How to Wrap a Gift: 15 Alternatives to Wrapping Paper

Original options for those who like to do everything with their own hands or do not want extra spending.

How to Wrap a Gift: 15 Alternatives to Wrapping Paper

1. Fabric

A scarf or shawl, a tea towel, a beautiful cloth napkin are ideal. Wrap the gift you are going to give and then tie or pin the ends. Such packaging in itself will become an additional present.

2. Children’s drawings

If you have a child, there are probably many drawings in the house. Use any ready-made for packaging or ask to draw something themed. Relatives and friends will be especially pleased to receive gifts in this design.

3. Newspaper and magazine pages

They are quite suitable for the role of packaging. Look for pages with crosswords or interesting articles, then the recipient will also read or do an intellectual warm-up . If you find very old editions, the gift will take on a vintage look.

4. Basket

Fruits, sweets and other products will look spectacular in it, and the recipient will be able to use it as an element of decor or a vase.

5. Tin can

This is a good option if you are gifting a few small items. Place them in a cookie or tea tin (or buy a new one) and close the lid. You can not wrap such a package additionally in paper, but simply tie it up with a ribbon.

6. Box from under the parcel

If you buy something online, it is likely that boxes accumulate in your home from time to time. Now is the time to use them. Fold the gifts inside and, if desired, decorate the container: with ribbon, pine twigs or drawings.

7. Glass jar

Take a clean jam jar and remove the label – your package is ready. To prevent the recipient from immediately guessing what is inside, wrap the gift with paper. The jar can be completed with a lid or covered with a piece of cloth and tied with tape.

8. Flower pot

A lot of little things or one small gift will fit into it, and the pot itself can then be used for its intended purpose. But before donating, make sure the person loves indoor plants .

9. Bag of chips

This is a simple, but at the same time unusual option. Turn the bag inside out and wash well. Then cut to create a rectangle and wrap your gift so that the silver side is on the outside.

10. Remains of wallpaper

After the renovation, there are often scraps or even a whole roll of wallpaper, which it is a pity to throw away. Give them a second life.

11. Cloth bag

Buy ready-made or sew yourself based on the size of the gift. In such a bag, then it will be possible to store something or weigh fruits and vegetables in the store.

12. Maps and posters

They are just as good as store-bought wrapping paper, and if you choose them with the recipient’s interests in mind, they will be even more enjoyable. For example, a traveler gets a gift wrapped in a world map, and a Star Wars lover gets a poster with the heroes of the saga.

13. Paper bags from shops

Craft packaging is still in vogue, but you don’t have to buy it. Most likely, after your shopping trips, you still have paper bags at home. Cut them open and wrap gifts.

14. Baking paper

It is quite thin, and so that the gift does not shine through the packaging, you will have to use several layers. But baking paper looks no worse than craft paper, and then it can be used for its intended purpose.

15. Shopping bag

Another option for a gift in a gift. Put the main present in a fabric bag, and tie it with a ribbon on top. The main thing is to find an option with a print that the recipient will like.

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