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Sites to download free movies: After reading my posts where I talked about streaming services, many friends wrote to me asking if I also know of sites to download free movies, save them on your computer (or maybe on a portable device) and watch them calmly, when you have time. , without being obliged to have an active Internet connection.

Unfortunately, the answer is not completely affirmative. Of course, you can download movies from the Internet, you can do it for free and legally, but the offer for this type of content is very limited compared to that available for streaming content. The ones that can be downloaded freely from the Internet are just old movies that no longer apply to copyright, small independent works and little else. Very little.

It should also be noted that most of the films available online are in English, with no subtitles. There is little, if any, Italian. How do you say? Isn’t this a problem for you? Are you a fan of old movies and do you understand foreign languages ​​well enough? So don’t think twice, take a “jump” on all the services I’m about to recommend and enjoy the show! There are several sites that deserve to end up in your bookmarks: add them and you will have tons of guaranteed fun at no cost. I just have to wish you a good reading and a good vision!


  • Sites to download free films in English
    • org
    • Public Domain Torrents
  • Sites to download free movies in Italian
    • RaiPlay
    • Amazon Prime Video
  • Streaming sites to watch movies for free

Sites to download free films in English

If you want to know if there are sites to download free movies without registration in English, know that there are some that can definitely be for you. Find all the details in the following chapters.

Let’s start with, one of the most important free movie download sites in the world. In its archive there are hundreds of cinematographic works that have now become public domain, including masterpieces such as “Night of the Living Dead” and “Frankenstein”. All in the original language and without subtitles. It’s in Italian? Unfortunately, there is currently no title, sorry.

To browse the works available on, connected to the home page of the site and select one of the genres listed in the home. By clicking on Feature Films you can view the list of complete films available for download, by selecting the Short Format item you can access the list of short films on the site, while clicking on the Sci-Fi Horror items (horror and science fiction films), Comedy Films (comedies), Silent films (silent films) etc. you can browse the movies according to their genre.

After choosing one of the categories available on , you can use the menu located at the top (the one located next to the Sort by item ) to change the criteria according to which the films are displayed: by clicking on the Views item the works are arranged in based on the number of views (from the most viewed to the least viewed), by selecting Title they are arranged in alphabetical order, by choosing the Date archived option they are sorted according to the date of online publication, while clicking on Creator the films are sorted in based on the name of the respective authors.

Once you have identified a film of your interest, click on its preview image and download it to your computer by selecting one of the formats available in the right sidebar, under the heading Download options (eg 512KB MPEG4 or H.264 MPEG4 ). Most of the movies can also be viewed directly in streaming and can be downloaded via Torrent.

Public Domain Torrents

Very similar to is the Public Domain Torrents site which, as the name suggests quite easily, allows you to download public domain movies via the Torrent network. The films, all in English, are categorized by genre and can be downloaded in various formats: from classic DivX to MP4 optimized for various devices.

To browse all the works available on Public Domain Torrents, connect to its home page and select one of the genres listed in the left sidebar: HonorSci-Fi / FantasyComedyWestern etc. Then click on the title of the film you want to download and start the download by selecting one of the links available at the bottom of the page that opens (eg Click for Divx AVI to download the film in DivX format, or Click for PSP MP4 to download it in MP4 format compatible with PSP).

The files, as already pointed out above, are not downloaded directly from the Public Domain Torrents servers. Only a small file with the .torrent extension is downloaded from the site, which must be fed to a Torrent client. I recommend qBitTorrent which is free, open source and compatible with all popular operating systems, but there are others as well. Check out my tutorial on how to download Torrent to learn more.

Sites to download free movies in Italian

If you are looking for sites to download free movies on PC, know that there are some services that allow you to do this, but require the installation of your desktop client. Others, however, necessarily require the use of the app for smartphones and tablets.


RaiPlay, Rai’s online service, allows you to download the films and TV series in its catalog. Unfortunately, however, this possibility is reserved exclusively for mobile applications for Android (also available on alternative stores ) and iOS / iPadOS. The service is available for free but registration of a free account is required to access the content on demand (I told you about it in this tutorial of mine ).

If you want to stream the films distributed by Rai, you can also act through the Web portal. To download the films (and also watch them in streaming), however, you need to download the app for the smartphone or tablet in your possession. For further information, you can refer to my guide on how to download RaiPlay.

Once you have created your account, to download content from Raiplay, you just need to basically access the service via an app for your smartphone or tablet, select the film you are interested in and press the Download button twice in a row. The contents are all collected in the Download section of the app, accessible via the Other tab.

Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video is the Amazon video streaming service. It is accessible from computers, smartphones, tablets and Smart TVs but its download function that allows you to download offline content is only available on Android (even for devices without Google services ), iOS / iPadOSFireOS and Windows 10 and later. For more details on the platforms Prime Video is available on, check out this tutorial.

To use Prime Video you need to subscribe to the Amazon Prime subscription, which currently costs 36 euros/year or 4.99 euros/month after a free trial period of 30 days. You can then cancel whenever you want and maybe enjoy only the free trial period to download and watch your favorite movies.

The download feature included in Prime Video is extremely simple to use. All you have to do is press on the poster of the film of your interest and then on the Download button. At the end of the download, the offline contents become accessible in the Download section of the app, accessible after pressing the button on your thumbnail at the bottom (from a mobile device) or from the menu icon (from the desktop).

By accessing the app settings, you can also choose the quality in which to download the content ( Streaming and download> Download quality ). For more details see my tutorial on how Amazon Prime Video works and, in more detail, the one on how to download movies from Prime Video.

Streaming sites to watch movies for free

The services that I presented to you in the previous chapters are the best that you can currently get when it comes to sites to download free movies. On the streaming front, however, the choice expands enormously. There are tons of free sites offering movies to suit all tastes and genres. A few examples? I’ll settle you immediately.

  • VVVVID– one of the best free video-on-demand services. It allows you to watch Italian and American films (dubbed in Italian) directly from your computer, smartphone or tablet. It also offers tons of Japanese anime series and various interesting TV series. Requires a quick free registration to be used.
  • PopCorn TV– historic Italian video-on-demand service that allows you to watch various films made in the USA, all for free and without registration. It is also accessible from smartphones and tablets (although it does not have a dedicated app).
  • MyMovies Live– offers streaming movies at specific times and days, to be booked as if it were a real movie theater.
  • YouTube– there are many YouTube channels that allow you to legally watch movies for free. I told you about it in my article on how to watch movies for free on YouTube.
  • Mediaset Infinity– this is the streaming service of the Mediaset group that allows you to watch live TV and content on demand. If you want to know more about this service, you can consult my tutorial dedicated to the subject.

For a broader overview of the best streaming sites available in Italy, both free and paid, take a look at my article on the subject. Also see the article in which I explained how to watch streaming TV on computers, smartphones and tablets: I am convinced that you will find many interesting films to enjoy at no cost!


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