How to make a castle gate in Minecraft

How to make a castle gate in Minecraft: Any time you build a castle or fort to live in or store your items, you naturally want to create an entrance that can impress anyone and everyone. You also want it to be such an entrance that no crowd can enter through the door so that no damage is caused. In this case, we will see how you can build a very specific, fully functioning castle gate that can be activated by pressing a button.

What you need to build a working castle

  1. Stone bricks
  2. Cobblestone
  3. Terracotta blocks
  4. redstone dust
  5. Redstone repeaters
  6. stone buttons
  7. stone slabs
  8. Wooden fence
  9. red stone torches
  10. sticky pistons
  11. Pistons
  12. Gravel

How to Build a Working Castle Gate in Minecraft

Step 1

First you will need to build a 3×6 hole that is 5 blocks deep.

How to make a working castle gate in minecraft0

Step 2

Then fill four rows of sticky pistons with the same amount of regular pistons on top. Then place four blocks of gravel on each set of pistons.

How to make a working castle gate in Minecraft1

Step 3

Then place three sets of fences on top of each set of gravel.

How to make a working castle gate in Minecraft 2

Step 4

Place a redstone repeater in front of each sticky piston and set each repeater to a one tick delay.

How to make a working castle gate in Minecraft3

Step 5

Create a trail of redstone dust that rises up, using terracotta blocks to highlight them. Use this redstone dust trail to create a platform three blocks below the top of the gravel blocks you created. At the foot of the platform, install four more redstone repeaters to increase the opening radius.

How to make a working castle gate in Minecraft 4

Step 6

To the right of the relays and slightly ahead and raised, a block was created with a trail of redstone dust, on the side of which is a redstone torch, and on top is redstone dust. Build a block on top of this footprint to make it float, and make sure this terracotta block is a different color than the ones you’ve been using up to this point. This will be your first button, in front of which you will place the first stone button.

How to make a working castle gate in minecraft 5

Step 7

Now let’s start creating the top part. Construction of stone blocks on top of the fence. On the leftmost stone block, build three more on top of it, but then destroy the bottom two to make the top one float. Instead, replace the missing two blocks with two pistons. Continue this process until the pistons have passed through the stone structure.

How to make a working castle gate in minecraft 6

Step 8

Build another terracotta block of a different color on top of the block with the button on it, and then place another stone button on that block. After that place a redstone torch on top of this new block and then another block on top of it. Place another redstone torch on this block and then build another platform in front of your top switch with a trail of redstone dust following it. Create another block platform on top of the one you just built with another redstone dust trail on it. Your gate should now work.

How to make a working castle gate in minecraft7

How do castle gates work?

Step 1

Despite the complex design, the castle gates are simple. If there is a trail of redstone dust at the top, pressing the topmost button will activate the pistons at the top level, pushing your gate fence down.

Step 2

Alternatively, using the similar designs below, by pressing the bottom button, you can activate the pistons at the bottom push up, opening the gate.


This is one of the hardest inventions to build when it comes to what you can build in Minecraft. However, it can be an amazing tool at your disposal when the fruits of your labor finally pay off.

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