How to make a snowman in Minecraft

Unfortunately, there is no way to create a static snowman, however you can bring your snowman to life in Minecraft. Snow golems are what you get if you place two snow blocks and a pumpkin on top. If you shield the snow golem, it can function as a regular snowman in the yard. This snowman will attack hostile and neutral mobs, so keep him away from wolves, skeletons and other hostile creatures. In this guide, you will learn about the necessary materials for making a snowman, how to make a snowman and how to use a snowman.

How to make a snowman in Minecraft

To make a Snowman in Minecraft, make two blocks of snow and put them on top of each other. Finally, add a carved pumpkin or gourd lantern to make the snowman’s head. The snowman will appear and start moving, leaving a trail of snow behind him.

Required materials to create a snowman

  • 2 snow blocks
  • Pumpkin (any)

All you need to make a snowman is 2 snow blocks and a pumpkin. If you want to avoid creating a snow golem, you can replace either of the two snow blocks with white concrete or wool to keep it from coming to life. If you’re looking for aesthetic purposes, you should use a carved pumpkin, and if you want to create a living snow golem, you can use any pumpkin you can get your hands on.

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Steps to create a snowman in Minecraft

If you want your own Frosty snowman, you will need two snow blocks and a pumpkin. You can find pumpkins in many different biomes, even those growing in snowy biomes. Pumpkins can also be grown, so once you’ve found one pumpkin, you can use it to grow more.

Snow blocks will most likely need to be crafted, if you have the silk touch tool you can smash any snow with it to collect a snow block. Otherwise, you can hit the top layer of snow with a shovel to collect snowballs. To make a snow block, you need 4 snowballs.

How to make a snowman in Minecraft1

You can create snow blocks from up to four snowballs arranged in a 2×2 configuration.

How to make a snowman in minecraft 2

After you have collected the snow and prepared the pumpkin, you can create a snow golem with 2 snow blocks and a pumpkin on top.

How to make a snowman in Minecraft3

If you find the pumpkin unattractive, you can use the scissors on the snow golem to open its face. You can’t put the pumpkin back on your head if you decide against it, however, make your choice wisely.

How to make a snowman in Minecraft4

If you want a static snowman, replace the snow with white wool or white concrete instead of snow blocks. The image below shows three different snowmen that you can build to decorate your backyard.

How to make a Snowman in Minecraft5

The left is white concrete powder, the middle is white wool, and the right snowman is made of white concrete. You can also place levers to give the impression of hands for your snowmen.

How to make a snowman in Minecraft6

You can get wool from sheep shearing. White concrete powder is made from sand 4, gravel 4 and white dye. You can change the dye color if you want different colors of concrete powder.

How to make a snowman in Minecraft7

For this recipe you should use normal sand, red sand is not suitable for this recipe. If you need hard concrete, place concrete powder in the tower, pour water on top, and when the water comes into contact with the concrete powder, it will harden into hard concrete.

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How to use a snowman in Minecraft

Snowmen have no practical use other than a pretty appearance. Snow golems will attack nearby hostile mobs and neutral mobs, which can be useful for attracting aggro, but snowballs don’t deal damage. Snow golems can be used as a weapon against a fire enemy, but they only deal 1.5 full hearts of damage and die quickly to flame fireballs. Use them for cosmetic or practicality, whichever you decide.

In addition, snow golems can be used as an endless source of snow. Wherever the snow golem goes, you can collect snowballs wherever he goes.

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How to make a snowman in Minecraft9

If you keep it in a small enclosed space, you can constantly break the snow that appears under it into as many snowballs as you want.


Snowmen are aesthetic buildings that can be built very quickly. Snow golems can also be used as a permanent source of snowballs. Whatever you choose to use can be a nice cosmetic feature to stumble across. Snow golems may not be the strongest to defend your lands, but they’re not made for combat, they’re made for novelty.

Congratulations, now you know how to build a snowman in Minecraft. Although snow golems are not the most experienced in combat, they are a good addition to villages, cities, or courts. The same goes for snowmen. Any of these new additions can be a breath of fresh air for your builds.

Do snowballs do damage in Minecraft?

Snowballs don’t deal damage in Minecraft. There is one exception with a flaming enemy. Flames take water damage, while snowballs count as water damage. Each snowball will deal 1.5 full hearts of damage. While it’s nothing compared to a bow and arrow, you can defend your territory in the Nether with dispenser snowballs as a cheap alternative to arrows.

How to make a snowman so that he does not turn into a snow golem?

You cannot use snow blocks if you are trying to make a snowman instead of a snow golem. Instead, use blocks such as white wool, white concrete powder, or regular white concrete. Any of these options can help sell the idea that the two-block-tall building you’ve built reads like a snowman rather than a weird natural generation. You can also place levers on the sides to make it read like a snowman.

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