Multiplayer billiards

Are you a snooker enthusiast? Would you like to play it, albeit in a virtual way, in your spare time and challenge people from all over the world? Then I think you’ve come to the right place at the right time.

Here are some multiplayer pool titles that can be played for free on any PC, smartphone or tablet having the opportunity to clash with other people via the Internet (including your Facebook friends). Their operation is quite intuitive. After registering or authenticating with your Facebook account you will get virtual coins. These coins can be invested to participate in single matches or tournaments, bought or won thanks to the challenges carried out against other users.

Some titles also include a guest mode, which allows you to play without registering or social authentication but prevents you from participating in tournaments and challenging your Facebook friends. Personally, I only recommend it to test a game before signing up for it, but of course the final decision is up to you. That said, let’s ban the chatter and discover some of the best pool games currently available online.

8 Ball Pool (Web / Android / iOS)

Let’s start this review of multiplayer billiard games from the hugely popular 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip that allows you to have fun online with other users from all over the world with challenges that can be quick – without even registering to the game – or articulated in real tournaments. To play there is no need for any special software, just connect to the game site using any browser with Flash Player support . In addition, 8 Ball Pool is also available as an app for Android and iOS to be played on the go.

To start a new game, all you have to do is connect to the official page of the game and choose whether to play as a guest user, challenging another user chosen randomly by the system (in this case, just click on the Guest button ), or create a free account and possibly participate in tournaments. To do this, click on the Play button  and fill out the registration form that is proposed to you, or click on the Facebook button  and log in using your social profile data.

Once in the game, you can choose whether to perform a single challenge against a user chosen randomly by the system ( Play button ), whether to search for a friend to play with ( Play friends ) or to register for a tournament (by clicking on Tournaments ). To participate in a game, you need to have enough Win Pool Coins. These virtual coins can be conquered by winning challenges with other users and tournaments, initially if they have 250 but can also be purchased with real money.

If you want to play directly from Facebook, connected to this page of the social network and click on the  Play now on Facebook button that you see in the left sidebar.

Pool Live Tour (Web / Android / iOS / Windows Phone)

Another very popular multiplayer pool title is Pool Live Tour . This video game, like the other one seen previously, is based on a system of virtual coins that you have to pay to access the multiplayer challenges and can be earned or purchased. At the start you have 200 chips with a free bonus that adds another 100 every day, every multiplayer game you spend 10 chips with the possibility of getting 20 if you win.

To play Pool Live Tour, connected to its official website, click on the log in item  at the top and log in to the game using your Facebook profile data. Alternatively, click here  and start playing directly from the social network.

You can choose whether to play a game for free with a friend, by clicking on the Play with a friend button and sending the latter the link that is provided to you, or to participate in online “paid” challenges and tournaments by clicking on the Play  and Tournaments buttons. . Finally, the Practice button allows you to play against the CPU for practice.

Pool Live Tour is also available for Android , iOS and Windows Phone . Search for it on your mobile phone store and have fun using the same account you created on your computer (or play directly on the go, without going to your PC first).

Pool Live Pro (Web)

Another title you might consider is Pool Live Pro , which works with a virtual coin system similar to that of the two games mentioned above and is also available on  Facebook . Unfortunately, there is no mobile version that allows you to play it even on smartphones and tablets.

To play Pool Live Pro, connect to its official website and sign up for it using your email address or Facebook account. In the first case you have to fill in the form at the top right and click on the Sign me up button , in the second you just need to click on the Login with Facebook button  .

Once in the game, you will be invited to take a test shot. After that, once you have the first ball in the hole, you will be able to enter the 8-ball game mode  and challenge other users in a  quick match or a  tournament .

In addition to the classic 8-ball mode there are those 9-ball ,  Blackball and  Snooker , which however are initially blocked. They are unlocked only after completing a few matches in 8-ball mode.

Multiplayer Billiards (Web)

I also point out the Flash games site FlashGames which on its pages hosts an excellent online billiard game in which you can challenge other users for free. You can participate with your personal account or as a guest by clicking on the appropriate button.

There are three game modes available: the  training room that allows you to practice against other non-Flash Games users without losing points; the Play for points mode   that allows you to challenge other users of the site with the possibility of winning points and  Invite a friend to start a match against your friend.

To create your user account on FlashGames, click on the Register item in the game and fill out the form that is proposed to you. Or click on the Facebook button   and log in with your social profile data: it’s very simple.

In conclusion, I invite you to also take a look at Kongregate , one of the most famous Flash games sites in the world that also includes many billiard games in its huge database. To participate in those multiplayer online you must authenticate with your Facebook account using the appropriate button located at the top right.


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