PS4 Error NP-32157-8

The PS4 system sometimes has trophy errors, which we have already written about. We previously posted a solution to bug NP-34846-5. Today a similar problem is accompanied by error code NP-32157-8. They seem to be the same, but still there is a slight difference. Therefore, below we provide a small instruction on how to solve the NP-32157-8 error.

Step 1: You need to manually sync trophies. To do this, enter the  [Trophies]  and by pressing the Options button on the controller, call up the list of available options. Then click on  [Sync trophies with PSN].

Step 2:  Restart the PS4 system by closing all active applications before.

Step 3:  If error NP-32157-8  reappears, please back up your data and save it to online PS storage or a removable USB drive. Go to  [Settings]  and select  [Initialize], then delete the user by clicking on [Delete User]. Recreate the user and restore the previously saved data.

Step 4:  It happens that the above methods do not help in solving the NP-32157-8 error and you have to initialize the PS4 system. To do this, go to  [Settings], select  [Initialize]  and click on  [Initialize PS4]. That’s probably all there is to say about the trophy error.

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