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IrfanView is a free image, audio and video viewer. IrfanView is the most popular image viewer in the world.

The free (for non-commercial use) photo viewer IrfanView has extensive functionality for working with images.

The developer of the program, then a student, Irfan Skilyan created IrfanView back in 1996. Since then, the program has in many cases been the first to introduce innovative features, which are then added to programs of this type. Irfan Skilyan claims that other developers often copy all his developments, especially the XnView program.

The IrfanView program has an unusual logo that depicts a squashed cat. At one time, a small pet was crushed by a car, and the owner immortalized the cat in the logo of his program.

The main features of the IrfanView program:

  • View graphic files of a large number of formats.
  • View video and audio files.
  • Support for plug-ins that expand the capabilities of the program.
  • Creation of screenshots.
  • Obtaining an image from a scanner, printing.
  • Batch convert or rename files.
  • Create web pages from images.
  • slideshow mode.
  • Support for basic image editing functions.
  • Working from the command line.
  • Support for Adobe Photoshop filters.
  • Integration with Total Commander.

IrfanView supports basic image operations: rotate, resize, color correct, color replacement, red-eye removal, panorama, various effects (blur, emboss, pixelate, paint, sepia, raindrops, etc.), crop , adding text or a watermark, converting to other formats, etc. IrfanView supports animated GIF files that can be storyboarded as separate files.

Plugins (additional plug-ins), which can be downloaded from the official site, greatly expand the functionality of the IrfanView program.

The IrfanView program can be downloaded from the official website. Please note that the site has a regular version of the program for installation on a computer and a portable version that does not require installation. Initially, you need to download a file or archive in English (German), and then additionally download the Russian language pack (an executable file for installation or an archive for a portable version).

32-bit and 64-bit versions of IrfanView are offered for download. The 64 bit version has some advantages, but not all plugins work in this version of the program yet. The 32-bit version of the program works on the Windows operating system of any bitness.

To install on a computer, download the installer and crack. During the installation of IrfanView, various file formats can be associated with the program.

Russification of IrfanView

After installing the IrfanView program on your computer, run the Russification file to install the Russian language.

To use the portable version, unpack the archive with the IrfanView Portable program, and then the archive with the crack. After unpacking the Russian language archive, copy the Russian.dll and IP_Russian.lng files from the “Languages” folder of the archive to the “Languages” folder of the program. Then copy the “Help” folder from the archive to the folder with the program.

Next, run the program, enter the “Options” menu, click on “Change language …” in the context menu, select the Russian language in the window that opens, and then click on the “OK” button.

IrfanView Interface

After starting, the IrfanView program window will open with a convenient and simple interface. The application opens graphic files very quickly.

To perform the necessary actions in IrfanView, enter the corresponding menu item, from where you can perform the corresponding operation with the graphic file.

From the “File” menu, open the image, perform the necessary actions with the photo: resize, rotate, replace the color, apply effects. This photo has a 3D button effect applied.

Installing plugins in IrfanView

With the help of plugins, additional functionality is added to the IrfanView program. Download the installation file or archive with plugins from the official site. After launching the executable file, the plugins will be installed in the “Plugins” folder, which is located in the folder of the installed program.

From the download page, you can download separately plugins for the 64-bit version of IrfanView.

For IrfanView Portable, unzip the archive with plugins, and then copy the contents of the folder to the “Plugins” folder, which is located in the IrfanView program folder.

Batch processing photos in IrfanView

Enter the “File” menu, click on the “Convert / Rename Group of Files” item. In the window that opens, select the necessary files in the Explorer, select them, and then click on the “Add” button. If necessary, add images from another folder. The added pictures are displayed as a list at the bottom of the window.

Further, photos can be sorted according to certain parameters by clicking on the “Sort files” button, and then performing the necessary actions. Using the buttons “Above” and “Below” you can swap the pictures.

Next, select the desired action: “Transform”, “Rename”, or “Transform with Rename”.

I chose the Transform with Rename option. In the Conversion Options section, select the resulting format. The drop-down list provides a large selection of graphic formats to which you can convert files.

If you need to change the resolution of photos, as well as change the appearance of images, activate the item “With additional settings (batch resizing …”). In the case of a simple conversion, do not check this item.

Next, click on the “Setup” button. In the All Images Options window, you can significantly change the look of your photos. You can crop images, resize photos, change color depth, save or load settings. After making the changes, click on the “OK” button.

Next, select a name template, but the default is “image###”, to rename the image names.

Then click the “Browse” button to select the folder where the converted images will be saved. Processed photos can be left in the current folder, to do this, click on the “Use current folder” button.

Click the “Start” button to start the process of batch image conversion.

Next, a window will open in which you will be informed that the batch conversion has been completed. Now you can open the folder and make sure that after batch processing the photos, the images are saved in a different format and have a different size.

Watching video and listening to audio in IrfanView

In the IrfanView program, you can play video files, listen to music. To do this, you need to install plugins that expand the capabilities of the program (I described above how to do this). IrfanView supports QuickTime to open Apple Quicktime files.

Open a folder with video or audio files in the program, select the desired file, and then select the file type: “All supported Video files” or “All supported Sound files”.

Next, watch the video, or listen to music in IrfanView.

IrfanView can open documents in the following test formats: PDF, DJVU, TXT.

Article Conclusions

The free IrfanView program has a wide range of functionality for viewing and editing images. IrfanView supports video and audio playback, slideshow creation, image scanning and printing.

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