How to make a hatch in Minecraft

Hatches are useful blocks in Minecraft. If you need a door that you can open and close for stairs, you can use a hatch instead of a regular door. They come in different varieties for each of the different types of wood you can collect in Minecraft. They are relatively cheap, but despite requiring the same amount of wood as doors, you end up with fewer hatches per recipe. This guide will describe the required materials for making hatches, how to make them and how to use them.

Required materials to create a hatch in Minecraft

  • 6 trees (any)
  • Workbench

To make a hatch, you just need to make a side door. Arrange 6 planks in a 2×3 pattern on your workbench and this recipe will yield 2 hatches. While you can use any wood for the hatch, you will need to use the same type of wood for the respective hatch you are trying to make. Dark oak is used to make dark oak trapdoors, jungle wood is used to make jungle trapdoors, and so on.

How to make a hatch in Minecraft

To make a hatch in Minecraft, open a workbench containing a 3×3 grid. Place 3 wooden boards on the first row of the grid and the remaining 3 boards on the second row. Now that the hatch is done, just drag it into your inventory.

To make a hatch, first consider what kind of wood you want to make the hatch from. While they are functionally identical, each hatch has a different look and feel that can help tie the room together. The photo below shows all hatches available in Minecraft.

How to make a loophole in minecraft0

Going from top left to right, we have oak, spruce, birch, jungle, acacia, dark oak, iron, crimson, and warped wood. To make any of these hatches, you will need 6 wooden planks of the respective tree.

Head to your workbench and lay out the wood in a 2×3 order.

How to make a loophole in minecraft1

Every 6 wood will give 2 hatches of the corresponding type. The recipe is identical for each of the different types, with the type of wood swapped, of course. That’s all you need to make manholes in Minecraft.

How to use the hatch in Minecraft

Manholes are commonly used as a way to prevent players from accidentally falling through a hole made for ladders. If you have a ladder somewhere in the house and you want to prevent players from falling, you can use a trapdoor to keep people from falling.

How to make a loophole in minecraft2

If you want to change the position of the hatch, pay close attention to where your cursor is when you place the hatch. You can still jump out of the hole from your ladder even if the ladder block is missing. This can make the sunroof flush with the floor.

How to make a loophole in minecraft3

Even if it seems like you can’t stand at the top of the stairs, your character is big enough to fit on top of where the stairs end. Making the hatch flush with the floor is also a good way to hide it. You can put carpet on top of a trapdoor by holding sneak and right-clicking on top of a trapdoor.

How to make a loophole in minecraft4

While this effectively hides it, you can’t open the sunroof without breaking the carpet. Alternatively, you can leave it open and then put a carpet over it, but someone might accidentally stumble upon the secret passage you have.


Hatches are useful for creating an entry point for ascending and descending passages. The hatch recipe is simple and you get 2 hatches for every 6 wooden planks you use. There are a total of 9 different hatches you can create, so experiment with the ones you like best. Skylights can also be used as accents or retractable windows. Use them as you see fit.

Congratulations, you now know how to build a hatch for your up or down tunnel. While hatches are somewhat limited in their practicality, they are beautiful blocks that come in 9 different looks to play with. You can use them for more than just up and down doorways, consider using them as window sills. Since they are easy and relatively cheap to make, experiment with them as much as you like.

How to hide a hatch in Minecraft?

Once your sunroof is level with the floor, you can place a carpet of any color over it to hide it from prying eyes. While you can’t interact with the hatch by right-clicking, you can connect a Redstone to it to open and close it whenever you want. Otherwise, you will need to break up the carpet and replace it every time you need to go up or down.

How to make an aesthetic barrel in Minecraft?

While barrels are real blocks in Minecraft, you can use hatches to make a barrel look a lot like a barrel full of water. Use spruce hatches for a better look. Place a hatch on the floor, place four hatches around it and hold Shift to place water where the base hatch is. Don’t worry if you accidentally open one of its sides, the water won’t spill out.

How to make a hatch in minecraft5

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