How to stream on Twitch

How to stream on Twitch: If in its infancy, Twitch was a platform specializing in video game streaming , today it is possible to broadcast lives in order to share your passions in different artistic, political, culinary and many other fields.

What you need to stream on Twitch on your pc

If you want to become a streamer on Twitch, and have good quality streaming, it is important to choose your PC configuration carefully, in particular the processor which must be very efficient as well as the essential graphics card for video games. If you want to do video editing, it is advisable to equip yourself in addition to the hard drive / NVMe SSD, a classic SSD . Note that many streamers use 2 PCs , one for gaming and the other for streaming on Twitch.

You will also need to bring the necessary accessories to be able to stream, namely: microphone, headset, webcam, lighting and streamdeck.

Once you have gathered the necessary equipment to stream, you will proceed to create an account on Twitch, which must then be secured with double authentication , failing which you will not be able to stream on Twitch.

After that, you will need to install an encoder software if you want to stream on your pc, this software will allow you to gather the audio and video sources necessary for streaming. There are many such software, but the best known are:

  • OBS-Studio is beginner friendly, open source and compatible with various platforms;
  • StreamLabs OBS : it is only available on Windows, but remains the choice of a large number of users;
  • Xsplit is also a good software but more interesting in premium mode, it is more used by experienced gamers.


How to launch a Live on Twitch from your pc?

After downloading your chosen software, it is recommended that you install it manually to better understand how it works with Twitch.

Once the software is installed, go to files then settings, stream and choose the “Twitch” service; Then, go to the Twitch platform, click on settings then video channels and add the Twitch stream key that corresponds to your account.

After that, it will be necessary to add audio and video sources , for that, it is enough to go on files, click on parameters, select Audio and connect the sound of the microphone as well as that of the pc; you must then go to the video tab and add the video sources by clicking on +. Finally, you will have to define the streaming stream, this is generally 720p 60fps for a speed of 3000kps, but you can increase it depending on the connection you have and the power of your pc.

How to launch a Live on Twitch from your game console?

For gamers, it is also possible to stream video game sessions directly from their Playstation 4 or Xbox One game console.

Launch a live on Twitch from your PS4

If you want to stream your game session on Twitch, just follow a few steps: go to settings and check that HDCP is disabled , then go to devices and integrate headset and webcam ; then go to sharing and broadcasting settings then audio sharing settings . Display the chat in advanced settings and connect to Twitch by pressing the share button integrated into the controller and choosing “Twitch” and scanning the QR code.

Launch a live on Twitch from your Xbox

Unlike the PS4, you will need to install Twitch from the Xbox store, then connect your console to Twitch, and go to settings, then accounts, select “privacy and online safety” then Xbox Live privacy and finally “view details and personalize ”, you will be able to integrate the audio and video parameters. In the game content select “broadcast gameplay” then “share content”, then on “status” choose “online history” then “others can see if you are online” and finally “everyone”.

Launch a live on Twitch from smartphone?

To stream from your phone, simply download and install the Twitch mobile application , and log into your account to access your profile and click on “Go Live” to be able to configure the stream settings and go online. . Note that Twitch only allows streaming from the smartphone camera ; it is necessary to install additional applications in order to stream video games .

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