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Are you about to buy a computer, printer or multifunctional and are you looking for good deals that you can take advantage of? Tell me, have you ever thought about moving towards refurbished products? How do you say? Have you heard of them but are not sure what they are and if they are reliable? Then let me clarify your ideas. In addition to allowing excellent savings in economic terms and avoiding the production of new electronic waste, reconditioned products are very reliable as they are products thoroughly analyzed by professionals in the sector, who then regenerate and sanitize them so as to be practically indistinguishable from those purchased as new. Obviously, you have to buy them from the right companies, but today I’m here to help you in this: in fact, I want to talk to you about . is the largest Italian reconditioned IT marketplace, in which it is possible to find IT products for both private and professional use with discounts of up to 40% compared to the same products purchased as new in stores, with a guarantee of at least 12 months. extendable, free right of withdrawal within 30 days, free shipping throughout Italy (with tracking code) and the ability to pay securely, even in installments. It offers more than 60,000 printers and MFPs, refurbished desktops and laptops, as well as mobile devices and accessories.

Behind the ecommerce in question is Computers Parts, a company based in Rocca di Capri Leone (ME) that has been operating in the marketing of refurbished electronic and IT products since 2010, dealing with some of the best brands in the world and choosing cono cura only high-performance products, mostly coming from the business sector ( where the fleet of machines are changed en masse with a certain frequency and, therefore, it is possible to obtain recent refurbished products with average performances higher than those of consumer products sold as new by large-scale distribution stores). As I will explain shortly, the reconditioning process implemented by Computers Parts follows very high standards and all the products on sale are accompanied by certificates of operation reports that analyze the individual components, verifying their correct works .


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Refurbished products: what they are and why to choose them

Before explaining how to make your purchases on the ecommerce , it seems only right to take a “step back” and clarify the concept of refurbished product. What exactly is a refurbished product and why might it be a good idea to buy one instead of a new product ? I’ll explain it to you immediately.

A refurbished product, also called refurbished , is a product previously placed on the market and then returned for the most varied reasons, for example due to the presence of factory problems or simple customer dissatisfaction. The product is then taken over by companies such as Computers Parts, which refurbish it , carefully check its operation and resell it with strong discounts compared to the same product sold as new.

Going even more specifically, the reconditioning process carried out by Computers Parts includes the following steps.

  • Aesthetic and functional evaluation of the product conditions– PCs, printers, smartphones and other devices that arrive at the Computers Parts logistics center are subjected to an initial visual evaluation, to determine the need for any interventions regarding the aesthetic part (eg . dents, scratches, missing keys, etc.). Then the product is tested by software which determines if and which parts of the product are worn or faulty.
  • Mechanical-functional interventions– after the initial analysis phase, the products are disassembled and regenerated. For example, for PCs, the housings are repainted (if necessary), motherboard batteries are changed, new thermal paste is applied to the processor, and so on. Thanks to a special software, all I / O ports and internal components of PCs are tested; finally, on each machine an original operating system is installed with its recovery partition, also proceeding with the safe deletion of the data previously present on the disk.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing of external and internal components– body, keys, fans, welding reinforcement of printed circuits and all other components, internal and external of the products, are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized with dedicated tools and solutions.
  • Packaging– once the products have been sanitized, we move on to packaging, carried out with certified materials and with the utmost respect for the environment. Once packaged, the products are located in the Computers Parts logistics center and sold at advantageous prices through the ecommerce .

At this point it should be quite clear to you why it is better to buy a refurbished product on (and not only), but for convenience I will give you a brief summary.

  • You save– refurbished products allow you to save even more than 30-40% compared to the same products purchased as new.
  • Quality and guarantee– after the above treatment, the refurbished products look and function like new ones; indeed, having been regenerated and tested one by one by expert personnel, they are even more reliable than products sold as new (for which the “factory defect” is always around the corner). Only in some cases, for example when they are explicitly defined as “grade B”, can they have slight aesthetic imperfections, but their operation is always 100% guaranteed ( more information here ). In addition to this, the products sold on have an official guarantee of at least 12 months , which protects the buyer for all the problems he might encounter; to this we can add a1-year warranty extension , optional, to be activated when purchasing the product for € 19.90. Then there is the right of free return within 30 days of purchase with collection at the expense of .
  • Respect for the environment– a refurbished product is a product that, if not subjected to regeneration, would have ended up in the waste, thus fueling the pollution that already seriously threatens the health of our planet. Buying a product of this type, therefore, in addition to being good for your pocket, is also good for the environment, since it avoids creating further waste . Specifically, Computers Parts annually reconditions about 120,000 products that otherwise would have become waste, putting back on the market those it reconditions and disposing of all plastic or electronic components that are no longer usable in a traceable and eco-sustainable manner .

Having clarified these aspects, I would say that we can move on to the practical side of the question and see how to buy refurbished products on .

How to buy refurbished products on

Now it’s time to see how works in detail. I will talk to you specifically about the procedure relating to the purchase of refurbished products from the site but, if you prefer, you can replicate it in an almost identical way from the official app for Android and iOS / iPadOS (which also allows you to receive convenient notifications with coupons and various promotions).

That said, the first step you need to take is to create an account . Therefore, click on the Login and Register item located at the top right of the home page and select the Register item from the menu that opens. On the next page, fill out the registration form by entering the email address and password you wish to use (please, set a secure password ), then click on the Register button to confirm.

For convenience, you should set at once also the billing address and shipping address (so you do not have to manually enter in the order): to do this, simply select the address from the side menu and press the button Add of guidance billing and shipping.

Well now you can move on to your first purchase. Start, therefore, by consulting the proposals in the home and then decide whether to browse the products by type or by brand : in the first case you can refer to the menu located at the top, in which there are icons for quick access to desktop PCs , laptops , printers , monitors and TVs , mobile devices and accessories , as well as at the outlet with the main bargains not to be missed; in the second case you can select one of the many brands available in the center of the page.

I suggest you also take a look at the section with the products in evidence (always in the middle of the page) and at the selections of computers , printers , scanners and other devices that you find by scrolling down the page.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a specific product, you can type its name or characteristics (eg i7 to find a PC with this processor) in the search bar at the top.

In any case, once you have selected a category or done a search, you can sort the products displayed on based on various criteria (eg relevance, popularity and price) using the drop- down menus at the top. Using, instead, the options in the side menu you can limit the display to products based on their type (e.g. desktop computers , laptops , servers, etc.), price (e.g. from 290 to 1,000 euros) and brand .

Once you have found the product you are interested in, click on its preview image to view its description sheet including price, technical details, photos, availability, status and information on shipping, tracking, returns and warranty. Then, by clicking on the Ask a question to the community button , you can type a question that will be shown on the product page and to which other users can answer, in order to help you better evaluate the product.

When you are satisfied and want to proceed with the purchase of the product, first choose whether to purchase the warranty extension for 1 year (19.90 euros) , by checking the appropriate box, then click on the Add to cart button .

If you have made any other purchases on , when you are ready to proceed to payment, click on the cart icon (top right), then on the View cart item and check that everything is in order. At this point, if you have a promotional code , type it in the appropriate field and click on the button to apply it , then proceed with the order by pressing the appropriate button.

You are now on the payment page. You can pay darkly with Visa or Mastercard credit or debit cards (including prepaid ), with PayPal , Amazon Pay or bank transfer . Furthermore, thanks to the integration with Scalapay you can also pay in 3 interest-free installments using Visa, Mastercard or Amex cards. Read more here .

Select, therefore, the method you prefer, make sure that the fields with the billing data are filled in correctly, check the box for the acceptance of terms and conditions and press the Buy button to complete the transaction.

Mission accomplished! Your order will be processed as soon as possible with free shipping and free returns within 30 days.

You can monitor the status of your order directly from your personal area or using the tracking code that will be provided to you by .

For more information

If you need more information about , I invite you to take a look at pages official FAQ with frequently asked questions about PC regenerated and printers and multifunction reconditioned . If, on the other hand, you are interested in learning more about the product remanufacturing process implemented by Computers Parts, consult this page . Other useful pages that you should visit are those relating to conditions of sale , secure payments , shipments and return and refund .

The blog of deserves a separate chapter , where it is possible to find buying guides and information on products.

How do you say? Would you need to get in direct contact with ? In this case, you can take advantage of the chat services available on the official website (by pressing the appropriate icon that appears at the bottom right) or you can send a message via this form . For info on orders or shipping you can write to or call 0941.956201 .

Finally, I would like to point out the official Computers Parts Facebook and Instagram pages and the company’s WhatsApp contact .


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