Sonic Forces 2: Know everything

Sonic Forces 2 is a very entertaining online racing game that was released in November 2017. It is a project undertaken by Sega, a Japanese company that has been in the market since 1951. This game is available in different media, depending multiple languages ​​and is programmed by Sonic Team. Want to know more about him? Here is everything you need to know about this playful creation!

Synopsis and game system

Sonic Forces is the story of Dr Eggman who enlisted the help of an army of villains in sonic Hedgehog to take over much of the world. To succeed in defeating this one, Sonic and his companions have set up a team of resistance fighters.

Using the tenacity of one of the resistance recruits, Sonic tries hard to end Eggman’s reign. Sonic Forces is a game system published by Sega and based on the classic sonic and sonic adventure . It takes up the system of wisps which transforms the sonic Hedgehog with alternating 2D and 3D events.

These are inspired by the gameplay of original and modern games. Like the Sonic generations , modern sonic and classic sonic come together to stop Dr. Eggman and other Sonic adventure foes . It is the same for the sonic lost world.

The development of sonic forces 2

Sonic Forces 2 is a game developed by Sonic Team . This team is led by Takashi Iizuka, the main producer of the sonic series . Its development started in 2013, some time after the end of Sonic lost world . The Sonic Forces group works closely with Hedgehog Engine 2. The latter is indeed an improved version of the game engine operated by Sonic Generations and Sonic Colours. This game was brought to public notice during the 25th anniversary of the series hosted by Sega in July 2016. The characters in this game have fr voice acting besides Infinite and E-123 Omega.

How Sonic Forces 2 works

This playstation and xbox switch game is developed by sega at 5 different levels giving players the opportunity to customize the avatar they embody. The latter has a weapon that can allow him to spit flames. You can burn your enemies while using bumpers and a spring switch to progress.

As you level up, you have to deal with some enemies before you slide down the ramp. You will then have to continue your way to be able to grab your grapple at the level of the green circle. Wait for it to shrink on your target before pressing the action button.

After that, you will see yourself in profile view. The game developed by Sega is quite easy. You just have to pay attention to the different robots that come your way. The final level of the fr version is the long slide on the ramp.

The position of the red pieces in Sonic Forces 2

The red pieces play a fundamental role in the location of the Sonic Forces 2. They are divided into 5 parts. The first is on the bridge as you progress. To reach it, you must grapple with your grappling hook. The second is after passing the ramp.

It consists of jumping a Wisp capsule for the first time and using the resulting ability to reach another red piece. The third piece is on your way at the passage with the train. The fourth can be seen under a platform between the rows of rooms.

To retrieve it, you will have to wait patiently for it to fall. Once collected, use your hook’s grappling hook to climb back up. The fifth red piece is on the long slide of the ramp, completely at the end of the game.

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