Redmi Note 11S smartphone can get 120W high-speed charging

Last fall, the Redmi Note 11 line of smartphones was announced. The basic version received support for fast charging at 33 W, the Pro edition – at 67 W, and the top model Pro + boasts 120 W charging .

The starting price of the Redmi Note 11 Pro + is $ 310, and in this price range, smartphones with such powerful charging are no longer there. Therefore, Redmi Note 11 Pro + rightfully bears the title of “king of fast charging”.

Meanwhile, a new member of the series, called Redmi Note 11S, may become a more affordable smartphone with 120W charging. The model will be released on the global market at the end of February .

Redmi Note 11S

The exact parameters of the device are still unknown. But web sources claim it will start at around $ 157. If rumors of support for 120W charging are confirmed, then the manufacturer will make a real breakthrough in the industry.

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