How to Update Android on your Mobile Device

Updating Android on your mobile device or tablet  is something you should do yes or yes, this is because with each new android update, it improves its interface, improves the speed of your mobile, adds tools to facilitate the use of the device, improves security and the applications stop working in previous versions, since they need more requirements to work, for that reason new updates for android are constantly coming out, to be at the level of important applications and continue fighting against other brands in the market.

So we invite you to stay, so you can see how to update android to the latest version, so that your mobile is up and running.

How to Update Android on Different Mobile Brands

As we well know, many brands in the market use the Android operating system, this is because it is a reliable operating system and they are always improving , so many brands choose to use it, among the best known brands that use Android are Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Honor, among others .

These and many more brands have android on their mobile devices and tablets, however, these brands manage their own configurations, so it is not the same process that must be followed to update the android, for that reason we will show you how to update your android in the best-known mobile brands on the market.

How to Update my Android on Samsung on Mobile or Tablet

The Samsung phone brand has millions of users around the world, this is due to its high quality and because you have devices of all ranges, which makes the price vary according to its quality and this is what many people like. like the brand, since they launch devices for all tastes and all bags. 

There are two ways to update the operating system on a Samsung mobile, so we will show you how to do it and remind you of the importance of keeping your android updated to its latest version, since the update repairs previous errors, improves the speed of the device, brings more tools that are very helpful and so on . So let’s get to work, see how the android is updated on a Samsung mobile.

The first way to update the android system on Samsung is very simple, since the same mobile shows you a notification reminding you that you must update the operating system, you just have to click on the notification and click on install, a somewhat large download will start,  this you can take several minutes, so make sure you do this installation at times when you don’t use your cell phone much and only if you have a connection to a Wi-Fi network. 

The other way to update android on Samsung phones is:

  • Go to the «Settings» .
  • Scroll down to “Software Update”.
  • Click on “Download and Install” .
  • A download will start that can take several minutes depending on how fast your internet connection is. (It is recommended to do this download only if you have a connection to a Wi-Fi network).
  • The update may take several minutes, your mobile will restart and once it turns on , you will have the latest version of Android on your Samsung. 

This procedure works for all newer Samsung models.

How to update my Huawei cell phone

Huawei is another brand of cell phones that use the Android operating system, updating it is really very easy and there are two ways to do it. 

  • Go to “Settings” .
  • Go to “System and Software Update” .
  • From there you can see what version of Android you have and if there is a new update available, if there is, click on it, it will start downloading, which can take some time, so we recommend you do it connected to a Wi-Fi network and not you are using your mobile.

The other way to update the android on a Huawei mobile is:

  • Go to the “HiCare” app .
  • From this app you can see the area that says “update” , from there you can check if there are pending updates and update if there is one available. 

How to Update My Xiaomi Mobile Phone 

This brand makes its way among the greats like Huawei and Samsung, this is because of its high quality and low prices, which is why it has millions of users around the world. To update the android you just have to follow certain steps that are very simple:

  • Go to the “Update” app, this app will tell you if there is a version available.
  • In the case of having an update available, click on “Update” , wait for the process to finish and that’s it. 

Now you know how to update the android version to the most recent, if you have any questions about the subject, leave it in the comments and we will answer you immediately. 

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