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Sometimes, users need to perform PDF editing online on the Internet, without using the corresponding program installed on the computer. Edit PDF online is usually required in cases where you need to make small changes to the file, and there is no corresponding application on the PC.

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a portable format for storing electronic documents created by Adobe Systems. A feature of the format is universal cross-platform and support for printing on various devices, without additional software.

  1. How to edit a PDF file online on PDF2Go
  2. Edit PDF online for free with PDF24 Tools
  3. Edit PDF text online on Smallpdf
  4. Edit PDF file online for free on iLovePDF
  5. Edit PDF text online for free at Sejda
  6. Article Conclusions

A huge number of different files are saved in PDF format: e-books, documents, various forms, help and instructions. Often there are situations when you need to make changes to an existing PDF document.

In this case, you can proceed as follows:

  • use a program that can edit PDF files;
  • use the services of an online service on the Internet, where you can make changes to the PDF document.

The first method involves installing software on a computer. There are not so many programs that allow you to edit PDF documents, unlike applications for viewing this type of file. Basically, it’s paid software.

In the second option – on the service on the Internet, the user can use two ways:

  • convert PDF to Word online or, for example, to another format – TXT;
  • edit PDF online directly on the service.

In the first case, you will need to go through several stages:

  1. First you need to convert the PDF to an editable format.
  2. Then you need to download the file to your device: computer or phone.
  3. Edit the document in the appropriate program.
  4. Save the edited file as a PDF.

This method has its drawbacks, in addition to performing several manipulations: the conversion from PDF to another format is not always successful. It happens that the text of a document consists of incomprehensible characters, the original formatting has been changed in the content, etc.

The second method allows you to perform the necessary action: edit the PDF online on a remote server on the Internet. Of course, the service cannot be compared with a PC program in terms of its capabilities, but for simple cases, editing PDF online for free is quite suitable.

In this guide, you will find instructions on how to edit PDF files online on several services on the Internet: PDF2Go, PDF24 Tools, Smallpdf, iLovePDF, Sejda. These are universal services that perform various operations on PDF files for free.

The services of the online service can be used on a computer with any operating system: Windows, Linux, macOS, in any browser installed on the PC.

How to edit a PDF file online on PDF2Go

Now we will see how you can edit PDF online with PDF2Go. The PDF2Go.com website is designed to work with PDF files from a browser. This resource has many tools that perform various operations with PDF files.

Go through the following steps:

  1. Sign in to the PDR2Go website .
  2. You need to upload a PDF document to the service. Click on the “Select File” button, or drag and drop the file from the PC with the mouse into a special form.

Other ways to upload a file: enter a URL to a file, add a PDF file from Dropbox or Google Drive cloud storage.

At the top of the web page is a toolbar with buttons for performing the necessary actions:

  • Text – inserts text into the selected area of ​​the document.
  • Pencil – underlining places in the document.
  • Blur – Blur a specific area in a PDF file.
  • Highlight – Highlight text on the page.
  • Line – draw a line.
  • Dotted – Add a dotted line.
  • Arrow – Insert an arrow.
  • Rectangle – Adds a rectangular shape.
  • Ellipse – inserts an ellipse.
  • Polygon – Placement of a polygonal shape.
  • Image – Add an image.
  1. Click on the desired button, perform the necessary actions on the page: add notes, blur text, insert a shape or image, perform other necessary operations.

On the service, you can zoom in or out, undo or redo the operation, reset to the original parameters of this PDF file.

Using the “Options” button located on the toolbar, the parameters for editing elements are changed. You can select suitable settings for each element. For example, when adding text, there are options to change the font family, font size or style, choose a background color, and so on.

  1. After finishing editing, first click on the “Save As” button, and then on the “Save” button.
  2. On the open web page, click on one of the buttons: “Download”, “Upload to the cloud” or “Download ZIP file”, depending on the format in which you need to save the processed PDF file.

Edit PDF online for free with PDF24 Tools

If you need to edit PDF online for free, check out PDF24 Tools, a site designed to work with PDF files on the web.

Do the following:

  1. To edit a PDF document online, visit the PDF24 Tools website .
  2. Click on the “Choose file” button to upload a document from your computer, or add a file to the service from Dropbox or Google Drive.
  3. The contents of the PDF document that you want to edit will open on the web page of the service.

The top panel on the right contains buttons designed to perform specific tasks: adding text, shapes, underlining, and highlighting. After clicking on the corresponding button, additional buttons will appear on the left to fine-tune the parameters of the action being performed.

  1. When editing is complete, scroll down the page with the open document to click on the “Save PDF” button.
  2. A new page of the site will open, on which you need to click on the “Download” button to directly download the processed file to your PC.

The service has additional options for saving the file, which will become available after clicking on the button in the form of three dots. The finished file can be sent to e-mail, to cloud storage, printed on a printer, sent by fax, or perform other actions with this document.

Edit PDF text online on Smallpdf

The Smallpdf service performs online editing of PDF documents. The user has the ability to perform the necessary actions on this resource.

Go through the steps:

  1. Go to the Smallpdf service site .
  2. You need to add a file to the service using one of the suggested methods: click on the “Choose a file” button, drag the PDF into a special form, add it from the “clouds” Dropbox or Google Drive.
  3. On the service page, make changes to the PDF file online: mark the necessary sections of text with a pencil or marker, add new text or geometric shapes.
  4. Click the Download button to download the file to your device or Dropbox cloud storage.

Edit PDF file online for free on iLovePDF

You can make changes to PDF online on the iLovePDF service, which performs various actions with PDF files.

You need to follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the iLovePDF website page .
  2. On the “PDF Editor” page, click on the “Select PDF File” button, drag and drop the file into the form from your computer, or upload from Google Drive or Dropbox cloud storage.
  3. On the page with open documents, choose what you need to do: add text, picture, shape.

After clicking on the corresponding button, an additional panel with the settings of the selected element will open. On the right sidebar, you can change the order in which items are placed.

  1. After making changes, click on the “Edit PDF” button.
  2. Download the file to your computer, share the link on the Internet or scan the QR code, upload the document to the cloud storage.

Edit PDF text online for free at Sejda

The Sejda online service contains more than 30 tools for working with PDF files. A specialized application on the service allows you to edit PDF text online for free.

To edit text in a PDF document online, you will need to go through the following steps:

  1. We go to the site Sejda.com .
  2. Click on the “Upload PDF file” button, or on the triangle to upload a file from Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive cloud storage, or add a document via a web address (URL link).
  3. On the top panel, you need to select the necessary tool to apply editing in an open PDF document:
  • Text – Edit text in a PDF document.
  • Links – change the links contained in the file.
  • Forms – creating forms.
  • Images – Add images to the PDF file.
  • Sign – insert a signature.
  • Whiteout – change the background color.
  • Annotate – adding an annotation.
  • Shapes – insert shapes.
  • Find & Replace – find and replace.
  • Undo – undo the actions performed.

When using the Text tool, you can remove words, characters, or sentences from a file, or insert new words and sentences into the contents of a PDF file.

In this example, I added a few words to the text of the PDF document.

  1. At the end of editing, click on the “Apply changes” button.
  2. On the open page, using the “Download” button, we download the PDF file to a computer, send the document to Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive cloud storage, email by e-mail, print, or continue working in another tool.

Article Conclusions

Many users are faced with the need to edit a PDF document online for free when there is no corresponding program on the computer. In this case, it is not necessary to have an application on the PC that can edit PDF.

Using the service on the Internet, you can perform the necessary steps to edit a PDF file. Any computer and operating system is suitable for editing, and you can go to the corresponding site – an online service in any browser.

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