Blue light blocking glasses: Why use them?

The time that an average person spends in front of screens is 10 hours on average per day. A figure that surprises more than one, but which seems quite normal given the omnipresence of digital media in our lives. This results in too much exposure to the color spectra emitted by screens. Blue light blocking glasses are a solution against the harmful effects on the eyes and on health in general. Here are all the reasons to adopt it.

To restore a good sleep cycle

Blue light is the light that illuminates computer, television, smartphone or tablet screens. It is composed of a large number of spectra of different hues which are impossible to identify with the naked eye. Each of these colors has specific wave levels that emit their own energy. The sun is one of the primary sources of blue light.

However, it imposes itself on us in a moderate way, which allows us to enjoy it in peace. Its rise and decline have influenced the sleep cycle and the development of the human body since time immemorial. This is not the case with electronic media. Overexposure to blue light disturbs your circadian rhythm . The latter works like an internal clock that directly influences your waking and falling asleep states.

Indeed, having the same thermal signature as the sun, the brain perceives blue light as daylight. It therefore secretes melatonin which masks the extent of your need for sleep.

This effect may seem harmless in the short term, but in the long term the repercussions are often severe. Insomnia , little or no restful sleep are all symptoms that contribute to the problem of stroke, depression, diabetes…

By opting for blue glasses, you filter the harmful waves of blue lights. This allows you to read, play, work or watch your favorite program any time of the day. All this without compromising the rhythm or efficiency of your sleep.

To avoid eye strain

Visual fatigue is one of the most observed effects of using screens. This problem may be followed by a headache , mild orbital pain, or irritation. It can also happen that you have blurred vision or dry tear fluid, you blink your eyes too often or you rub them outright. All these signs are indicative of eyestrain.

This is explained by the often high level of energy that the whole visual organ provides to keep your attention on the screen. Over a short repeated period, these efforts are not too felt. However, too long and regular periods cause the aforementioned inconvenience due to overexposure to blue light waves.

This disorder is also called artificial or digital vision syndrome. Your doctor’s first prescription will be to take a break from screens and rest your eyes. However, if this recommendation does not suit you immediately, wearing anti-blue light glasses will restore the desired eye comfort. Harmful spectra are blocked as well as excess UV rays, your symptoms will gradually disappear and you are more relaxed.

It’s simple, by opting for blue light blocking glasses , you are less prone to digital vision syndrome. You no longer have attention problems and your concentration improves.

To counter the accelerated aging of the eyes

In addition to visual fatigue and sleep disturbances, long-term blue light causes accelerated degeneration of eye cells. Indeed, in contact with your eyes, a small part is countered by the lens which constitutes a natural filter to external aggressions.

His run doesn’t end there though. It reaches deep into the eye by violently hitting the center of the retina called the macula. You should know that if you manage to decipher the visual data that you perceive, it is thanks to this very small area. In sum, it drags more than 90% of these transmissions. This results in more or less significant eye damage that becomes permanent in the long run.

Note also that according to some studies, macular aging due to age ( AMD ) is also associated with long-term overexposure to blue light. This overexposure is also responsible for the destruction of the conical molecules present in your retina. To guard against all these unfortunate consequences, it is advisable to limit contact with blue light by opting for anti-blue light glasses.

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