How to play Lotto online

As a great fan of the Lotto game that you are, when you get the chance, you go to your local betting shop to play your lucky numbers. Only recently, however, have you discovered that it is also possible to fill out a ticket online, on sites that have AAMS license (Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies), which identifies safe and legal gaming sites. For this reason, you did some research on the web to find out more and ended up straight on this guide of mine.

That’s the way it is, am I right? Then let me tell you that you’ve come to the right place at the right time. In the next paragraphs, in fact, I will explain how to play Lotto online from a computer, smartphone and tablet. I assure you that by following my instructions (assuming you are already 18 years of age ), you will be able to open your gaming account and fill out your coupons without having to go to a betting shop in person. All you have to do is set aside five minutes of time to devote to reading the next few lines. Are you ready? Great, let’s get started!

WARNING : gambling can cause pathological addiction. I invite you to do it in moderation and I stress that it is absolutely not my intention to encourage unauthorized gaming activities.


  • Preliminary information
  • How to play Lotto online from a computer
  • App to play Lotto online

Preliminary information

Before getting to the heart of this tutorial and explaining how to play Lotto online , it might be useful to know what are the necessary requirements to play an online ticket and the sites on which you can play the famous game.

As for the requirements to play the Lotto, both in the betting shops and online, it is necessary to be of age and be in possession of a tax code . Furthermore, in order to play a ticket on the Internet, the opening of a gaming account is required , which must be verified by means of an identity document .

Furthermore, it will be useful to know that it is possible to play a Lotto ticket on any day of the week and that there are three weekly draws (on Tuesdays , Thursdays  and Saturdays ). On the days of the draw, bets are blocked from 19.30 to 21.30.

Finally, you should know that it is possible to create a gaming account and fill out a Lotto ticket on any gaming site authorized by AAMS . These include Sisal, Snai and all the major betting sites . In this guide, you will find the detailed procedure for playing Lotto on Lottomatica , a famous lottery and betting operator and exclusive concessionaire of the Italian State for the management of Lotto games.

How to play Lotto online from a computer

To play Lotto online on Lottomatica it is first necessary to create a gaming account, upload your own identity document (necessary to redeem any winnings) and make the first deposit.

To proceed, connected to the official website of Lottomatica , click on the Register button , at the top right, enter the required data in the fields Name , Surname , Gender , Date of birth , Place of birth , Tax code , Place of residence , Address of residence , Postcode of residence and profession and press the Confirm button .

In the Access data and contacts section , also specify your telephone number and your email address and create the access data to be used to log in to Lottomatica, by entering them in the Choose username and Choose a password fields . Then choose a security question (useful for recovering your account in case of problems) using the drop-down menu Choose a question , enter the relevant answer in the appropriate field and click on the Confirm button .

At this point, you must upload your identity document and enter the data in the appropriate fields. Then choose the document of your interest ( Identity Card , Driving License , Passport , Model BT and Model AT ) from the Document Type drop-down menu and enter the data in the fields Document number , Release date , Expiration date , Issued by and Place of Issue , then place the check mark next to the Yes option , to immediately upload a copy of the document in question, and click on the Choose buttonsand Upload , to start uploading the file.

Once this is done, enter any promotional code in your possession in the appropriate field, put the check mark next to the welcome bonus of your interest (eg Lotto and 10 and Lotto – Bonus 10 euros allows you to get a bonus of 10 euros on your first 10 euro top-up) and press the Confirm button .

Under Set your gambling limits , select the maximum weekly deposit ( 100 € , 200 € , 500 € , 1.000 € , 5.000 € , Other amount etc.) Of your interest and click the button again Confirmation . Then put the check mark next to the Yes item relating to the Contract and terms options and I, the undersigned, declare that I have read the Information and pursuant to art. 6 of the EU Regulation and select the item No relating to all other options, to disallow the processing of your personal data for marketing purposes.

Finally, click on the Create your gaming account button , to complete the registration and make the first top-up of the newly created account. Then select the top-up method you prefer between credit / debit card , PayPal , MyBank , Skrill , Neteller and bank transfer , enter the amount of your interest in the Amount to top up field and click on the Confirm button , to immediately receive the accreditation.

At this point, you are ready to start playing Lotto online. To do this, access the main page of Lottomatica, select the Lotto and Scratch cards option located in the top menu and, in the new screen displayed, choose the Lotto and Yes items .

Now, select the number or numbers you want to play, acting on the ticket visible in the box Choose from 1 to 10 numbers , choose the individual wheels (eg. Bari , Florence , Milan , Rome , Turin , National etc.) on which to play the numbers in question or press on the All option , to play all wheels except the National wheel.

Once this is done, indicate the amount you intend to play for each winning combination of your interest (eg Ambo , Terno , Quaterna , Cinquina etc.) and choose whether to play any Season Tickets (allows you to repeat the same bet for multiple consecutive draws up to a maximum of 50 competitions) and / or Multiple (allows you to repeat the same game several times for the same draw up to a maximum of 20 times), by pressing the + button relating to the option of your interest.

At this point, check the total amount played that will be debited from your gaming account and the minimum and maximum winnings that you can get from the bet slip you just filled out. Then click on the Go to summary button , check that all the data shown in the Bet Slip Summary section are correct and press the Play now button to confirm the bet.

It will be useful to know that by accessing the Lotto and Scratch and Win and Lotto sections and selecting the Your Betslip option , you can view the complete list of betslip played. By clicking on the Extractions item , you can check the numbers of previous extractions and follow the subsequent extractions live.

Alternatively, you can quickly find out if your bet was a winner by accessing the transactions area of ​​your account: to do so, click on the Profile item , at the top right, select the Transactions option and play and locate the Winnings item , to view your eventual winnings.

Finally, if you are wondering how to play 10eLotto online , all you have to do is access the Lotto and Scratch & Win section , select the 10eLotto item in the top menu, choose the numbers and the amount to play and click on the Play now button. . Simple, right?

App to play Lotto online

If you are wondering if there is an app to play Lotto online , you will be happy to know that you can use Lottomatica’s My Lotteries application , available for free for Android and iPhone / iPad devices . Again, all you need to do to play is create a gaming account and make your first deposit.

Then take your smartphone or tablet, start My Lotteries, tap the Login button , at the top right, select the Lottomatica item (you can also use the account associated with other AAMS sites, such as Snai, Sisal, etc.), enter the data associated with your account in the Username and Password fields and press the Login button to log in.

If, on the other hand, you have not yet created your gaming account, select the Register and Lottomatica options , enter your details in the Name , Surname and Email fields, tick the check marks to accept the terms of service and declare to be of age and tap the Continue button .

In the Personal data section , put the check mark next to the option of your interest between Man and Woman , to specify your gender, and enter the required data in the fields Date of birth , Municipality of birth , Tax code , Profession , Municipality of residence , address of residence and postal code of residence . Then specify your phone number in the appropriate field and enter a username and password that you will need to use to access your Lottomatica account.

After that, select a secret question (eg. Your birth year ) and Please enter your answer in the appropriate field, set a limit game by selecting one of the options ( 100 € , 500 € , 1.000 € , Other amount etc.) And , in the section document data , select the document to be used to verify your account by entering data in fields document number , issue date , expiration Date , issued by and Place of issue .

To complete the creation of your gaming account on Lottomatica, enter any promotional code in your possession in the Enter code field , tap on Lotto and 10eLotto and Million Day , to redeem the welcome bonus for new members, and press on the Confirm button . Finally, on the Conditions screen , put the check marks required to accept the Lottomatica terms of use and tap the Confirm button to create your gaming account.

At this point, to start playing, you need to top up your account. Then select the payment method you prefer ( credit / debit card , PayPal , MyBank , Skrill  etc.), enter the amount to top up in the appropriate field and tap the Confirm button to make your first top up.

To start playing, locate the Discover the games section  and tap on Lotto (or 10eLotto if your intention is to play this Lotto variant). In the new screen displayed, select the numbers and wheels you prefer, specify the amount to play for the combinations of your interest (eg Ambo , Terno , Cinquina etc.) and tap on the Go to the bet slip summary and Play online button. , to play your ticket.

By pressing the ☰ button, at the top left, you can view your eventual winnings and, by selecting the Movements and bets option , your last bet cards played. By accessing, on the other hand, the section See the drawings relating to the Lotto game , you can follow the next drawing live and see the latest numbers drawn. Convenient, right?


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