Best gaming chairs: buying guide

You are looking to refurbish your gaming station and, after purchasing a new PC case and a new desk, the time has finally come to choose a new  gaming chair , which will allow you to spend your free time in complete convenience. However, you know perfectly well that chairs of this type are not all the same and, to help you choose, you opened Google looking for more specific details on the subject.

If this is the way things are, then know that you are in the right place, at the right time! In this guide to the  best gaming chairs , in fact, it will be my responsibility to clarify the various formats available and the distinctive characteristics of furnishing accessories of this type. Finally, I’ll give you some buying advice, broken down by price range.

So, without waiting any longer, take all the time you deem appropriate, make yourself comfortable and dedicate yourself to reading the next paragraphs: by doing so, I am sure that you will be perfectly able to make the right choice, based on your needs. . Having said that, there is nothing left for me to do, except wish you good reading and good shopping!


  • Characteristics of gaming chairs
    • Style
    • Material
    • Comfort
    • Color
    • Other features to consider
  • Which gaming chair to buy
    • Best budget gaming chairs (up to € 80)
    • Best mid-range gaming chairs (€ 80 to € 150)
    • Best high-end gaming chairs (over € 150)

Characteristics of gaming chairs

Before even buying a gaming chair, it would be advisable to carefully evaluate the one that best suits your needs. Therefore, before showing you what are the best gaming chair brands (with relative models), I believe it is right to offer you an overview of the aspects to be taken into consideration when choosing.


The first feature to take into consideration before buying a gaming chair is its  style , that is the format that defines the seat and, in general, the posture assumed during its use. Here are the ones that are currently the most popular formats.

  • Office– is the more sober aesthetic style, usually in breathable material and with a neutral color (gray or black). Nevertheless, office-style gaming chairs are particularly attentive to the posture assumed during use, usually have a slightly reclining backrest, height-adjustable seat and mobile base with wheels.
  • Racing– the racing style is the one most commonly associated with gaming chairs. Aesthetically very attractive, the chairs belonging to this format are designed for very long sessions of use and usually have postural cushions, height-adjustable armrests and seat, backrest with variable inclination and base with wheels.
  • Pedestal – this category of gaming chairs is characterized by its extreme stability, thanks to the particularly wide and stable base (the pedestal gaming chairs, in fact, can hardly be moved, as they do not have wheels and are particularly heavy). Generally, these chairs resemble real armchairs and have electronic mechanisms for adjusting the backrest, armrests and, sometimes, on-board audio.
  • Rocking – this category of chairs is designed for those who play using controllers or, in general, input devices that do not require the use of a desk, as they are not equipped with a base or a pedestal. Rocking gaming chairs are suitable for those who play using a display positioned at the bottom (eg a TV), but not suitable for those with back problems: although the seat is often comfortable and adequately padded, get up from the ” floor level ”may not be an easy task!
  • Pouf – for some players, it is absolutely essential to assume a position of complete relaxation during the game sessions. For this reason, there are pouf-style gaming chairs, ie real “padded bags” capable of assuming different shapes and positions.
  • Seat– gaming seats are generally dedicated to those who use external peripherals other than mouse, keyboard and controller, such as the steering wheel, pedal board and gear lever: these gaming devices, in fact, require a particular posture (very similar to that assumed on a car seat, which they look a lot like) for optimal use.


Another aspect to take into consideration when buying a gaming chair is the  material  with which it is covered: in fact, there are chairs and armchairs completely covered in eco-leather, breathable material or, again, synthetic fabric. Gaming chairs completely covered in cotton or other “pure” materials are rarer. In this sense, it is also necessary to consider the presence or absence of an anti-splash system, which makes the seat and the other elements of the armchair (armrests, footrest and so on) waterproof and anti-stain .

Another material to pay attention to is the one with which the frame  of the chair is built  : the wooden frame is undoubtedly lighter and easier to manage, however it is not able to withstand excessive weight. Conversely, a frame constructed of aluminum increases the weight of the chair, but certainly makes it more stable and more resistant.


The  comfort  (or not) of a chair or a gaming chair depends on at least three fundamental factors: the shape  of the seat, the  position  of the backrest and, finally, the  material  with which it is covered.

As for the first two aspects, we cannot speak of comfort in an “absolute” way, as everything varies according to the game, the time spent in the chair and the output devices used: ideally, it would be advisable to have a comfortable seat, possibly padded, high enough to be able to comfortably rest your feet on the floor and with an inclination of the back with an angle equal to (or slightly higher) than 90 °. Most gaming chairs allow for similar positioning.

The choice of material also contributes to the comfort of the chair: a leather or eco-leather upholstery can certainly be very beautiful to look at and give a positive sitting experience, however, in hot periods (especially if you rest on the chair without a cover, maybe in shorts or shirtless), can dramatically increase sweating.

A breathable coating, on the other hand, can be less pleasant to the touch and more difficult to clean, however it ensures better body temperature retention in most thermal conditions of use.


If you are a gamer who is particularly attentive to aesthetics, you cannot fail to take into consideration the color of the chair on which you will spend most of your free time, which should blend harmoniously with the gaming station you have available.

In this regard, you will be pleased to know that most manufacturers of accessories of this type provide the user with a wide range of colors (the most common are red, blue and green), so as to allow the combination of chair with its surroundings (the colors of the desk, ambient lighting, keyboard and case LEDs, and so on).

Other features to consider

So far, I have listed the fundamental aspects that can characterize a gaming chair and guide you towards choosing one model over another. However, there are other features to consider when choosing, which can further improve the user experience of the chair (and, consequently, that of the game).

  • Padding – many gaming chairs have padding designed to make sitting comfortable and easy, despite the long time in which the same position is assumed.
  • Headrests and lumbar cushions – most gaming chairs have headrests and lumbar cushions, which are useful for not straining the back and neck muscles during long and repeated gaming sessions.
  • Height-adjustable armrests – some gaming chairs provide the ability to adjust the height of the armrests, in order to facilitate correct positioning of the shoulders, wrists and hands.
  • Tilting Backrest– Relaxing between play sessions, or just to stretch your back for a second, is common practice among players. For this reason, some gaming chairs have a reclining backrest, able to meet this need.
  • Footrests – mid-to-high-end gaming chairs may also have removable footrests which, when needed, allow the player to stretch and relax their legs as well.
  • Integrated audio system and ports – some high-end gaming chairs, especially in racing, rocking and seat formats, have an integrated audio system (usually Bluetooth), with speakers placed close to the ears, for better in-game audio performance . In addition, USB ports could also be installed, so you can recharge your devices without necessarily having to bring them close to the PC.

Which gaming chair to buy

Now that you know the main features of gaming chairs, it’s time to get to the heart of this guide and give you some advice on how to buy.

Best budget gaming chairs (up to € 80)

Let’s start with the economic models, suitable for those who do not have many pretensions but who, at the same time, do not want to give up an easy sitting during long gaming sessions.

TRESKO Racing 14 (Racing)

The TRESKO Racing 14 is a cross between an office chair and a racer. The shape recalls that of racing car seats, with a seat width of 53 cm. It is adjustable in height (from 44 to 53 cm) and has two fixed armrests facing downwards with a length of 66 cm. As for the materials, it is made of sturdy synthetic leather, with a breathable seat. It has a rotating base that allows 360 ° rotation with plastic wheels. It is available in different colors.


TRESKO® Office chair Office armchair Racing 14 version different …

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TecTake 800018 (Office)

This TecTake swivel series is equipped with an ergonomic backrest 68 cm long and allows you to adjust the height of the seat (from 47 to 57 cm). It has a soft leatherette cover with breathable mesh inserts. It is available in various colors.


TecTake – Gaming chair 403465 with bucket seat, various colors (n …

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IntimaTe WM Heart (Office)

The Intimate Heart WM is an office chair with ergonomic backrest and swivel base. Through the special lever, it allows both to adjust the height of the seat and to tilt the backrest, thus also allowing moments of rest between a game session and another. It is upholstered in faux leather and fabric (on the back of the backrest), with high-density sponge padding.


IntimaTe WM Heart Office Chair Armchair Swivel Executive Chair …

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BAKAJI executive sports chair (Racing)

The style of this BAKAJI gaming chair is a “middle ground” between racer and office. With eco-leather cover and sponge padding, it has inward facing shoulder rests, a slightly curved backrest and variable seat height between 45 and 55 cm.


BAKAJI Sports Chair Executive Office Chair 4 Swivel Wheels …

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Best mid-range gaming chairs (€ 80 to € 150)

If you prefer to spend a little more and buy a chair that is resistant, ergonomic and very beautiful to look at, then you can consider one of the models I propose below.


The Songmics proposal  is mainly inspired by the office style, but the ergonomic curvature of the backrest and the armrests with customizable height make it an excellent gaming chair, which could not be missing in this ranking of the best gaming series . The seat is very wide and, thanks to a special lever, it is possible to adjust the angle of the upper part of the chair; nevertheless, the backrest cannot be tilted independently.


Songmics OBG22B – Office Chair Stable, Resistant, Durable, High …

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Trust GXT 705 Ryon (Racing)

The  Trust GXT 705 Ryon  is an excellent gaming chair: it is equipped with a wooden frame (able to withstand weights up to 150 kg), synthetic leather upholstery (polyurethane), reclining backrest with the possibility of locking, padded armrests and base with wheels. It is available in red, white, blue, black and pink.


Trust Gaming GXT 705 Ryon Ergonomic Gaming Chair, Black / Red

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GAMEWAREZ Crimson / Classic (Pouf)

If you are a lover of console gaming (and big screen), you cannot fail to consider purchasing a gaming pouf, such as those proposed by GAMEWAREZ . These are bean bags stuffed with EPS spheres and covered with water-repellent and tear-resistant material, equipped with a mesh mechanism that facilitates repositioning after long sessions of use. In addition, there are a series of side pockets used to contain game and non-game materials (controllers, VR viewers, bottles, remote controls and so on). The armchairs are available in the following colors: black, orange, blue, yellow, black / red and black / gray.


GAMEWAREZ Crimson Thunder 2.0 game bag pouf, Made in Germany, for …

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WOLTU BS14ws (Office)

The WOLTU BS14ws gaming chair is made of eco-leather, with armrests and base in high quality plastic. It offers two cushions (headrest and lumbar) composed of high-density polyurethane foam that help relieve fatigue and protect the spine of the neck during play or work and reduce the pressure of the spine. It has an ergonomic 82 cm backrest that can be reclined up to 155 °. In addition, it has a folding footrest, a rotating base and allows you to adjust the seat.


WOLTU Gaming Chair Ergonomic Gaming Armchair Stylish Office Chairs …

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Best high-end gaming chairs (over € 150)

How do you say? Have you appreciated the solutions I have shown you so far, but you really don’t mind expenses and want the top of the market? Then I advise you to consider one of the models that I suggest below.

AmazonBasics gaming chair (Racing)

The AmazonBasics  line also  offers a series of gaming chairs, for every price range and need. The one I propose below is equipped with a high and ergonomic backrest, imitation leather (polyurethane) upholstery with nylon base, height-adjustable armrests and seat, reclining backrest (which can be locked) and pressure swivel wheels. The chair is completed by two cushions (headrest and lumbar) and two different color combinations to choose from: gray / black and red / black.


This gaming chair produced by GTPLAYER offers maximum comfort. It has an ergonomic backrest with tilt function (up to 150 °). Both the backrest and the armrests are height adjustable and have two easily removable cushions. In addition, it has two built-in speakers that allow you to play any audio content via Bluetooth connection. It is available in black / red and black / gray colors.


GTPLAYER Gaming Chair with Footrest and Bluetooth Speaker Polt …

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DX Racer5 (Office)

The DX Racer5 is a high-back, height-adjustable, and tiltable gaming chair up to almost 180 °. The seat width is 52 cm and supports a load of up to 100 kg. It is fully upholstered in fabric (100% polyester) and includes two cushions.


Robas Lund DX Racer 5 – Gaming / Office / Desk Chair, with Wheels, R …

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Diablo X-One 2.0 (Office)

Another gaming chair that I would like to point out is the Diablo X-One 2.0: it is characterized by a backrest with adjustable inclination up to 140 °, waterproof HDS synthetic leather cover and lumbar cushions and headrest (the second characterized by the characteristic shape of “horns” ). The armrests, as well as the seat, are adjustable in height and the armchair is able to hold a maximum weight of 150 Kg. It is available in white / black, black / white, black / blue, black / green, black / red colors. and black.


DIABLO X-One 2.0 Office Gaming Chair Desk Adjustable Armrests D …

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Playseat Evolution (Seat)

Aren’t classic racing armchairs for you, as you are particularly interested in driving simulators (and do you have steering wheel, pedal and gear lever controllers, among other things)? Then I recommend that you consider purchasing a gaming seat, such as the  Playseat Evolution . It has support bases for dedicated input peripherals (steering wheel, pedals and so on), leather-like upholstery and steel structure. The seat is very similar to that of a car seat and is upholstered with black vinyl leatherette.


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