Far Cry 5 error: Trapper-C69CD14

After the Jacobs Bunker mission, many users encountered the Trapper-C69CD14 error, which causes the video game to crash. Usually there is a fraction of a second of gameplay, how the loading screen loads directly, after waiting it is thrown into the main menu and we see the following:

Error description

Error code “Trapper-C69CD14” on PC For some gamers, the game does not load after the “Mountains of Whitetail” mission. The game comes out with a picture of Jacob’s character.

After loading, after a while it returns to the main menu and an error message of the following content appears:

This happens every time you try to continue playing Far Cry 5. Are there any solutions?

How to fix Trapper-C69CD14 Far Cry V problem

Nothing is really difficult. Many gamers have been helped by this method of eliminating this error.

  1. Click continue on the main menu.
  2. When the gameplay appears (be extremely careful, because this happens only for a split second), press ALT + TAB and remove the tab from the game.
  3. Wait 1-2 minutes and come back to the game.
  4. If the “Wolfs den” loading screen appeared instead of the Jacob screen, everything worked perfectly. Enjoy the game!

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