How to put a photo on WhatsApp status

How to put a photo on WhatsApp status: For some time you have been aware of the fact that WhatsApp, the famous instant messaging app, offers the possibility to publish statuses, but you have never been too interested in this particular function, very similar to the famous Instagram stories. Lately, however, something has changed and you too want to share your best shots with your closest friends. This is exactly how things are, right? So, if you don’t know how to go about achieving your goal, you’ve come to the right place!

In the next paragraphs of this tutorial, in fact, I will show you how to put a photo on the status of Whatsapp. This is not anything particularly complicated, but very simple steps that allow you to quickly share photos with contacts in the app. Attention, however: all the procedures that I will indicate to you can only be carried out via smartphone (or possibly Android tablet with SIM). WhatsApp applications for PC and WhatsApp Web, at least at the time of writing, do not allow you to publish statuses but only to view them.

Having said that, all you have to do is sit down comfortably, carefully read what I’m about to tell you and pick up your trusty device to put the suggestions in the next few lines into practice. At this point, I just have to wish you good reading and have fun!


  • How to put a picture on the status of WhatsApp
  • How to put a gallery photo on Whatsapp status
  • How to put a photo with music on WhatsApp status
  • How to add a photo on WhatsApp status
  • How to save a photo on WhatsApp status
  • How to copy a photo on WhatsApp status

How to put a picture on the status of WhatsApp

As previously announced, putting a photo on the status of WhatsApp is a rather simple procedure, which does not present particular differences between smartphones with an Android operating system and iPhone.

So, if your desire is to take a photo and instantly publish it as a WhatsApp status, first you need to unlock your phone and tap the aforementioned app icon on the main screen. Then, with the app started, press on the Status item and then on the camera icon.

At this point, once you open the smartphone camera, all you have to do is press the white circle icon to take the photo. Once this is done, you can make the changes you want on your photograph: rotate or cut it ( square icon ), add emojis and stickers ( smiley icon ), colored text ( T icon ), freehand drawings ( pencil icon ) or choose an effect. You can also add a caption in the space provided at the bottom of the screen.

After deciding the changes to be made, to publish the photo and make it visible to your contacts, all you have to do is tap on the green icon with the arrow. The game is done! In a few seconds the photo will be published as a WhatsApp status and will be visible to all contacts.

If you want to show the picture to all contacts but only some of them, select the Voice Privacy present in the dedicated screen to the state and sets the preference you want: My contacts (to allow the display to all contacts), I my contacts except (to allow viewing for all contacts, except some that you are going to select), or Share only with (to allow viewing only to the contacts you are going to select).

How to put a gallery photo on Whatsapp status

Do you want to know how to put a photo that you have already taken and that is present in your Gallery as a WhatsApp status? You can do this in two ways: the first is to follow the procedure I indicated in the previous chapter , with the only difference that, instead of taking a new photograph, you can scroll from right to left the thumbnails of the images displayed on the screen, which they are none other than the photographs in the Gallery.

Once done, select the photo you are interested in, by tapping on it, and press the white arrow icon to proceed with the publication. If the previews are not for you, you can swipe the screen upwards near the white arrow (located above the previews) to open the Gallery, or, if you are using an iPhone, you can tap on the photo icon located in bottom left. In this way you will have immediate access to the Gallery and you can select the photo you want and then publish it.

The second method, on the other hand, consists indirectly using the Gallery of images on the smartphone. So, in this case, tap the Gallery icon on the main screen of your device or the Photos icon if you use an iPhone; then select the photo of your interest, by tapping on it, and press the share icon.

At this point, select the WhatsApp entry from the opened list and tap, in the new screen that has opened, on the wording My status. Now, you just have to press on the icon with the arrow twice (if you use an Android device) or on the Next item and then on the icon with the arrow (if you use an iPhone), to post the selected image in the status.

How to put a photo with music on WhatsApp status

WhatsApp, at the time of writing, does not have a function dedicated to inserting music in the photos published as a status. What it is possible to do, however, is to make a short video, of a maximum of 30 seconds, with music using a simple “trick”.

The procedure is as follows: open the music player you normally use to listen to music, for example Spotify and select the song you are interested in by starting playback. At this point, open the WhatsApp app, tap the Status and Camera icons, frame what you want to shoot and hold down the white circle icon to start shooting the video.

Alternatively, place the device’s camera on a flat surface so that what remains filmed is a black background and proceed with the changes you want, such as inserting text or stickers. This way, as you shoot, the music played by your favorite player will also be recorded. Simple, right?

How to add a photo on WhatsApp status

Have you published your photo, are you viewing it correctly but you don’t know how to add another one to your status? Proceed as follows: open the WhatsApp app, tap on the Status item and then press the camera icon. Once done, take your new photo and tap the arrow icon to publish it. Now, the new photograph has also been published as a status and will appear in succession to the previous one for all your contacts.

Alternatively, you can make a multiple selection directly from the Gallery app ( Photos on iPhone). Once you open the app in question, make a long tap on the first image you want to select and then continue by tapping on all the others you want to enter as a status. If you are using an iPhone, however, press on the Select item located at the top right and tap on all the photos to select. At this point, press the Share icon, select the WhatsApp item, press the My status option and proceed with the publication.

How to save a photo on WhatsApp status

Do you want to save a photo on the status of WhatsApp and keep it on the memory of your device? The best way to do this, if you are using an Android device, is to take a screenshot of the photo you want to save. WhatsApp, in fact, does not have a “native” function to save photos, especially those posted by other people. Hence, the best method is to “capture” the screen.

To do this, once you have selected the status you are interested in, all you have to do is press the Volume Down and On / Off / Lock keys at the same time. This generates a photo that is saved directly in the Gallery, in a folder dedicated to screenshots. If you have any difficulties, read my tutorial on how to take screenshots on Android to learn more.

On the iPhone, on the other hand, if it is a photograph of you that you have published (and perhaps deleted by mistake), tap on the Status icon, then on the My status item and, in the new screen that opens, on the icon of the three horizontal dots. At this point, from the drop-down menu that appeared, press on the Share item and finally tap on the Save image option. This will automatically save the image in the Photos app.

If what you want is to save another user’s status, as seen for Android devices, you need to take a screenshot. Then, after selecting the state to capture and opening it to view it, press the Right Side Key and Volume Up keys at the same time. If you have an iPhone model with the Home button, press the Home button and the side button at the same time. Then, if you wish, crop the image to eliminate the username and the photo placed in the other, to ensure that only the photograph of your interest remains. For more details, read my tutorial on how to take screenshots on iPhone.

Since the statuses are also accessible from WhatsApp for PC and WhatsApp Web, you can also create a screenshot from your computer and save the statuses of your interest by following the instructions you find in my tutorial on how to take screenshots on PC.

How to copy a photo on WhatsApp status

To copy a photo of another contact and insert it in your own state, the best technique is as explained in the previous chapter: use the screenshot function to capture the screen. Once done, with the consent of the original author of the photograph, please, you can go and publish it yourself as a state.

So, to proceed, all you have to do is press the Gallery app icon, select the screenshot made and follow the procedure explained above on how to put a photo from the gallery to the WhatsApp status.


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