How to win at Ruzzle

By now your favorite pastime has become challenging your friends on Ruzzle but, a bit for inexperience, a bit for bad luck, you almost never manage to beat them. You would need some “tips” on how to hone your skills as a “word finder”, but you would not want to commit too much in the study of particular strategies … after all, it’s just a game!

What do you think, then, if I try to explain to you how to win at Ruzzle in exchange for five minutes of your free time? Nothing complex or particularly demanding, promised. Just a series of useful tips that you can put into practice to increase your scores against friends. Come on, let’s get started!

Let’s start this short guide on how to win at Ruzzle from a very simple but extremely fruitful technique in terms of points, that relating to the search for singular and plural terms , masculine and feminine and conjugations of verbs .

For example, if in your game you encounter a term as used , it is likely that by using the same tiles you can also compose words such as used (plural) and used (feminine). The same goes for verbs.

If in the game you can compose a term which one to use , it is likely that starting from the same pieces you will also be able to find other words that have the same verb as a base: use , use , use , used , and so on.

Another fundamental tip to win at Ruzzle is to always make the most of the special letters . As you may have noticed, on the game board there are tiles that have colored letters printed on them: those with the initials DL give a double score for the letter used, those with TL give a triple score for the letter used, DW gives double score for the found word, while TW awards triple score for the word.

Try to use them whenever you can, especially when you have to compose short words, articles (the, the, the, etc.) and prepositions (of, for, etc.) that can be achieved through various combinations. But remember that the special letters are mainly present in the third round, in the first two they are much rarer to find.

Returning to the short words : never neglect them! When you have a “block” moment in which you cannot identify particularly long terms (eg when time is running out), do not stand still reading and re-reading the letters at your disposal. You act by marking prepositions, articles, acronyms and monosyllables which – it is true – individually give a few points but put together can lead you to overcome the opponent.

Finally, since your friends often win challenges against you, I recommend that you learn from them if you want to improve at Ruzzle . How? At the end of each match, the game offers you the possibility to analyze the list of words found by your opponent. Read it and try to understand its game tactics in this way.

Furthermore, to broaden your vocabulary and discover more and more words, at the end of the Ruzzle games always take a look at the complete list of terms that could be composed with the pieces you had available.


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