Overview of Screen Studio

Recording video from the screen is a task that every PC user has faced at least once. To solve it, you need a special program. For example, Screen Studio is well suited for this purpose.

In this article we will tell you what this software can do. You will find out what functions the application has in its arsenal and what tasks it will help to solve. At the end of the manual, you will find step-by-step instructions for working with the program.

Key features

Screen Studio is useful for those who want to make training videos or walkthroughs of games, record a webinar or an important online meeting via Skype. The program allows you to keep a lecture, presentation as a keepsake and then return to them at any time convenient for you.

You can capture the entire screen area or a selected part, so you can hide unnecessary control panels, icons, and the like. You can leave the cursor on the screen, which is useful when recording lessons, or remove it.

If you need to pause, then interrupt the recording, and then continue at the right time. The sound is recorded by choice: from a microphone or from a computer. You can leave author’s comments in the recording mode or already in the process of processing the file.

The uniqueness of Screen Studio is that you can record video from the screen, and then immediately process it in the built-in editor. If necessary, connect a webcam so that the audience not only hears, but also sees you. Divide the recorded file into fragments, cut off the excess, remove black bars or crop as you like.

You can record several different videos and merge them into a single file. Unsuccessful duplicates delete and repeat the recording, adding the resulting video to the current project.

Effects allow you to improve the quality of the picture, for example, lighten or darken the frame. Additionally, you can add text and make smooth transitions between parts. An extensive library of musical compositions is available, divided into genres, which can be used safely and legally. Another option is to access your own media library on your computer.

The program works even on weak laptops and PCs: it takes only 800 MB of hard disk memory and requires 325 MB of RAM.

Features of Screen Studio

The Screen Studio app has the following features:

  1. Editing and recording modes . Both work independently of each other. You can edit absolutely any video file from your PC – just select the appropriate mode on the home screen. At the same time, the video recorded from the screen can be processed at any convenient time or not at all.
  2. Screencast capture modes . You can record the entire screen, its fragment or a separate application window. The program does not set the maximum duration of video capture – it all depends on you and your tasks.
  3. Editing of recorded videos . Attach photos and additional video, add titles and intros. And you can also decorate the project with animated transitions and bright effects.
  4. Video quality improvement . Do color correction, change lighting or eliminate jitter.
  5. Video editing . Trim or glue fragments, add text explanations or personal logos, change the playback speed of the entire video or individual fragments, and work with the audio track.
  6. Content directory . Browse the built-in music and graphics collection to add a track, a suitable callout, or a geometric shape.
  7. Saving the project in good quality . Export your work to your computer in any format, prepare it for publishing on the web, or use presets for mobile devices. The application supports all known formats: AVI, WMV, MP4, MKV and others.

The advantages and disadvantages of Screen Studio are summarized in a table for your reference:

Advantages Flaws
+ advanced video editor with a library of built-in resources − works only on Windows OS
+ clear control − time-limited trial period (5 days)
+ minimum system requirements
+ interface in Russian

How to Record Screen Video with Screen Studio

Capturing video from the screen is done in a few clicks, but it is important to take into account the nuances. We will briefly explain how to record and save any video as a keepsake, and for more complete instructions, see the link at the beginning of the paragraph.

Go through a few steps:

  1. Launch Screen Studio and click on Record Screen Video.
  2. Select the video capture mode. In the “Screen snippet” mode, you can control the area that will be shown in the future. “Full screen” is suitable, for example, for capturing the process of the game, and “Selected window” is suitable for recording a video call.

It is permissible to independently set the size of the video by entering the values ​​in numbers.

  1. Select the audio capture mode. If you plan to record voice comments later, leave the audio capture from the computer. If you want to voice immediately during the recording process, connect a microphone and click the appropriate mode.
  2. Go to “Record Settings” and define the folder for saving the video, you can set new hotkeys, remove or leave the cursor on the video.
  3. Click on “Start Recording” and wait 5 seconds for the capture to start. A timer will appear on the screen. In the process, you can interrupt the recording and resume it using the F8 hotkey. Full stop recording – F10.
  4. After completion, wait for the final download of the file in the video editor.
  5. After processing, save the project by selecting the appropriate item from the drop-down list. After that, you can upload the video directly to YouTube.

Article Conclusions

With Screen Studio, you can make original video tutorials, record screencasts and visually show your audience technical nuances on the monitor screen. The program is convenient in that it is easy to use, it takes several minutes to master it, and finished recordings can be quickly processed.

The application is also suitable for those who just need to edit the video, for example, add music, their own voice acting, add a text explanation or photos. Functionality and built-in library allow you to process video at a professional level.

Screen Studio is the choice of those who want to save time on the process of mastering the program and get decent quality videos.

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