How to get the PS5? (PlayStation 5)

How to get the PS5: The appearance of Covid-19 has completely disrupted habits and activities worldwide. Between staff reduction and protection of its customers, this pandemic has unfortunately not made it easy for the giant SONY Interactive Entertainment.

Indeed, still ravaging the four corners of the world, the coronavirus had to push the giant to produce very limited stocks of the PlayStation 5 console or the PS5 . This means that since its release on Thursday November 19, 2020, the famous SONY console has only been sold on online merchants such as Cdiscount, Amazon and even Micromania. With market demand high and supplies limited, you need a good strategy to get your PS5. Here are some tips to help you do just that!

Use official PS5 sales sites

To hope to be among the lucky buyers of the famous PS5, the first trick is to refer to authorized stores for sale . These shops offer the PS5 and the PS5 Digital Edition for sale. The sites and supermarkets  in question are:

  • Amazon
  • Auchan
  • Baker
  • Cdiscount
  • Culture
  • Fnac

In addition to these, there are also other platforms such as: Leclerc , Micromania, Casino and Carrefour.

Be reactive and obsessed with having your PS5

Being reactive implies being on the lookout for all information concerning the console. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or some company sites may post to their channels when there is a new PS5 arrival. By adding the SONY console to your virtual shopping cart , you already give yourself a better chance of being among the shortlisted.

It’s all about responsiveness, speed and racing against time. If possible, fill in the fields reserved for information concerning your bank credit card. This can also work in your favor.

In addition, subscribe to the alert function on certain official sites in order to receive notifications. The latter can alert you to the availability of new PS5 stock. Some e-tailers also post stock alerts on their pages on a regular basis. Follow them too!

Know how to find alerts

To increase their sales and build a customer portfolio, merchant sites use alerts to notify their potential customers.

  • : Going to the PS5 page, even if your product is unavailable, look for the message Notify me when this product becomes available″. Once found, register with your email and validate your registration from the message you will receive in your inbox.
  • On this site, look for the bell-shaped icon which is located to the right of the image of the console. Click on the object, if you receive an alert, confirm with the “Alert me” button. A message Added to my alerts″ will confirm your subscription.
  • On this cybermerchant, it is only the message  Create an alert″ that you will see. Then fill in your e-mail address in the dialog box that will appear. You can confirm your registration via the email that will then be sent to you.

As you will have understood, to obtain the PS5, it is important to adopt a good research method. Do not hesitate to follow our advice to enjoy real moments of pleasure with your game console.

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