentication, use of biometric access systems and maximum care in keeping your passphrase, which – if lost – can never be recovered.

Crypto Gaming and Crypto Games: are there any differences?

Many. If the common basis is dealing with cryptocurrencies, we speak of Crypto Gaming to indicate the activity of online gaming, or the classic gaming experiences. Crypto Games, on the other hand, identify video games related to the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, including many related to NFTs. Compared to traditional gaming, this sector is still relatively new, although there are already many video games developed on the blockchain. Among the best known, CryptoKitties, in which the player buys, collects, breeds and finally sells digital cats in the form of NFTs, and Axie Infinity, inspired by Pokemon. It is one of the best known NFT games also because, despite having recently suffered a  record theft, holds the record of one billion dollars in sales among Ethereum-based Crypto.

Approaching the universe of Crypto Gaming is undoubtedly fascinating but equally complex, for this reason a preliminary study will be indispensable to deepen the buying and selling of virtual currency and gaming techniques.

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