How to switch gas and electricity to Eni

You think the time has come to cut your electricity and gas bills, which in your opinion have reached costs that are far too high for your real consumption. You are, therefore, looking for information about the suppliers and offers that could best suit you. Your research ended when you came across Eni’s gas and light proposals , which seem particularly suited to your needs.

Before you take action and change your energy supplier, however, you would like to understand well how Eni’s gas and electricity offers are made up and, above all, what is the exact procedure for making the change of supplier. In fact, you would like to avoid unpleasant surprises due to supply interruptions, contractual constraints or hidden costs. Is this the case? So don’t worry: your doubts are more than legitimate, but I’m here to clarify everything you need to know on the subject and reassure you on all these fronts.

You must know, in fact, that switching to Eni gas and electricity is very simple – you can do everything online or by phone in a few minutes – and the procedure is completely transparent: there are no hidden costs, there are no interruptions in the energy supply and there are no they are contractual obligations to be subject to (you can change supplier again at any time). All this, moreover, with an eye to environmental sustainability, thanks to the supply of electricity produced from renewable sources and the financing of forest conservation projects by Eni gas and light. Now, however, let’s go in order and see what are the main offers of the company and all the activation methods available.


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Eni offers gas and electricity

Before seeing in detail how to switch to Eni gas and electricity , it seems appropriate to list the most interesting offers that are currently offered by the company, which, among other things, allow you to consume electricity produced from renewable sources covered by a Guarantee. ‘Origin and help finance forest conservation projects by purchasing carbon credits that offset the CO2 produced during domestic consumption.

  • Link Gas e Luce– this is Eni’s most sold gas and electricity offer online. It offers fixed payments for 24 months , 10% discount on the fees for the 1st year and an additional 10% discount if you make a direct debit on C / C with a digital bill. During the promo periods, gift products are also included, such as the Nescafé Dolce Gusto Piccolo XS coffee machine, 138 Nescafé Dolce Gusto capsules or smart devices for the home. It is also possible to obtain 30 euros in cashback for each friend who passes electricity and gas to Eni. The offer is available in version monoraria and twin rate .

It is also possible to activate only the light component or only the gas component of the Link offer, obtaining the same advantages and the same rates as the gas and electricity plan. On the other hand, those looking for a promotion that also includes the internet in a single solution can take advantage of the Eni gas and electricity + Fastweb offer which allows you to activate Eni’s gas and / or electricity offer, obtaining up to 216 euros discount in 24 months on Fastweb account, 1 Gigabit / s Internet connection and unlimited calls to national landlines. Read more here .

Obviously, Link Gas e Luce is not the only offer in the Eni gas and light price list, which also offers many other interesting solutions, such as for example.

  • SceltaSicura– light only offer with 10% discount until 31 December 2022 and 6 extra months of protected Energy Price component blocked until 30 June 2023. It is available in one-hour or two-hour version. Read more here .

A very interesting aspect to highlight is that Eni gas and light gives you the possibility to easily manage your supply online, from the My Eni area of ​​the site or from the app for Android and iOS / iPadOS , in order to always have everything under control and do a lot of operations in just a few clicks.

How to switch gas and electricity to Eni

Once you have found the most suitable offer for you, you can switch gas and electricity to Eni very easily. As already mentioned, the procedure is quick and transparent : it does not foresee any interruption of the energy supply, nor any restriction of permanence . You can proceed in a few clicks directly from the site or by phone , or by going to an Eni gas and electricity Flagship store . You just have to make sure you have a recent bill on hand ; the data of your identity document and your IBAN (if you intend to pay by direct debit in C / C).

The changeover from the current supplier will be free and automatic , but the holder must always be the same : the name communicated during the subscription phase, therefore, must be the one currently reported in the bill and to start the practice must be the same holder. In case you need to change the holder of the current supply, you will have to contact your current energy supplier, after which you can switch to Eni gas and electricity as we are about to see.

To switch to Eni gas and electricity, identify the offer you are interested in, for example Link Gas and Light , and click on the Activate now button to proceed online; or click on the We’ll call you button , to request the support of an operator via telephone (who will guide you throughout the procedure).

If you have decided to proceed from the site, indicates whether to activate the selected tender for electricity and gas , only light or only gas , click on the button Confirm and continue , and specify if you are a client of another provider (So you want to go to Eni gas and electricity ), if your supply is already active with Eni gas and electricity or if the supply and / or is not yet active . In the next step, if you have indicated that you want to switch to Eni gas and electricity from another supplier, you will need to indicate whether the contract is in your name. After that, if you have chosen an electricity and gas offer, you will have to repeat the same steps for the other supply as well (e.g. gas, if you first filled out the forms relating to the electricity supply).

Choose, therefore, whether to activate the offer version monoraria or twin rate (if provided), indicating the method of payment (newsletter or direct debit) and the type of bill (paper or digital) you prefer and confirmation .

At this point, click on the Continue button and fill in the form that is proposed to you with the name and surname of the holder of the last bill , then go on, enter your mobile phone and e -mail address , go ahead, enter the tax code , verify the data entered and press Continue (or change any incorrect information).

In the next step, indicate your address and specify if it is your residence , then go ahead and outline your consumption profile indicating what kind of use you make of gas and electricity. In the case of gas , check the boxes corresponding to your consumption profile (e.g. cooking, hot water, heating), indicate your annual consumption and the PDR (you will find both information in your bill; you can also temporarily skip entering the PDR and go on).

Then repeat the procedure to indicate your levels of electricity consumption (if you have chosen an offer that also includes the light component) by selecting from the available profiles the one that is closest to yours (or indicate your annual consumption in the relevant field) and provide your PDR (you can find it in your bill; you can also temporarily skip entering this data and go on). If you have chosen to debit your C / C, please also indicate your IBAN , specifying if you are the account holder .

To conclude, specify if you intend to make the quick switch to Eni gas and electricity , in order to speed up the times by requesting the early execution of the contract (in this way the practice will be started immediately, without waiting for the 14 days required by law to exercise the right to reconsider, but without renouncing the aforementioned right), or whether to carry out the transition with standard times .

Then check the boxes at the bottom and click on the Continue button to finalize your request for passage to Eni gas and electricity based on the information you find on the screen.

Please note that by clicking on the Save and continue later item , you can interrupt the compilation of the various forms at any time and resume it at a later time thanks to the link you will receive via email. In case of need, you can also click on the little man icon located at the bottom right and start a chat with an Eni gas and light operator , to resolve any doubts about the procedure to be carried out.

Have you chosen the telephone transfer option ? No problem. In this case, enter your phone number in the field you see on the screen and press the Call Me button . You will be contacted as soon as possible by an Eni gas and electricity consultant who will show you all the steps to take to subscribe to the offer you have chosen.

Alternatively, you can go to an Eni gas and electricity Flagship Store and complete the procedure in a physical store. Find the list of Eni gas and light Flagship Stores on this page .

For more information

For more information on Eni gas and electricity offers , you can consult the dedicated pages on the company website , where you will find all the answers to the most frequently asked questions below.

If you need direct support from an operator, however, you can click on the little man icon located at the bottom right of the Eni gas and light website and start a chat or a call with an operator . Alternatively, you can contact the number 800.900.700 from a landline or the number 02.444.141 from a mobile phone and solve any need relating to gas, electricity, Eni gas and electricity energy solutions and insurance solutions distributed by Eni gas and light. The number is active from Monday to Saturday from 08.00 to 20.00.

Once registered with Eni gas and electricity online services, you can then access your My Eni area on the site or use the app for Android and iOS / iPadOS to carry out many online operations, check and manage all the details of your supply.


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