Error on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: Error [modmeditation] local \ (5): Class ‘CMeditationUI’ already defined

The computer game “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” is one of the most anticipated and high-profile RPG projects in recent years. For gamers, the developers have provided a large open world, different weapons, quests, non-linear passage. The release of the title was postponed several times, refined, but still it did not avoid mistakes. This error occurs when installing or updating mods. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt ranks among the top best RPG video games. Wanting to make the game even cooler, users install various mods, but with the help of modifications it is very easy to spoil not only the game balance, but also the impression of the title. Therefore, the mods for “The Witcher 3” must be chosen carefully. The players found the cause of the problem: the Medetation UI mod does not match the video game version or conflicts with another mod.

Solution # 1 – Reinstall Medetation UI

This mod adds the ability to meditate in real time to the game. The mod’s code has been practically rewritten from scratch, i.e. technically this is a completely new mod that makes the meditation menu as transparent as possible.

The error “Error local \ (5): Class ‘CMeditationUI’ already defined” can be fixed by reinstalling the update of this mod. The first thing to do is to completely delete the modFriendlyMeditation folder from the MODS game folder. After downloading the new mod, it is installed like this:

  1. Place the modMeditationUI folder in the mods folder.
  2. Place the bin folder in the root of the video game over the original.

After this, start the game – no more conflicts should arise. The meditation time is selected using the W / S buttons or the up / down arrows. Update:

The new MeditationUI mod makes not only a transparent menu, there are also campfire settings (press during gameplay: esc / settings / mods / Meditation UI and select the necessary settings).

Solution # 2 – reinstall modImmersiveCam

Another reason for the above error is a conflict between the Medetation mod and the modImmersiveCam camera mod. To fix the problem, you need to reinstall modImmersiveCam.

If you have an older version of Immersive Cam installed, first delete the old modImmersiveCam folder. If other mods are installed, then you need to use the Script Merger. The program finds and resolves conflicts. Program window:

Installation and application:

  • Download and run the Script Merger program.
  • Then indicate the path to the game (field at the top).
  • Above the list “Conflicts” you need to press the button “Refresh”.
  • If you find conflicts that you can fix, repeat these steps until all conflicts are resolved:
  • If it detects non-textual conflicts, the program will show them and will not fix them. It means that some mod will replace the rest in the conflict. This is how the “winner” is chosen:
  • Launch The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and enjoy the game!

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