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We are now almost at the end of the year, it is almost time for dinners with relatives and family holidays. In between engagements, however, you haven’t yet purchased gifts for some friends. How to do?

Relax and catch your breath, all is not lost. Although very close, I assure you that you still have time to “save Christmas”. In fact, in this article you will find different options to buy items of all kinds, so as to satisfy even the tastes of the most fussy and to run for cover when there are a few days or even a few hours to Christmas.

In this regard, let’s not waste any more time: we must get busy as soon as possible! In the next paragraphs I will recommend those that, in my humble opinion (but not only), are the best sites for Christmas gifts . Happy reading and happy last minute shopping!


  • Cheap Christmas gift sites
    • Amazon
    • eBay
    • Other sites for Christmas gifts

Cheap Christmas gift sites

We both know how expensive it can be to give all your loved ones a gift each, for this reason today I want to help you find what you are looking for and strike some profitable deals. In the next paragraphs I will talk in detail about which are the best sites for cheap Christmas gifts , all excellent platforms to buy online.


To begin with, I’d like to offer you Amazon , a famous e-commerce that is also among the first sites to look to for buying Christmas gifts. For what reason? Well, simple: it offers many products at attractive prices with ultra-fast shipping and – equally interesting – the possibility of buying digital gift vouchers or to be printed for last-minute “thoughts”.

To use it, just register with Amazon by creating a new account and connecting a payment method , as I explained to you in my tutorials on the subject. The accepted payment methods are many: credit and debit cards , including prepaid cards , Amazon Pay and even cash or installment payments (for some items and if certain requirements are met).

To reduce delivery times and costs, you may be interested in subscribing to the Amazon Prime plan , which will allow you to receive free deliveries in just one day away! If you are interested in knowing how, consult the guide I just linked to you.

You will also be pleased to discover that Amazon allows its customers to return any product purchased during the Christmas period until January 31st , without any additional cost or explanation, so as to safeguard the wallet in case of unwanted or defective gifts. In other periods you will instead be covered by a 30-day guarantee in which you can return the item without any obligation or additional cost (only for items shipped by third parties and not by Amazon directly, shipping costs may be withheld). If you have purchased a product that you would like to return, my article on this very topic may help you .

That said, once the registration is complete you can finally proceed with the choice of the items you want to buy. First, by connecting to the main page of Amazon , you will find yourself in front of special offers for the Christmas period. In fact, you can choose from the various categories of discounted items by clicking on the section dedicated to Christmas offers . A page will then open to you with all the offers available for a limited time.

Browse the articles until you find something you like, to help you you can also use the search filters on the left panel, with which you can choose more specifically which offers to display on the screen. You can also press on the various items at the top of the offers page to find only offers related to a specific sector , such as clothing, DIY and IT products.

Look at the category that is right for you, press on the relevant section and select the item you would like to purchase at a discounted price. You will then be redirected to the standard page for the purchase of any product on Amazon: here you can view the current and non-discounted price in the product description, so as to get an idea of ​​the savings. At this point, I recommend that you read the description and comments carefully before buying the product, just to be sure you do not make any mistakes and that you have not run into poor quality products (also pay attention to some reviews that could be sponsored and therefore not 100% truthful; you have to rely a little on instinct to “unmask them”).

When you are finally ready to proceed with the payment, select the Add to Cart button on the right . Repeat the procedure I just explained for each item you are interested in and, once the shopping cart is filled , press on its icon located at the top right and press the Proceed to order button .

At this point you will have to select the payment method you prefer, so as to be able to prepare all the gifts until the last second, for the later ones. If you have any doubts about the process, I have talked about it better in my guide on how to buy on Amazon .

How do you say? Only a few hours to Christmas and no product would arrive on time? In this case you can still make an excellent gift by purchasing an Amazon voucher in digital format or to be printed, through which you can give friends and relatives the opportunity to buy any product on the famous ecommerce without spending a cent (or in any case reducing the expense they will want to make. ). You can find them here in custom cuts from 0.15 to 5,000 euros .

Finally, I would like to point out that if you want to always have all the last second offers at your fingertips and complete your purchases in the shortest possible time, you can download the Amazon mobile application available for both Android (also on alternative stores for devices without Play Store), both for iOS / iPadOS . For more details on how Amazon works , see my dedicated guide.


Another excellent platform you can turn to for your Christmas gifts is eBay , which offers discounts of up to 50% for many products on the marketplace. To proceed with the purchase, connected to its main page and immediately go to the offers section . Scrolling through the various options you will find some truly unmissable promotions, which you can filter thanks to the tabs at the top of the page: just press on any one to apply the search criteria and browse categories such as electronics , fashion , sports and travel etc.

eBay also offers some coupons for purchases on the platform during the Christmas period, to use them just press the animated banner right at the top of the main page of the site, which will allow you to view the coupon code to paste when purchasing a product. .

After taking a look at the various offers, you can proceed by adding them to your cart , by pressing on the relevant product box and after choosing the possible measure, size or color of the item to buy, click on the Add to cart button . Similarly to Amazon, then go back through the various offers and add everything that interests you to the cart.

Since you often deal with third party sellers on eBay, you need to be very careful about potential scams . Before buying, in fact, it is very important to use a verified payment system and make sure that the seller is trustworthy and with a good number of positive reviews, so as to avoid potential unpleasant situations. If you want to know how to best protect yourself from eBay scams I have talked about it very carefully in a guide on my blog .

Once you’ve finished shopping, it’s time for payment. Then go to press the cart icon , at the top right, and from here check that you have chosen all the products you were interested in in the right quantity. When you have made up your mind, click on the Go to payment form button on the right. At this point you can choose whether to proceed with the purchase by creating an account or entering as an unregistered user ; you will therefore not have the obligation to create an account, however to save all your billing data for future purchases it might be convenient for you to register for free on eBay .

Enter all your details if you have not yet done so, select the payment method you prefer from those available and finish the operation by pressing the Confirm and pay button , on the right, but not before having possibly added the coupon you previously saved in the appropriate text field in the payments section. eBay accepts all major payment methods, so you will have no problem using your credit or debit card, vouchers, a prepaid or PayPal (system that will protect you more from scams than a conventional card).

In case you have made a purchase and you regret it, make sure that the seller from whom you bought the gift guarantees the possibility of return, if so, remember that it is possible to send the item back. If, on the other hand, the item you ordered is different from what the seller had placed on the platform, you can open an appeal procedure to get the money back. I strongly advise you to inform yourself well before proceeding with your orders, you can find a detailed explanation in my article on how to return a package on eBay

I remind you that eBay is also available as a mobile app for Android (also on alternative stores ) and iOS / iPadOS : the latter will allow you to buy all your favorite products even faster, in fact, just a few taps will be enough to order all the gifts of you need. Believe me, it’s really very simple to use. For more details on how eBay works , check out my dedicated guide.

Other sites for Christmas gifts

If the sites I told you about earlier didn’t meet your needs, or if you just aren’t sure what to buy yet, let me walk you through some other platforms on which you can complete your holiday sprees.

  • Zalando – it is commonplace to think that on Zalando it is possible to buy only shoes and footwear, in fact, within the site you will find a huge number of clothing items suitable for every type of body and context, perfect as a gift for any person, who knows. , you might even find something interesting to give yourself for Christmas.
  • Etsy – another great online store for buying accessories and sundries is Etsy without a doubt. Here you will really find tons of products to choose from, from clothing accessories to kitchen tools. You will even be able to customize some accessories, what’s better than a necklace with the name of your beloved as a gift?
  • ePrice – if you are interested in technology and electronics articles, ePrice is definitely the site for you. Here you will find many Christmas offers with hundreds if not thousands of products to choose from, including televisions, consoles, computers and much more. I challenge you not to find at least one suitable gift among all these items.
  • AliExpress – all kinds of items at bargain prices? I think then it is appropriate to mention AliExpress, a huge store with objects of all kinds, you can really find everything, I’m not kidding, the only limit is your imagination. If you don’t know what gift to give and you are looking for ideas, here I am sure you will find an answer to all your doubts.
  • Groupon – in case you have no idea or just have very complicated family members, you could just give them a discount coupon for their favorite restaurant or their trusted store, in this case I would recommend you to evaluate Groupon, a platform in which redeem different types of coupons for all kinds of businesses.

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