How to uninstall a game on ps4?

Storing games on your PS 4 console is not the best solution if you have very limited storage space. If you have an external HDD of 1-2 TB, you can still store 1-2 dozen games, and without it you will have to constantly delete what has already passed or is tired. If you delete a game on PS 4, you can sometimes free up to 50 or even 100 GB of memory. This is the best way to free up space. The procedure is simple, but there are some nuances that are better to know in advance.

How to uninstall a game on ps4?

To uninstall games , Sony has provided several procedures, you can use any of them. The effect of their execution is the same, but the second method allows you to find out the weight of the application in advance. At the same time, removal through the library does not display the weight of the game. In the case of freeing up space, size can play a key role in deciding whether to uninstall an application.

Through the library

The procedure is simple to use and quick to implement, so it is one of the preferred options.

How to remove a game from the library on PS 4:

  1. Open your game library and select a game from the list.
  2. Using the “Options” button on the joystick, calls up an additional menu.
  3. In it, click on the “Delete” button – one of the last items on the list.
  4. When a confirmation prompt appears, click on the “OK” button and the uninstallation procedure will be launched.

Sometimes people ask about how to remotely delete the game on PS 4. Unfortunately, this will not work. The PS Remote Play app does not give you full control over your console, only allowing you to play games remotely on your mobile device.

Using the system menu

There is another way to uninstall, which involves using a special menu in the settings. The principle is very similar to uninstalling applications from a mobile device. The main plus of the approach is the ability to immediately find out the amount of space that the application occupies.

Instructions for uninstalling games on PS 4:

  1. Go to “Settings” and look for a tab called “Storage”.
  2. We are interested in the “System Storage” section, but if you have an external HDD , you can clear it here as well.
  3. We go to the “Applications” menu and select the appropriate title from the list of all installed games.
  4. As soon as we find an unnecessary game, press the Options button on the joystick, and then select “Delete” from the menu.

If you wish, you can select several games by checking the box next to each of them. This will allow you to perform a bulk delete.

Advice! You can’t delete a game from your PS 4 Plus library . You can delete the game from the console, but in the library itself it will still remain available for download. If you do not want to see games that you are not interested in, you can simply hide them. To do this, in the “Library” in the “Purchased” section, you need to find the game. Then click on the Options button and click on the “Don’t show” option.

How to delete leftover game files in PS4?

A normal deletion still leaves some files on your device. They are used to store settings, record points, and other data. It is not necessary to delete them at all, but this way you can free up even more memory. True, they weigh not so much, but still.

How to delete game files:

    1. Open the “Settings” menu and look for the “Manage application saved data” section there.
    2. Click on the “Saved data in system storage” option and click on the “Delete” item.
    3. It remains only to select files that are no longer useful.
    4. When everything is ready, in the lower right corner, click on the “Delete” button.

Can a deleted game be recovered?

Restoring a deleted game is not difficult, since you have already bought all of them. At any time, you can go to your library and start the installation. If there is enough space on the device and there is enough high-speed Internet, the game will be restored to the PlayStation 4 very soon .

To install a new game on PS 4, very often you have to delete something old, otherwise there will not be enough space. Since most applications weigh quite a lot, the issue of clearing storage space will always be relevant.

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