Playstation 4 error code CE-35694-7

Error code CE-35694-7 Sony Playstation 4 implies a lack of free space in the system memory of the console. This failure is quite common because happens to a lot of gamers. Usually the error occurs when installing video games from a digital library, and sometimes from Blu-ray.

Causes of Error CE-35694-7

Modern computer games weigh a lot, so the PlayStation 4 error with the CE-35694-7 code mainly occurs during the installation of the so-called “heavyweight titles”, for example: FIFA 18, GTA V, Call of Duty, etc.
The main reason for the error code CE-35694-7 is directly related to the lack of space on the internal hard drive to install a particular game. The banal freeing of space (i.e. memory) will help to fix the problem. When installing the game, you need 2 times more free space than the video game itself. Plus, there should be a little more useful space, because when the free is less than 50 GB – various failures occur with the PS4. When you upload a 50GB title, be sure to keep in mind that this file size is usually not the actual file size, but only a compressed version. In addition to the fact that the file itself must be unpacked and only then installed to run, it is extremely important to take into account updates and various fixes, which also take up a lot of space. That is why the PS4 itself protects the space for this purpose. Thus, if your hard disk has 50 GB of free space, then the balanced game will still not start. Actually, you will be informed about this by a notification about the console error CE-35694-7. Since there will simply not be enough space in the PS4 system storage.
The volume of the internal HDD of the PlayStation 4 is 512-1024 GB, rarely up to 2 TB. It is important to understand that in addition to computer games, free space is extremely quickly clogged with videos, screenshots and other elements of user actions. Moreover, part of the storage is dedicated to the needs of the console operating system. To fix the violation “PlayStation 4 error code CE-35694-7” there are several effective ways that the forum users suggest. It is better to implement them in the order they are presented in this guide.

Ps4 memory check

The first is to check the amount of system memory. So it will turn out to find out what exactly occupies the space. Follow the step-by-step recommendation.

  • “Settings”. Further “System storage management”. Here you will get acquainted and analyze how much space certain files take: themes, screenshots, different applications, games, all kinds of saves, etc.

Thus, you can easily sort out unnecessary files and applications.

Removing games / applications

Often, it is video games that take up the most memory in the PlayStation 4, because in order to free up more space, you need to start a total cleaning directly by removing unnecessary games from the library and the internal hard drive. As this is the main cause of the error code CE-35694-7. Removing from library:

  • Go to the main console menu.
  • Scroll to the right all the positions to the “Library” item (or Library in the English version of the OS).
  • In the table with added and purchased games, select the ones that you plan to remove.
  • Open the additional menu on the controller using the “Options” button and scroll to “Delete” (or Delete).
  • Select this item and confirm the procedure with the “OK” button. The selected game (s) will disappear from the library.

In the case when it concerns a paid application, then the next time you add it to this account, you do not need to pay again. Removing from HHD:

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Scroll down to the “Storage” section.
  • Select the hard drive from which you will uninstall the game (s). This list can contain several titles at once, especially if an external drive is connected to the console.
  • Next, select the “Applications” file type.
  • The screen will open a list of all games installed on your PS4, as well as their volume on the hard drive.
  • To delete one (or several video games) you need to select the “Options” item on the controller.
  • Select the games to be eliminated. Then the “Delete” button.

In this case, you delete the game directly from the hard drive completely. However, it is worth noting that this way you delete the video game, but its previously saved data remains. Those. it can be reinstalled again later.

Deleting application data

Some computer games are poorly optimized and have rather impressive save files. To significantly free up space, you can delete them. You can see how much it takes and uses this or that saving in the sections: “Settings” / “Manage saved …” / “Saved data in …”. If the game is no longer interesting, delete absolutely everything connected with it. This will free up some space and won’t bother you with the CE-35694-7 error. However, you can create a backup copy of its data in advance. The easiest and fastest, but already outdated way to make a backup copy of the save you need. So, to back up video game saves to PS4, follow these procedures:

  • Connect a USB storage device to the USB port (front console only).
  • In the PlayStation menu, go to Settings, then Manage Saved Data.
  • Next, “Saved data in storage”.
  • Click Copy to USB.
  • Then select the apps you want to copy. Confirm your actions.

For better copying, use the instructions here:

… You will need to hack backup and copy games. After the done manipulations, you can safely delete all data that takes up useful space on the console, and if necessary, you can quickly restore it.

Clearing recorded videos and screenshots

PlayStation 4 error code CE-35694-7 is a side effect of running out of memory due to multiple saves of screenshots and user-recorded videos. However, this is all stored in the console’s memory. To view the save you need to open “Settings” / “Manage system storage” / “Gallery”. To remove all the junk:

  • select the title icon and enable the “Options” function using the controller;
  • then the “Delete” option.

Removing Themes on PS4

Individual topics also take up a lot of space on the set-top box. Removing PlayStation 4 skins is easy enough. To do this, select a theme that takes up a lot of space and needs to be deleted. Then:

  • Open the main menu and go to “Settings”.
  • Further, the item “Themes”.
  • Press the “options” key on the joystick and select “Delete” in the menu that appears.

That’s it, this completes the procedure.

Rebuilding the PS4 Database

A fairly effective solution to the error CE-35694-7 in PS4. The reason for its appearance may indicate a faulty console database. To eliminate this, it is necessary to rebuild the database of all databases (i.e. scan the disk, as well as create a new base for the database with information about all data stored on the HHD). The procedure is performed only in safe mode, which allows you to start the Sony PlayStation system with the activation of only basic functions. It is worth noting that safe mode (or rather, some of its parameters) can spoil or permanently delete some important data. Therefore, try to make a backup beforehand. Safe Mode is used to resolve issues related to PS4 system firmware. Your actions:

  • Turn off your PS4 using the power button.
  • After 10 seconds, hold down the power button and release it only after the second beep.
  • Connect the DUALSHOCK 4 with a USB cable. Press the PS button on it.
  • In the menu, select the item “Reconstruct the base …” and click “OK”.
  • Wait for the operation to complete.

The PlayStation 4 system will restart. Video games will now run much faster and the error code CE-35694-7 shouldn’t be a concern.

Replace hard drive

If, after all the manipulations, you still do not have enough free space, then it’s time to install a new, more capacious hard drive. In general, based on how much modern computer games weigh, it is recommended to purchase an HDD with a volume of at least 1 TB. What hard drives are suitable for PS 4? The Seagate 2TB Laptop hard drive has proven itself well. The Western Digital Black range is also great (top versions can hold up to 6 TB). Solid-state counterparts, of course, will cost more, they will hold less, and will use up resources much faster. Although, the loading speed of the operating system and the most demanding video games increases by 20% or more.

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