How to raise the volume of the Brondi ringtone

The famous telephone company Brondi has always distinguished itself for the attention paid to people who show some difficulties in adapting to new technologies, especially as regards the elderly, producing smartphones and cordless phones characterized by essential and particularly intuitive functions.

However, especially with regard to mobile devices, some operations, including simpler ones such as audio adjustments, may be partially different from those you are used to when using the most common and most widespread Andoid and iOS devices, but not be afraid: it is enough to become familiar with the new procedures.

You just need to spend a few minutes of your precious time reading the next paragraphs to realize how to raise the Brondi ringtone volume and learn the various procedures with which you can perform this operation both on a smartphone and on a cordless phone. So, are you ready? Perfect, in this case I just have to wish you a good continuation!


  • How to raise the volume of the Brondi smartphone ringtone
    • Volume key
    • Device settings
    • Remote control
  • How to raise the volume of the Brondi cordless ringtone

How to raise the volume of the Brondi smartphone ringtone

To begin I will show you how to raise the volume of the Brondi smartphone ringtone : the re-adaptation of the Android operating system operated by the famous Italian telephony brand, in fact, has involved some significant changes regarding this simple functionality, also introducing important innovations that are worth investigating with a detailed explanation.

Volume key

Obviously, the first solution to raise the volume of a Brondi smartphone remains to act on the volume key present, depending on the model, on the right or left side of the device.

The key is easily recognizable as it has a more elongated shape than the on / off key and the switch for the flash and all you have to do is press it at the top, even several times, to increase the intensity of the ringtone relating to calls. (clearly, you will have to perform the same operation downwards to decrease it).

Once this is done, a panel will appear in the upper part of the display that will graphically show the current ringtone level : at this point it is possible to change the volume by touching this indicator to the right with your finger to further increase it and bring it to the desired intensity.

By pressing, on the other hand, the arrow symbol pointing downwards located on the right of the aforementioned indicator, the panel in question will be expanded also showing the audio levels relating to notifications (messages and apps), multimedia supports (audio produced by the playback of content such as music and videos) and alarm clock . To modify them you can operate exactly as I explained for the ringtone one.

Device settings

The volume button does not work properly, or are you going to customize some aspects related to the audio management of your Brondi smartphone more? In this case, I advise you to access the device settings : to do so, if you have, for example, a Amico S model , press the Home button (the central one with the house symbol ) on the bottom of the phone, then touch the main screen from right to left several times until you see the icon with the symbol of a gear and press on it.

In the next step, presses on the Audio Profiles item in the menu that is proposed to you and you will be shown some predefined solutions relating to different scenarios: first check that the selected one is suitable for your needs and, if not, press with your finger on a different option that you think is more suitable.

For example, if you need to spend time away from home and don’t want to risk missing a call due to ambient noise, you can use the outdoor mode , which maximizes the ringer volume and vibration intensity. Instead, I do not recommend using the Silent and Vibration items, as, as you can easily imagine, they completely exclude the ringtone.

If you wish, you can also create your own personal audio profile and modify the various parameters proposed to your liking to adapt them to specific events or situations: to begin with, press on the symbol of the three vertical dots located at the top right, then press the Add item from the contextual menu that is proposed.

Next, type the name of the profile you are creating using the keypad that appears below and press the word OK to confirm it. Subsequently, choose whether to keep the check mark set by default on the Vibration and Message options (or press on the relevant box to remove it) then press the Volumes item below : in the screen that appears, at this point, you can easily act on the levels of the various items present there by touching the relative indicator to the right (to increase the volume) or left (to decrease it).

Once this is done, press the OK button again to set the new choice and repeat the operation using the appropriate button located at the bottom of the screen to register the new profile.

Remote control

Some models of smartphones produced by Brondi provide a particular function, called Remote Control , which allows a second device to modify its settings from the outside by sending a simple SMS.

The available options also include the possibility of raising the ringer: if you realize that the person in possession of the Brondi device has inadvertently lowered the volume, it is therefore possible to restore the normal level by sending a message containing a specific text code. . First, however, it is necessary to perform some preliminary operations to make sure to enable the second device for this functionality.

First of all, go to the main menu of the Brondi device by pressing the Home button , then scroll the screens from right to left until you find the Remote Control icon and press it. Then press again on the Remote Control item in the new menu displayed and touch the first of the boxes in which the word Empty appears, then select the Edit option.

Once this is done, all you have to do is type in the phone number of the person you want to authorize remote control and press the confirm button to register it. From this moment on, it will be possible to send simple SMS messages that contain the appropriate code in the text (which varies according to the smartphone model and which, therefore, must be checked in the respective instruction manual ).

If you have lost the manual or need further support for this need, in this case I recommend that you contact the Brondi assistance at this page of the manufacturer’s website and fill out the form therein, or contact one of the many centers located on the territory, which you can consult here.

How to raise the volume of the Brondi cordless ringtone

If you need to understand how to raise the volume of the Brondi cordless ringtone , the ability to change this setting is usually made available in the phone menu , accessible via the button of the same name on the device keypad.

For example, in the Bravo Gold model, once the aforementioned key has been pressed, the device’s directional arrows pointing up or down must be used to view the Portable Settings item on the display (or, if abbreviated due to screen size, SET PT ), then press the OK button to access the relative submenu.

Subsequently, carry out the same operation again with the Up / Down arrows until you find the Ringtone option , then press the OK button again to confirm and look for the Volume item in the same way : at this point you can easily set the desired value inside of the allowed range, again using the directional arrows of the device.

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