Runtime error microsoft visual c runtime library how to fix

Microsoft Visual C runtime library runtime error: how to fix it on Windows 7, 8, 10 ? – a frequently asked question on the forums. This error is one of the majority of troubles directly related to the Microsoft Visual library (hereinafter MV C). Many games and programs are developed using the C ++ language, respectively, for such applications, a system package is required that performs processing and launch, otherwise, when turned on, errors of this kind will occur. Therefore, when faced with this problem, you need to pay attention to the text in the error warning. “Why?” You ask. As it was written above, there are plenty of troubles associated with MV C, respectively, the solution to each of them can be completely different.

Reasons for the error

Having verified the text of the error and making sure that it is similar to the problem considered in the article, we will proceed to determine the causes of the failure.

  • The date and time on the PC is not correct.
  • Virus and malware activity has damaged system files.
  • PC accounting is written in Cyrillic letters.
  • Registry errors.
  • There is a problem with the game or application being launched.
  • Lack of NET Framework.
  • Outdated drivers.
  • Disabled components for updating system services (for Windows 10 users).

Let’s move on to solving the question “how to fix the error?” By successively correcting each of the reasons described.

Date and time error

Perhaps one of the typical and harmless omissions. Each software has a specific expiration date, after which the download of updates is required. Naturally, the period is counted from the time set on the computer, so such a problem may lead to a false expiration of the warranty. Check and if necessary change the time on your PC.

Viruses and malicious files

The presence of an antivirus on a computer does not at all give any guarantee that there will be no malicious files on it. In fact, even harmless adware will damage the system by slowing down your PC and similar problems. We advise you to update the anti-virus database and make a full scan of your PC. And best of all, check your computer with several fresh antiviruses. We advise you to download the Dr.Web utility from the link

… With it, you can scan your computer. Advantage: You don’t need to install it.

Invalid account name

The system can issue when the account was created in Russian (Cyrillic). Check your account name, if it is in Cyrillic -> create an additional entry in English (Latin).

Registry cleaning

Basically, the registry serves as the storage of all relevant data for your operating system. As a result, an overabundance of important functions is obtained in it, and work disruptions begin to occur. Various errors begin to pour in one by one. I recommend doing the following:

  • Clean up the registry with possible maintenance programs.
  • When finished, reboot the system.

Reinstalling a game or program

A problem might have occurred while installing a particular application, which caused it to terminate abnormally. Such errors, which manifest themselves in this way, may be present in the installation programs themselves. We advise you to delete the downloaded program and download it again. The best option would be to download from another source. The likelihood of an error being generated by the system is reduced.

NET Framework

No framework is a so-called platform that allows you to run and use various applications efficiently. In order for all important programs to start, the net framework must be installed on the PC.


You need to check for updated drivers for your video adapter. If you have not observed any problems before, you still cannot exclude the possibility of a problem. Download the latest driver first, then completely remove the old drivers from the operating system and install the new ones. After the actions taken, restart the PC and open the application you need, which previously gave an error.

A way to fix the error for Windows 10 users

The considered method works exclusively on Windows 10. The operating system is able to exclude some service updates, including net framework. You will need to enable all components to update these programs. Execution algorithm:

  • Programs and Features.
  • Enabling and disabling Windows components.
  • In the window, check the box opposite the components indicated in the screenshot.
  • Restart your PC.
  • Launch the required application.

In the end, I want to say that the methods used have helped many PC users. With the correct execution of the described instructions, you can easily cope with the error in question.

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