Pet Blast Hack, Cheat Codes, Hints and Secrets

Pet Blast Hack – compatibility with devices

Android +
iOS +
root not necessary
jailbreak not necessary

Description of Pet Blast

Pet Blast is a fun and addictive puzzle game, somewhat reminiscent of the legendary Tetris. The plot is very simple – a cheerful farm, where a girl lived happily with her pets, began to be attacked by evil one-eyed slimes (“slugs”, in Russian). They capture and take more and more, and at one moment the animals decided that it was not a thing to endure such a thing any longer. It’s time to fight back and show the product of the Japanese mind what Kuz’kin’s mother is. So, in Pet Blast you will be engaged in drawing up figures of the same color – for example, you must place a red bull in a row of other red bulls, and a pink piglet – to the same pigs. For fun passing levels and getting unlimited lives, use Pet Blast hack. Also in Pet Blast hack will save your time.

How to Hack Pet Blast, Hints, Features

Pet Blast has two modes – story and arcade. In the first, the user needs to solve riddles and puzzles, move from one level to another, and so on until you get to the final, but using Pet Blast cheats, the levels will click like nuts. Plotwise, in this way you repel the attacks of the army of slimes / slugs, driving them further and further into the hole from which this one-eyed hooligan generally climbed out. The arcade mode in Pet Blast is simply a “sandbox” where you can simply solve puzzles and puzzles for your own pleasure, as well as compete with other players. By the way, this game does not require an internet connection. More precisely, if it is absent, then you will not be able to challenge a live player to a duel, you will have to compete with AI, using Pet Blast cheats, you will get access to many resources.

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Pet Blast Hack, Secrets

In hack Pet Blast provides two types of “currency” – as usual, the first type is the cheapest, but at the same time common, while the second is much rarer, but it is also much more expensive. In this application, the role of money is played by ordinary coins and lives. If everything is clear with the former, then “lives” is the ability to resurrect your pets and thereby earn even more game coins or “points”. For points, you can purchase various useful and expensive bonuses that will help you in the further passage. But if you don’t like long accumulation and gathering, then Pet Blast hack may come to your liking, because in this version players can immediately get a very large amount of resources and unlock the most interesting puzzles in arcade mode. You may also be interested in this gamePerfect Gear Hack for Gold, Energy and Coins

About Pet Blast Hack

Pet Blast Cheats (Cheat Codes) are Promo Codes that you can use in Android and iOS games, even without Root and without Jailbreak. Please note that these Cheat Codes only work with original games. To hack Pet Blast, your game must be downloaded from the App Store (if it’s iOS) or Google Play (if it’s Android).

Pet Blast Cheats for Android

Resources Cheat Codes System
coins ac3-3db12e91c13 Android
life dd1-d723ec9fce6 Android
Free Shopping eaf-5afb477761d Android

Pet Blast Cheat Codes for iOS

Resources Cheat Codes System
coins 774-bb887972a97 iOS
life b4d-f0b09573071 iOS
Free Shopping 2bd-ac9d99d9a68 iOS

How to enter cheats in Pet Blast

  1. Open the game;
  2. Go to the section for entering Cheat Codes;
  3. Click OK and wait a few seconds;
  4. Ready!

If you are new to using Cheat Codes for Android and iOS games, then you definitely need an instruction for Cheats. We have created the most simple and clear instruction on how to enter Cheat Codes into the Pet Blast game. This link contains instructions.

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