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360 Total Security is a powerful free antivirus for comprehensive protection of your computer from malicious threats. The program includes anti-virus applications with additional modules that greatly expand the capabilities of the program.

360 Total Security free antivirus includes five antivirus components: 360 Cloud, 360 QVMII AI, Avira AntiVir, Bitdefender AntiVir, System Repair providing system protection, and additional components: sandbox, anti-malware, system protection, webcam protection, browser ( firewall), secure online shopping, fixing vulnerabilities, etc.

Antivirus 360 Total Security provides cloud protection, real-time protection, optimizes and cleans the system. The official website of the Chinese company Qihoo 360 Software presents two antivirus options: 360 Total Security and 360 Total Security Essential. 360 Total Security has all the available features, while 360 ​​Total Security Essential lacks some functionality: components for cleaning and optimizing the system, additional modules.

Free antivirus 360 Total Security uses several antivirus engines in its work:

  • Cloud scanner 360 Cloud is a proprietary proactive protection system.
  • QVM AI is our own cloud-based protection system against threats unknown to antivirus.
  • Bitdefender is an engine from a well-known Romanian antivirus company.
  • Avira AntiVir is an engine from a well-known German antivirus company.

The 360 ​​Cloud Scanner and QVM AI modules are always enabled and never disabled. To fully protect your computer using these engines, you need a constant Internet connection, as this is cloud protection.

To protect your computer in real time in any situation, for example, without an Internet connection, you must enable one or both of the antivirus engines at once: the Bitdefender engine and the Avira engine. By default, these engines are disabled, you can enable one engine or both engines at once from the program settings. After that, the computer will be as protected as possible.

The antivirus engines of Bitdefender and Avira are among the best in the world. With the simultaneous operation of all enabled engines, a greater consumption of computer resources is possible.

The program includes the recovery engine System Repair. 360 Total Security works in Russian on the Windows operating system.

Installing the program is as simple as possible; in the installation wizard window, you just need to click on the “Install” button. You can first uncheck the box next to “Join the Qihoo 360 Customer Experience Improvement Program”.

After the installation of the antivirus is completed, in the introductory window, click on the “Run” button.

Next, the main window of the 360 ​​Total Security antivirus will open.

Before using the free antivirus 360 Total Security, click on the button “Protection: on.” to select the protection mode. You can choose from the following computer protection options:

  • Performance – computer protection is configured for maximum system performance.
  • Optimal – The level of protection will suit most users.
  • Secure is the most serious level of computer protection.
  • Customizable – the user independently configures the antivirus settings, in accordance with his requirements.

In custom mode, you can more flexibly adjust the operation of the antivirus in the sections: “Personal contacts”, “Internet protection”, “System protection”.

The comprehensive antivirus program 360 Total Security uses several antivirus engines. By default, the program includes the following tools: cloud scanner 360 Cloud and QVM AI.

To enable additional engines from Bitdefender and Avira, you need to open the “Antivirus” section, and then click on the icon of the antivirus engine. The selected anti-virus module will be automatically downloaded and installed in the anti-virus.

If necessary, additional engines (Bitdefender and Avira AntiVir) can be disabled or enabled in this section or in the program settings. To do this, click on the slider icon, and then switch the slider to the desired position.

In 360 Total Security you get several antiviruses at once, which you can turn on or off at any time.

You can enter the program settings from the “Main Menu”, new themes are available in the application. In the settings, you can change the default settings of the program.

To protect browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Yandex Browser, you can install an extension from the antivirus manufacturer.

Virus scan in 360 Total Security

Immediately after installing 360 Total Security, it is recommended to run a full computer scan for viruses. In the “Full scan” section, click on the “Check” button. Scanning for viruses and other threats takes place in four stages: “System optimization”, “Antivirus”, “Cleaning temporary files”, “WiFi security check”.

To fix the detected threats, click on the “Fix” button. Then, you can restart the process of checking your computer by clicking on “Recheck”. Before fixing, read the proposed solution, if necessary, uncheck the checkboxes opposite those items that, in your opinion, are not required to be disabled or removed.

In the Anti-Virus section, you can select the type of scan, enable or disable anti-virus engines, add a file for analysis, enter quarantine, add a file to the white list so that the next time the anti-virus ignores this file during a scan.

In 360 Total Security antivirus, the following selection of scan options is possible:

  • fast – scans the main areas of the operating system.
  • full – complete scan of the computer.
  • custom – scan selected files, folders or entire drives (local drive, flash drive, external hard drive, etc.).

To exclude individual files from the scan, enter this data in the “White List”.

System optimization in 360 Total Security

Enter the “Acceleration” section. Here are the tabs: “Simple acceleration”, “Load time”, “Manual”, “Journal”.

In the “Simple acceleration” tab, system components are selected that can be disabled or optimized. You can manually adjust the choice of antivirus: uncheck certain items, create a list of exceptions, or trust the program.

The Boot Time tab displays the boot time for the Windows operating system.

From the “Manual” tab, you can independently configure system settings (enable or disable): startup items, scheduled tasks, application services, critical system services, Internet connection optimization.

To start the optimization process, click on the “Optimize” button.

Some services and tasks will be disabled, others will be optimized.

Cleaning in 360 Total Security

The cleanup function will allow you to remove unnecessary files from your computer: browser cache, temporary and junk files, etc. Enter the Cleanup section to clean up plugins and temporary files. The files on the computer that can be deleted are listed here.

Click on the “Scan” button, and after the scan is completed, click on the “Clean Now” button.

After cleaning, additional free space will appear on the computer’s hard drive, which was previously occupied by system junk files.

Additional Tools

From the Tools section, you can access additional 360 Total Security antivirus tools: 360 Connect, Instant Install, Browser Protection, Firewall, Sandbox, Vulnerabilities, System Backup Cleanup, Disk Compression.

If a tool is not yet loaded into the program, click on it to automatically install it.

  • 360 Connect is a tool for remotely configuring another computer using a mobile device.
  • Instant installation – installation in one click of some of the proposed programs.
  • Browser protection – protection against unauthorized changes to the browser or search engine start page.
  • Firewall is a firewall that needs to be automatically installed on your computer.
  • Sandbox – running programs in an isolated environment.
  • Vulnerabilities – checking operating system vulnerabilities, availability of security updates.
  • System Backup Cleanup – Delete unused Windows Update backup files.
  • Disk Shrink – compresses system files.

In a sandbox, you can run dangerous and unknown programs in an isolated environment without risking damage to the operating system. Click on the “Run in Sandbox” button, and then select the program, or any other suspicious file (in this case, in Explorer, select the file type: “all files”).

The GlassWire firewall keeps network connections secure. To use the advanced features of the firewall, the manufacturer offers to buy a paid version of the application (optional).

Article Conclusions

360 Total Security Free Antivirus is a powerful antivirus solution that protects your computer with multiple antivirus engines, providing a high level of system protection. In addition to anti-virus protective functions, the program has modules for optimizing and cleaning the operating system.

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