How to unlock Deadpool Fortnite

Fortnite has made skins one of its main strengths, both in terms of the possibility of character customization, and in terms of business. On the other hand, the focus is on a desire that a little every gamer has inside: to impersonate their favorite character in a battle against other players.

The title of Epic Games is perfect to perform this “function”, given that, thanks to its enormous success, it is incorporating many particularly popular narrative universes, including those of Marvel superheroes. In this regard, there is a doubt that has “gripped” you for a while: you have discovered that among the skins available in the game there is also that of Deadpool, the famous character in red tights, and therefore you are wondering how to unlock Deadpool on Fortnite (if still possible).

If that’s the case, don’t worry: they didn’t lie to you. Getting this iconic character into the Epic Games title is possible, but what you probably don’t understand is the mechanism by which the release of the skins is handled by the developers. Well, you just have to follow the quick instructions below to find out more. There is nothing left for me to do, except wish you good reading and have fun!


  • Preliminary information
  • How to unlock Deadpool Fortnite
    • How to unlock Deadpool Remix Fortnite
    • How to unlock Deadpool Fortnite

Preliminary information

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to unlock Deadpool on Fortnite, I think it is interesting to investigate the situation.

In fact, you should know that the Deadpool skin originally came within the Epic Games title in the context of Season 2 of Chapter 2 . More precisely, the costume of the well-known cartoon character landed during the seventh week.

Deadpool represented one of the main skins of the aforementioned Season, as well as one of the first “superheroes” to arrive in Fortnite (this before a long list of important names, from Wolverine to Loki ).

In any case, as is generally the case with the Epic Games title, the Deadpool costume was removed from the game at some point (as the skins aim to be “exclusive”, therefore only available for a certain period of time, in order to try to convince users to take them to have an aesthetic element that few have).

Yet, the success obtained by the initiative linked to the iconic character was particularly high, so much so as to convince the Epic Games to make a sort of “exception” and return to Fortnite, for once, one of the “main” characters of a Battle Pass (yes, the latter was required to unlock the costume).

However, given that probably some users who had originally managed to get the Deadpool skin could have “complained” of a “classic” return, the developers thought to find an alternative solution.

In this context, in the third week of Season 3 of Chapter 2, the developers added some inflatables linked to Deadpool, which the user had to find to complete a challenge that guaranteed a good number of XP as a reward.

In short, it was a secondary “appearance”, designed to at least allow users to find elements attributable to the iconic character. However, there has been a high demand for the Deadpool skin, due to those who missed the original opportunity, perhaps because they had not yet started playing Fortnite consistently.

For this reason, contrary to what happened with many other “main” skins (which were simply removed at the end of the Season), in the end Epic Games “yielded”, at least partially, to the requests of the community, returning to introduce aesthetic elements related to Deadpool in the game.

Starting from the end of 2020, the developers have in fact decided to introduce a bundle called Deadpool Remix within Fortnite: the latter clearly does not contain the original skin, as users who have struggled in the past to have it probably would not have been very happy, but the costumes obtained in this way are obviously inspired by the character and have very similar “features”.

Put simply: yes, in some promotional periods, for example during Season 7 of Chapter 2 of Fortnite (or at least a part of it), or the one relating to Rick Sanchez of Rick and Morty, Epic Games allows you to get the Deadpool Remix package and therefore in fact playing as some “revised” versions of the well-known character.

I know: this possibility has gone a bit “muted” with respect to the announcement of the main skins of the various Seasons. However, if you are a Deadpool fan and you have “lost” Season 2 of Chapter 2 of Fortnite for some reason, you can “fix it” thanks to this workaround.

How to unlock Deadpool Fortnite

After giving you the necessary explanations, I would say that it is time to take action and explain to you what are the possibilities for obtaining the aesthetic elements related to Deadpool in Fortnite. Find everything explained below.

How to unlock Deadpool Remix Fortnite

If you are among those who are still trying to get the aesthetic elements dedicated to Deadpool in Fortnite, your main chance is linked to the bundle called Deadpool Remix.

The latter, which is made available within the Fortnite Store only in certain promotional periods (for example, in some days of Season 7 of Chapter 2), contains various items dedicated to the iconic character dressed in red.

The “highlights” are clearly the skins of Ravenpool and Coccolpool, two “alternate forms” of Deadpool. These differ from the original costume, but the style is obviously the same, and in fact, the bundle has been called “Deadpool Remix”. In short, although Season 2 of Chapter 2 has been over for quite some time now, paying attention to the right promotional periods it is still possible to get “versions of Deadpool” on Fortnite.

For the rest, the package includes other aesthetic elements dedicated to the character, namely the decorative backs Cage of Ravenpool and Arch of Cool pool. In addition to this, for the sake of completeness, you should know that sometimes you can also find the Deadpool Equipment bundle, which includes the Dragonhorn hang glider, the Massive Fists collection tool and the Darting and Chimichanga emotes.

The advice is therefore to often take a look at the game store, accessible directly from the main screen of the Battle Royale mode, “scrolling” through the packages made available by the developers.

If you take a look at the bundles available at the right time, you may find some Marvel series that should not be underestimated, including the aforementioned Deadpool Remix. The latter typically costs 3,000 V-Bucks in total but is discounted in some cases (for example, during Season 7 of Chapter 2 the cost dropped to 2,000 V-Bucks ).

Alternatively, you can purchase individual Ravenpool or Coccolpool skins, which are typically offered at 1,500 V-Buck each. In short, to obtain these aesthetic elements related to Deadpool, it is necessary to go through the internal currency of the game. I remind you that the latter can be obtained for free (through the star system) or through micro-transactions.

To give you a concise idea of ​​the cost you should spend if you run out of this currency, usually, 2,800 V-Bucks are priced at 19.99 euros, while 1,000 V-Bucks cost 7.99 euros. In short, you just have to complete any transaction, go to the CABINET tab and set the skin of Ravenpool or Coccolpool to play as a “form” of Deadpool.

For any problems regarding micro-transactions and the payment procedure, which clearly varies from platform to platform, I suggest you refer to my tutorial on how to get V-Buck on Fortnite, as well as my guide on how to pay on PlayStation Store (which could come in handy if you usually play Fortnite from PlayStation).

How to unlock Deadpool Fortnite

How do you say? Are you looking for more information on the original Deadpool skin and not the Remix pack? I’ll explain the situation immediately.

Well, as already mentioned in the initial chapter, the costume you are referring to was available on Fortnite during Season 2 of Chapter 2 , more precisely from April to June 2020. In short, the original costume remained in the game for a short time and therefore it is understandable that many fans have “lost” it.

At the moment, not much can be done about the original costume. In fact, a “comeback” is unlikely, as “longtime” players may not go down such a move. However, the Deadpool Remix bundle I mentioned in the previous chapter can certainly be a good “replacement” (considering also that Ravenpool and Coccolpool are in fact related to the character).

For the rest, if you have not had the opportunity to see what happened during Season 2 of Chapter 2, I remind you that online you can find interesting material at least to “relive” those moments. For example, I recommend that you connect to the official Epic Games portal and take a look at the trailer and the information present to better understand how the arrival of Deadpool was presented.

In case you were wondering, the method to unlock the Deadpool costume on Fortnite was to complete various challenges, which Epic Games used to release on a weekly basis. Do you think that everything started by finding Deadpool’s computer, positioned in its hiding place.

In any case, since then a lot of water has passed under the bridge and several changes have been made to the title of Epic Games. If you want to know more, I suggest you consult the page of my site dedicated to Fortnite, where there are many tutorials that could be for you (for example, in case you also missed Season 5 of Chapter 2, you may want to take a look at the challenges that needed to be done to unlock Predator ).


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