PUBG Bug Fixes for iOS and Android Mobile Internet

It is finished! Finally, the mobile version of PUBG is available to users of tablets and smartphones based on IOS and Android. The game stands out for its excellent graphics, and the gameplay completely copies the PC version. In Russia PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for 



download these links.

Mobile internet settings for PUBG

More and more users are starting to complain about connection-related bugs and glitches in the mobile version. Below we will analyze in detail the settings for users of all platforms.

Connect via VPN

  • Go to Google play

     or App Store

     depending on your operating system and download Opera Free VPN.

  • Once you open Opera, click the big Connect button.
  • You will automatically connect to a VPN in the Netherlands.
  • Close all applications including PUBG Mobile in the background.
  • Launch PUBG Mobile again and start playing.

Changing the DNS server


  • Go to the Settings app
  • Select WiFi and then press the blue “i” button on the right side of the junction box.
  • Find the DNS heading and select the cell with the option “DNS Settings”.
  • Select the Manual option and click the green + symbol to add a new DNS server.
  • Add Google DNS Server using numbers “” and “”
  • Click “Save”. You will now have a new DNS on your device that will fix the PUBG Mobile error.


The process for changing the DNS server for Android will be slightly different depending on your operating system.

  • Go to the Wi-Fi settings on your phone. Long press on the current network and then select “Change network”.
  • Then click “Advanced” and select “Static” in the “IP Settings” item.
  • It remains to drive the numbers into the DNS1 and DNS2 fields. We need official Google addresses, these are and
  • Click “Save”. Disconnect from the current network and reconnect, then the changes will take effect.

After completing these steps, the internet connection on your phone should restart, no big deal. Next, open PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile and enjoy.

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