How to install Google Play

You recently bought a new Android smartphone online, but to your surprise you noticed that there is no Google Play Store inside. You have probably purchased an unlicensed device to use Google services, so officially the Google Play Store is not available.

The Google Play Store, you must know, is not an application like all the others and there is no standard procedure to install it on all terminals: you have to look for the procedure that best suits your device and put it into practice. Are you willing to try your hand at this enterprise? If your answer is yes, take five minutes of free time and follow the directions I am about to give you.

For the reasons I have just illustrated to you, I will not be able to be 100% exhaustive (not for all devices, at least) but I will try to explain how to install Google Play by proposing various solutions that allow you to achieve the purpose. I wish you a good reading and a lot of fun!


  • How to install the Google Play Store
  • How to install Google Play on HUAWEI
  • How to install Google Play Store on PC
  • How to install Google Play Store on Amazon Fire TV Stick

How to install the Google Play Store

Nowadays it is easy to assume that all devices with an Android operating system are also equipped with the Google Play Store and all related Google services. In reality, things are not quite like this: the Android operating system, although developed by Google, is an open-source project, so any company can use it completely free of charge. Things change when we talk about all Google services, including the Play Store, which instead require the payment of a license from the OEM who wants to use them within their smartphones.

It often happens that when buying devices from China, the latter arrive without Google services, this is because in China they simply do not work. For this reason, all smartphones destined for the Chinese market do not have them.

How do you say? Have you accidentally purchased a Chinese version of a smartphone and now would like to understand how to install the Google Play Store? Before proceeding I want to warn you that the steps to follow in order to install Google services usually vary depending on the device purchased and in some cases they may even require unlocking the bootloader . In some cases, however, the installation is very simple. Some companies, such as Xiaomi, have their own app store in which an app called Google Installer is available for download (the name may be slightly different) through which you can easily install the Play Store and all related services.

If, on the other hand, you have noticed the absence of Google services even on your new HUAWEI smartphone, it is right that you explain the reason for this lack. Although the HUAWEI devices are sold in Italy, the Chinese company no longer has the license to use Google services since 2019 , so now its devices are equipped with HMS and AppGallery. There are several methods on the net to install Google services on HUAWEI, but unfortunately many require the installation of unsafe APKs and these are often non-working methods. You must know, however, that there is a much faster and safer method to be able to have the Play Store on HUAWEI again and this method also applies to other Android devices without Google services.

Specifically, you will have to use an app called Gspace , available on AppGallery, through which you will create a sort of secondary environment that emulates a system equipped with Google services. You will be able to access the Play Store again, download all the Google apps and use them as if they were natively installed on your smartphone. The app is free, but it is supported by some minimally invasive advertising banners.

However, it should be noted that this is an unofficial solution , therefore it would be preferable to use it with a secondary Google account , perhaps created specifically for the purpose, in order to avoid possible implications related to privacy (not to be excluded when it comes to solutions not provided directly by official sources; caution is never too much!).

To proceed with the installation of Gspace on your device, open the store of the latter, for example AppGallery , and in the search field at the top, tap the Search button ; then type “gspace” and tap on the app in question as soon as it appears in the list. Once in the Gspace installation screen, tap the Install button and wait for the app to be installed on the device.

After installing the app, open and proceed with the first setup. On the home screen you will find information regarding the terms and conditions : press the Start button at the bottom and then tap the Allow button to the pop-up that asks you for some permissions. The app will therefore show you a warning regarding the fact that to use Gspace you need to download an additional kit : proceed by tapping the Continue button and in a few seconds you will find yourself on the main screen of the app.

In this screen you will find links to some apps, to proceed tap on one of them (one is as good as the other) and start configuring a Google account . The classic Play Store configuration screen will open: tap the Login button , enter the email and password of the account you want to use and follow the instructions on the screen to finish the configuration.

Once the configuration is complete, the main screen of the Google Play Store will open, just like on any other smartphone with Google services.

How to install Google Play on HUAWEI

You recently bought a new HUAWEI smartphone to replace the previous one you bought some time ago. You have always felt comfortable with this brand, so you had no intention of changing.

Unfortunately, however, to your amazement you noticed that the new smartphone lacks the Play Store, so you would like to understand how to install Google Play on HUAWEI, right? No problem, to be able to get the Play Store on your device again you can follow the same instructions I gave you in the previous chapter .

If you would like to know more, I suggest you take a look at my specific tutorial on how to install the Play Store on HUAWEI, in which you will find the whole procedure in detail.

How to install Google Play Store on PC

How many times have you wished you could use an app on your smartphone from the comfort of your PC? With the release of Windows 11 , Microsoft has announced that it will soon be possible to use Android apps natively on the PC, therefore without the aid of third-party applications. Unfortunately, however, Microsoft has already announced that the apps will be downloadable through the Amazon Appstore , so there will be no Play Store.

How do you say? Would you like to understand how to install Google Play Store on PC ? Well, you must know that there is a handy script (here you can find the project on GitHub ) through which it is possible to take advantage of the Windows 11 Android app emulation system to create a virtualized environment in which it is also possible to have all the complete Google services of the Google Play Store. Unfortunately this is an unofficial project and also quite complicated to use (at least in this phase of the project), so I do not recommend using it.

Also, this script wouldn’t be compatible with your Windows 10 PC (if you haven’t upgraded to Windows 11 yet ), but rest assured, there is an alternative way to install the Play Store on PC.

As I told you initially, there are third-party applications that allow the creation of a virtualized environment, equipped with Google and Play Store services, in which you can use all Android apps without particular problems. One of the best applications that I recommend you to try is BlueStacks , which over time has improved more and more and is today one of the best solutions. It is a real Android emulator , free (a paid version is also available) which appears to be compatible with both Windows and Mac (version 4 only), contrary to the script I mentioned earlier.

How do you say? Would you like to try BlueStacks but have no idea how it works? No problem, in this case my advice is to take a look at my tutorial on the subject, where you will find all the installation and configuration procedure in detail.

How to install Google Play Store on Amazon Fire TV Stick

The Amazon Fire TV Stick has quickly become a very popular product, in fact thanks to its very affordable price it has become a product loved by users, as it is able to transform any TV equipped with an HDMI port into a real Smart TV.

Unfortunately, however, like all products in the Amazon Fire line, it is not equipped with Google services and the Play Store, in fact it only uses the Amazon Appstore, which, although it is provided, is absolutely not at the level of the Play Store. Now I’m what are you thinking: How to install Google Play Store on Amazon Fire TV Stick ?

On the Net you will surely have found some guides that show you how to install Google services on your Fire TV Stick, but unfortunately I want to immediately warn you that these are quite dated and invalid guides with recent versions of the Fire TV Stick (in some cases they can cause the device to freeze). My advice is to avoid this type of procedure, as they are not official solutions and could also invalidate the warranty of the device.

If you need to install apps that are not present in the Amazon Appstore, my advice is to use the APK files, or the installation packages of the individual app. If you have no idea how to proceed, don’t worry, you can take a look at my tutorial on how to install apps on Fire Stick, in which I also show you how to transfer them directly from your smartphone.

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