How to Play Ruzzle in Other Languages

Are you studying a foreign language and, to practice a little without getting bored, would you like to be able to play Ruzzle in a language other than Italian? Then I have great news for you. It can be done, and it is also very simple.

All you have to do is follow the directions on how to play Ruzzle in other languages that I am about to give you and put them into practice. There is no need to re-download the app or to install additional language packs. Let’s get started right away!

If you want to find out how to play Ruzzle in other languages , all you have to do is start the game on your mobile and press the Start a new game button . In the screen that opens, select the Italian item located at the top right and choose the language in which to play on Ruzzle from those available.

In addition to English , there are also French , German , Spanish and many other languages. To use them, there is no need to perform any additional downloads. Furthermore, please note that by changing the language of the game, the Ruzzle menus will remain in Italian and will not undergo any changes: only the language of the words to be found during the games will change.

At this point, all you have to do is start a new challenge against your friends online (or against a random opponent ) and play in the language you have selected. At the end of the match, I recommend that you press the All words button (located at the bottom right) and take a look at all the terms that could be found in the match. So you can discover new words and get better and better.

Have you read my guide on how to play Ruzzle on Facebook and want to know how to play Ruzzle in other languages from PC? No problem. Even Zuffle, the alternative to Ruzzle for Facebook that I recommended you use to play on your computer, allows you to change the game language in a few simple steps.

All you have to do is connect to the Zuffle Facebook page , click on the Italian flag located at the top right and select the language to use in the game from the menu that appears. You can choose between English , German , French , Spanish and Bulgarian . Finally click on Change to save the settings and apply the changes.

Unlike Ruzzle, when you switch languages ​​on Zuffle, the game menus are also translated. Not only does the language of the terms to be found during the games change.


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