Medieval Smackdown Hack, Cheat Codes, Hints and Secrets

Medieval Smackdown Hack – Device Compatibility

Android +
iOS +
root not necessary
jailbreak not necessary

Description of Medieval Smackdown

Welcome to Medieval Smackdown. In it you have to take the role of one of the fighters and take part in such battles. Defeat all rivals using Medieval Smackdown hack, showing them your skill and agility, become the champion of Medieval Smackdown. The game boasts cute cartoon graphics, making what is happening on the screen look even more ridiculous. Management in the game is simple, just two buttons that are responsible for turning around, the main character always runs forward himself. The interface menu is also made very clear, there is not a single superfluous element in it, which makes the gameplay even easier. In Medieval Smackdown hack is great for both children and experienced gamers who want to relax and get distracted.

How to Hack Medieval Smackdown, Hints, Features

Using cheats in Medieval Smackdown, you can create your own unique character that will be with you until the end of the story company. Then you will be introduced to the control, which consists of two buttons located at the edges of the screen at the bottom. Between them are three more icons responsible for inventory and emoticons. As soon as the battle begins, your fighter starts to run forward, and thanks to the arrows you control his direction. When you get close to your opponent, your character will automatically perform a move. Over time, the crowd throws all kinds of weapons into the ring (hammers, axes, swords and much more), your goal is to be the first to pick it up. The main task in Medieval Smackdown is to bring the opponent’s life bar to zero. Use Medieval Smackdown cheats and enjoy unforgettable fights.

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Medieval Smackdown Hack, Secrets

For each victory in battle, you will receive money and experience points. For experience, you increase the level of your character, the higher it is, the more cool tricks you can learn and use them in the future during the battle. For money, you can change your appearance. The local store sells all kinds of things that make your protagonist more formidable and harsh. At some point, you simply may not have enough money to buy another thing. Here hack Medieval Smackdown will come to the rescue, which will make it possible to make any purchases without paying attention to money. Hack Medieval Smackdown will simply make your financial supply endless, which will allow you not to deny yourself anything. You will only have to enjoy the gameplay, getting more and more victories in battles. You may also be interested in this game.

About Medieval Smackdown Hack

Medieval Smackdown Cheats (Cheat Codes) are Promo Codes that you can use in Android and iOS games, even without Root and without Jailbreak. Please note that these Cheat Codes only work with original games. To crack Medieval Smackdown your game must be downloaded from the App Store (if it’s iOS) or Google Play (if it’s Android).

Medieval Smackdown Cheats for Android

Resources Cheat Codes System
coins 430-840a15c10c1 Android
Keys 822-b768117df12 Android
Free Shopping e7f-15dd8c12f68 Android

Medieval Smackdown Cheat Codes for iOS

Resources Cheat Codes System
coins fc9-4acffd79432 iOS
Keys 09c-a876bb811a8 iOS
Free Shopping ba2-26fa977f4c5 iOS

How to enter cheats in Medieval Smackdown

  1. Open the game;
  2. Go to the section for entering Cheat Codes;
  3. Click OK and wait a few seconds;
  4. Ready!

If you are new to using Cheat Codes for Android and iOS games, then you definitely need an instruction for Cheats. We have created the most simple and clear instruction on how to enter Cheat Codes in Medieval Smackdown game. This link contains instructions.


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