NBA 2K18: the best basketball game of all time?

NBA 2K18 is the new basketball video game from 2K Games. After trying 2K15, 2K16 and 2K17, 2K18 is the latest version of a saga that has already become a classic arrives on our smartphones and all other compatible terminals. Since this summer, it is available on other platforms and it will not be until mid-December that it will finally be available for download on Play Store. Let’s take a look at the new edition of this basketball game.

Increased intelligence and fluidity

Legend Edition offers smoother NBA gameplay and much more natural AI . The shooting system has been changed to make it more accessible. In defense, errors from previous editions have been corrected.

It also improves in terms of animations, movements or slightly in terms of faces. The sound of this new game is also improved; which gives a boost to the quality of the game. If there is one point that does not go unnoticed on this new game, it is the quality of the graphics which is impeccable and which gives the impression of a leap between generations.

An emphasis on hyperrealism

With 2K18, when the ball flies during the ig we understand that this time, we are closer than ever to reality. No two players are the same, whether in terms of weight, height, ball control or shooting ability. Visual Concepts paid special attention to improving the artificial intelligence of this game.

A greater variety of moves and the CPU-controlled team that moves more logically are features of this game that will jump out at you. A remarkable aspect is the difference in behavior of each team, which means that no match will be identical.

The animations are still outstanding and combined with an advanced collision system between players and totally realistic ball physics. These manage to create an extremely smooth gaming experience . The sounds of the arena are perfectly recreated, as is the atmosphere of the audience.

Note that at this level, the public reacts reliably to what is happening on the field: sounds of horns, cries of players, etc. Added to the fact that the game features the official NBA uniforms , it makes everything feel very real. All these elements have been taken care of down to the smallest detail to guarantee you an impressive audiovisual spectacle.

Interesting novelties

This edition brings the shot counter bar on the NBA player meter, there are many more models and more of the classic teams. A whole series of elements that add to the excellent work of the previous edition, which has also been very refined.

The result is a game that is once again impressive. But it’s no longer the best basketball game, but the best sports game in general. It can even be compared to the great triple-A blockbusters. A feat only within reach of 2 K Games.

career mode

Career mode , the star of NBA 2K18 of course, if we review 2K18 NBA, we can’t forget its star mode. This is a game mode where you create a basketball player. He begins to stand out from the streets and gradually makes his way among the stars of this sport.

It is this mode that FIFA copied, to create My Way. In NBA 2K, however, it’s implemented much better, with the ability to sign for multiple teams, an interesting story, and a whole lot more content.

The goal is to reach stats of 99 to beat the best player in the world: Michael Jordan. To do this, you will have to improve your stats through numerous mini-games and by completing challenges on the streets. Super-Max was introduced to allow players to play against other 2K players and play against someone as an equal.

How to get the new NBA 2K18 edition?

You can buy NBA 2K18 directly on Steam or on marketplaces which are much cheaper. The minimum system or system requirements nba 2K18 on Windows is Windows 7×64/Windows 8.1×64/Windows 10×64 operating system. Note also that it will soon be possible to play NBA 2K18 on smartphones and all tablets.


NBA 2K18 by Shaq legend edition gold is currently one of the best video games out there. Everything has improved enormously and not as we are used to football games. For example, it improves the manager mode, offering an interesting story and much more depth. It is also improving in terms of competitions, tutorials, editor, etc. NBA 2K18 remains the king of sports simulators available.

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