How to fly in Minecraft

How to fly in Minecraft: Every new Minecraft player strives to learn how to fly, so learning how to fly to activate it in every mode is important. Flight is not limited by any sprint-limiting mechanisms, such as food depletion.

The ability to fly in Minecraft is one of the most truly liberating aspects of the game. Players can spend hours just wandering through the desert and admiring the beautiful pixelated wood of Minecraft if they want to. But if the players had the opportunity, they would prefer to go to the desired location, rather than dragging themselves around the map. Minecraft allows players to fly in both creative mode and spectator mode. Technically, the player can not only fly in observer mode, but also pass through walls and any surface.

How to fly in minecraft

To fly in Minecraft Creative Mode, the player needs to press the Space button twice . You can start flying as soon as you start building your world. However, in survival mode, you can fly using elytra, which are wings found in the End City, and fireworks together, or by typing “/ability @player mayfly true” in the chat window.

Java Edition players of Minecraft can fly anywhere in Creative or Spectator modes. However, in the Bedrock and Education version, the player must obtain “mayfly” permission to fly.

How to fly in creative mode

How to fly in minecraft0

In creative mode, you can start flying as soon as you start building your world. To fly, the player needs to press the Space button twice . This will send the player flying through the air. To land, players need to get close to the ground in creative mode, and flying will be disabled automatically. The player can gain or lose altitude while flying by pressing the jump or stealth keys, respectively. Holding sprint allows the player to move faster while flying. In creative mode, flight is automatically disabled if the player descends to a surface in the air. In spectator mode, flight cannot be disabled because players can fly through all the blocks. Flying increases the player’s field of view by 10%; increases even more during the sprint.

How to fly in survival mode

With the help of an elytra

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In survival mode, there is only one way to fly without cheats: with Elytra. You will find wings and fireworks that will lift you into the air if you travel to the End City. They allow you to fly in space and go where you want. However, you must be careful because the rocket on your back will hurt you if you don’t use your skin as a shield.

There are three levels of fireworks in Minecraft. The first level is the slowest firework you’ll need to get started and is easy to make with just one gunpowder and one sheet of paper. Fireworks of the second level will help you climb higher, and to make them you will need two gunpowder and one piece of paper. Finally, with three gunpowder and one paper, you can make a level three firework. Just be aware that if you use a tier 3 rocket in the Nether, you may end up in lava due to the game’s inability to load graphics quickly.

With the help of cheats

Open the “Game” menu by pressing the “Esc” button , and then click “Open on LAN” . Click “Allow cheats” . Select Start LAN World . Then all you need to do is press “T” to open the window and type in any command. If you want the player to be able to fly using the “mayfly” command , follow these steps: Press “T” and open the chat window. Enter “/ability @player mayfly true” .

general information

If the player is flying high enough in creative mode, the sun or moon can be seen through the fog, while looking down, the player can also see clouds at this time.


Congratulations! You have learned to fly in Minecraft and you can explore the world faster than ever. Flying causes the player to move at a speed of approximately 10.92 meters per second, which is approximately 250% of the normal walking speed of 4.36 meters per second. This increases even more when holding down the sprint key to 21.6 meters per second.

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