Meta may lose WhatsApp and Instagram!

Meta, which holds giants like WhatsApp and Instagram, is extremely close to facing a major impeachment in the US.

Social media giant Meta, which has recently changed its name to Facebook, is facing such a big blame that it lost its two big cards, WhatsApp and Instagram. Meta violated competition rules, according to the charge in the case based on Meta’s home, i.e. the USA . The company, which has faced a similar accusation before, may not be able to get away cheap this time.

Meta faces crime of breaking competition rules

The Federal Trade Commission claimed last year that Meta was harming the competitive environment by acquiring competitors. Regarding this, it was shown that the company, which used the name Facebook in the past years, bought WhatsApp and Instagram and dominated the competition. In June, these charges were dropped due to insufficient evidence, and the company left the case unharmed. However, this time the case was reopened with stronger evidence.

The commission reapplied to the court, renewing its evidence and files, and the application was accepted for the next phase by a federal judge. This may go as far as Meta’s disposal of WhatsApp and Instagram companies. According to the statement from the company, their expectations from the outcome of the lawsuit are positive.

Meta had managed to grow itself exponentially in the early 2010s by acquiring WhatsApp and Instagram. The applications he bought have become applications that we all spend a few hours a day with today. However, if the company had not made these acquisitions, would WhatsApp and Instagram have grown this much and joined the competition, which is one of the question marks.

Although it is said that the evidence of the opposing party is strong in the new case that Meta is facing, this case will probably last for years. Because we are talking about a giant company with a value of over 1 trillion dollars, it will be a long decision process to remove WhatsApp and Instagram from this company.

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