How to change the view in Minecraft

It’s been a while since you’ve been playing Minecraft with the same view and you would like to modify it to experience, as it were, a different point of view within the game: you know for sure that it is possible to change it, as several of your friends who are passionate about the famous Mojang video game they do it often and willingly, but the directions they gave you don’t seem applicable to your situation. Or, you simply accidentally pressed some key that made you switch from first to third person and now you want to know how to restore the previous mode.

Well, luckily for you I have prepared this tutorial specifically to show you how to change your view on Minecraft : whatever your need, the game platform used or the edition in your possession, in the next paragraphs you will find a precise answer to your doubts.

Not only that: I will also explain how you can possibly customize this setting to make your gaming experience as positive as possible. So, do you have a few minutes to dedicate to me? Very well, in this case I just have to wish you good continuation and good reading!


  • How to change your view in Minecraft: PC
    • Java Edition
    • Bedrock Edition
  • How to switch views on Minecraft mobile
  • How to change your view in Minecraft: PS4
  • How to change your view in Minecraft: Nintendo Switch

How to change your view in Minecraft: PC

To begin I will show you how to change the view on Minecraft for PC : the instructions vary according to the edition of the video game, Java Edition or Bedrock Edition , so I have created dedicated chapters to make the task even easier.

Java Edition

If you have Minecraft Java Edition , you should know that by default the F5 key is assigned to activate one of the three display modes allowed, namely First person , Third person rear and Third person front and usually it is sufficient to press it to switch from one to the other during the game.

However, not infrequently the function keys (such as, precisely, F5), especially in notebooks and MAC computers , are assigned particular purposes and consequently their pressure may not generate the effect for which they are configured in the game settings.

Usually the problem is easily circumvented by simultaneously pressing the FN key (or, in rare cases, the capital key) and F5 , but if you continue to find that it does not work even after this operation (or any type of difficulty in the regular performance of the game), in which case you will be pleased to know that the function in question is easily configurable .

To do this, just before starting a game, press the Options button in the main game menu and then click on the Commands button , and then press the Key Association function . At this point, scroll down the screen that is shown to you via the sidebar until you reach the Miscellaneous section , in which, in the first position, there is the option Change the view mode .

By clicking on the respective central field, where the associated key is indicated , you can easily edit this preference: in fact, you will notice that the value will be included between two arrows and the writing will take on a yellow color . At this juncture, all you have to do is press another key of your choice (making sure that it does not conflict with other features already engaged) to set it as default. Finally, press the Done button three times to register the change.

If you have already started a game and therefore want to change the aforementioned setting while the game is running, just press the ESC key to access the game menu, where you will have to follow the same procedure indicated above.

Bedrock Edition

If you are in possession of Minecraft Bedrock Edition for Windows 11 or Windows 10 , also in this case the reference key to change the view is F5 (but, if it does not work alone, try pressing the FN key at the same time ) and, as well as for the Java Edition version, you can configure this setting according to your needs.

To change the assignment of the keys, go to the main menu of Minecraft and press the Settings button , but if you are already engaged in a game you can access the same functionality by pressing the ESC key : in all cases the changes made will be final and will also be kept in subsequent game sessions (of course, you can change them again to your liking at any time).

Next, click on the Mouse and Keyboard button in the right panel, in the Commands section , then scroll down the central Keyboard Layout screen until you see the item Change the view mode .

Now, press the corresponding central button inside which the assigned key is shown (which by default, as mentioned above, should be F5): the latter will become green and at this point you just need to press another key to your choice (always avoiding those already intended for other functions) to change this setting.

If, on the other hand, you want to make sure that the default view is different from the first person view when you start a game, this condition can also be customized from the Settings : in this case you will have to press the Video button , located within the General section and press on the drop-down menu under the heading Visual perspective , choosing one of the three options proposed.

Here you can optionally change other display options, such as Brightness , or activate / deactivate the functions of Full Screen , Hide Hand , Hide Thumbnail , Hide Interface and Screen Animations .

Furthermore, by pressing the Change visible screen area button , you will be able to access a convenient interface that will allow you to vary the game width shown on the screen by means of a simple progress bar, which adjusts the position of special cursors placed at the corners.

Finally, it is also possible to increase or reduce the field of view compared to the 60 ° which represents the standard configuration of this option. Once you have made all the necessary changes, press the Settings item at the top left to return to the main menu.

Also take into account the fact that you can restore the game defaults at any time by pressing the appropriate button at the bottom of each of the Setup screens just described.

How to switch views on Minecraft mobile

Have you installed Minecraft for smartphones and tablets but can’t find a function that can make you switch from first to third person easily? Well, first you need to know that this version is based on the Bedrock Edition : therefore, to understand how to change the view on Minecraft mobile, all you have to do is access the game settings by pressing the appropriate button in the home menu or, if you already have started a game by pressing the pause symbol located at the top.

If you only use the features of your mobile device to play, the only possibility to change the view is the one made available by the Video button , located in the General section in the left panel of the screen that is shown to you: just select , through the drop-down menu Visual perspective , the preferred option among those proposed and, if desired, modify the other functions present therein. For example, in this version it is also possible to activate the Classic user interface profile through the appropriate menu.

If you have connected a keyboard to the phone , also in this case the reference button for the change of view remains F5 , but you can possibly change it via the Mouse and keyboard menu (in the Commands section ) as I showed you in the chapter dedicated to Bedrock Edition for PC .

Here, scrolling through the central area in which the keyboard layout configuration is present , you will find the item Change the view mode and by touching the button in which the associated key is shown you can enable the editing of the value in question: just press a new key (free from other functions) to complete the operation.

If, on the other hand, you have connected a gamepad to your device, to change the view, simply press the Up Arrow key on the controller: this setting can also be changed using the Controller menu located in the Commands section of the Settings menu .

Finally, to save the changes just made, press again on the Settings item located at the top left and you will be redirected to the main menu of the application, through which you can resume the game or start a new one. Consider that, even in this case, there is a convenient button for restoring the default values (at the bottom of each of the illustrated screens) in case you want to reset any changes that do not convince you.

How to change your view in Minecraft: PS4

Can’t figure out how to switch views on Minecraft PS4 ? The solution is really very simple: just press the directional arrow pointing up on your gamepad to switch from the first to the third person from the front and back.

If you find this setting inconvenient and want to reverse some commands to find a configuration that is easier than your needs, just access the Game Settings, as I showed you in the chapter dedicated to Bedrock Edition for PC .

In the Wireless Controller menu (the instructions, however, also apply to wired devices ) of the Commands section , in fact, you will be given the opportunity to check which activities the various buttons are dedicated to: selecting the one called Change view mode and pressing [ X] of the gamepad you can associate a new one simply by pressing it.

If you have opted to connect a keyboard to the PS4 as you find this game setup more comfortable, the same customization is also applicable to the keys: in this case, therefore, you can replace the F5 value , associated by default to the visual change operation, with one to your liking, this time acting on the Mouse and Keyboard settings above those of the wireless Controller . Once you have identified the Change view mode item , press on the relevant field to edit it and press the key you consider most suitable to perform this operation.

Finally, still within the Settings it is also possible to change the view that is first applied to your avatar on Minecraft: just access the Video section in the General tab and select the preferred Visual Perspective in the central screen through the appropriate menu a curtain. To conclude, I would like to inform you that you can refer to the same instructions even if you are trying to realize how to change the view on Minecraft Xbox .

As easily understood, the indications I have just given you are also valid for PS5 and, in principle, for Xbox .

How to change your view in Minecraft: Nintendo Switch

If you are looking for instructions on how to change the view on Minecraft for Nintendo Switch , also in this case you can refer to what is reported in the chapters relating to Bedrock Edition : in essence, therefore, it is possible to change the default view permanently using the Game settings , by pressing the Video function and selecting the preferred option from the Visual Perspective menu .

To change the view using the game controller during a game, on the other hand, simply press the directional key that points upwards : this setting is also configurable from the Controller menu of the Settings.

Finally, if you have also connected a keyboard to the console , I must inform you that there is no section dedicated to customizing the game settings for this peripheral.

I sincerely hope I’ve been of help in realizing how to change the view in Minecraft: if the answer is yes, I think you will find my guide on how to go into Spectator mode and thus observe the game world without interacting with it just as interesting.

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