Metro Exodus Error launching “Previous launch was unsuccessful …”

When launching from the Metro Exodus shortcut, an error message appears: “Previous launch was unsuccessful. Would you like to start in safe mode? “. If you agree to launch the game, the game is minimized. Translated, this text notifies: “The previous launch was unsuccessful. Want to start in Safe Mode? ” However, the problem is that the message can appear both during the first launch of the game and after prolonged gameplay. Users of this title on the forums share how to solve this problem. It is worth noting that these methods are not universal – this or that method helps some, but not others, so try one by one.

Installing DirectX

This platform on the Microsoft website is distributed free of charge. There will be no difficulties with its installation, since a special online installer is loaded, which will automatically check the configuration of your hardware and, if necessary, download the optimal version of DirectX. Link to the program:

Installing Nvidia PhysX

A prerequisite for the normal operation of the Metro Exodus computer game is the presence of the Nvidia PhysX platform. If your system does not have it, install it and this error will stop bothering you. You can download by clicking on this link:

… Optimizing your video card If you have a GeForce video card and a problem occurs when launching Metro Exodus, in order to fix it, install the GeForce Experience software (

). Then select the game there and go this path: “More” / “Optimize” / “Play”. The error must be eliminated.

Non-compliance with requirements

The Metro Exodus game is not supported by all PCs, especially low-end PCs. Therefore, you need to check your hardware configuration.

First of all, you must understand: on computers with minimal requirements, the risk of all kinds of crashes, crashes, bugs increases significantly. Ideally, the PC should have the recommended parameters.

Update Windows 7 without reinstalling

According to feedback from members of the forum, Windows 7 users most often suffer from Error “Previous launch was unsuccessful …” The first thing to do is to find out if you have the update package installed. However, many gamers were helped to fix the problem by updating the Windows system. To check for updates, go to this path: “Start” / “Computer” / “Properties”.

In the window that opens, all the information you are interested in about the computer will be presented. You need the first section “Windows Edition”, which contains the version of your OS and, accordingly, the service pack.

Remove files from folder

Another effective option for eliminating the “Previous launch was unsuccessful …” error.

  • Before launching it, extract these 3 files from the root folder “Metro Exodus”:
  1. сredits;
  2. Intro;
  3. legal.
  • After saving, start the game. The method helped many to get rid of this error.

Modify (delete) the user.cfg file

Custom game settings are located in a file called “user.cfg”.

  • This file can be localized along the path:
  • Open user.cfg to edit the edits (you can use the standard “Notepad”). Find lines like this:
  • In the first two steps, change the resolution, for example, 800×600. Then turn off the full screen (third point). Save your changes and start the video game. If the launch is successful, change the r_fullscreen parameters back to “on” in the user.cfg file.

If this does not work, just delete user.cfg, but before that it is advisable to make a backup of the specified file in order to be able to restore it if necessary.

Excluding a game from Windows Firewall

Standard Windows Firewall – Metro Exodus is blocking the game, which is why this error appears. You need to exclude a title from the list. Actions:

  • Go to the “Control Panel”.
  • Further “System and Security”.
  • Windows Firewall section.
  • Click “Allow a program or function through Windows Firewall” a window similar to that should open:
  • In “Allowed Applications” click “Change Settings”.
  • To the left of Metro Redux, check the box. Everything, the exception is included.
  • If you cannot find your program, you need to click “Allow another application”, then double-click on the video game in the “Add application” list.
  • To the right of the game, check the 2 boxes.
  • At the end click “OK”.

Updating Drivers

Many users noted that: “Previous launch was unsuccessful. Would you like to start in safe mode “, arises from outdated video drivers and / or drivers of other PC components. To update all drivers in one fell swoop, you can use DriverPack Solution (

). This program scans the drivers of the entire system and checks if they are up-to-date. If outdated drivers are found, you are prompted to install the update automatically.

Of course, the automatic installation function is a useful thing, but it is best to install everything manually and only from the official website of your equipment. Why is it better manually: the program often installs drivers that are already outdated at the moment, which leads to various conflicts and errors – not an exception, and Previous launch was unsuccessful.

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