How to change country on TikTok?

If you specify the country Argentina during registration, either by mistake or for fun, you will see many popular videos for this region in the recommendations. Using such an account will be at least uninteresting. In this case, you need to change the country on TikTok in order to get the correct recommendations for your language and preferences. We will discuss this procedure in more detail below.

Is it possible to change the country in TikTok?

Just go to the settings and change the country in TikTok will not work. There is no such option in the options. It remains to use indirect measures, which also allow you to change the type of recommendations in your measures. It is in our power to change the language of the account and the preferred content, this will allow you to receive the correct videos even without changing the country of the profile itself.

If you just need to change the country of TikTok, then you will have to register a new account. This is the only way to get the correct TikTok region for your account.

How to change country on TikTok?

The procedure for changing recommendations on TikTok will be very different for the app and website. For this reason, we have divided them into 2 parts.

In the application

How you can influence TikTok rankings:

  • Change preferred content . That is, in this way we will change the language of the preferred content that TikTok will broadcast. Along with this, the videos will also change. To do this, go to the “Profile” tab (the last one on the right), then click on the 3 bars in the upper right corner and open “Settings and Privacy”. Select the “Language” tab and click on the “Preferred Languages” button. Here we indicate “Russian” or the one that interests you more.
  • Account language . If you change the language of the app, you will also see recommendations in that language. This is a good way to tell TikTok which videos you want to see. In the application, go to the “Profile” tab – touch the image with three dots and select the “Settings and privacy” option. Open the “Language” tab, and then – “Application Language”.

How to change the country in TikTok when registering:

  1. We download any VPN service on your phone that has a server in the country you need.
  2. Download and install the Tik Tok app on your phone.
  3. We go through the registration process. Better through a Google account, which also belongs to the corresponding region.
  4. With any luck, TikTok will assign you the correct country. But there is no 100% guarantee here. If it doesn’t work, you can try again.

Via website

The number of available parameters in the web version of TikTok is an order of magnitude smaller, but you can still somehow influence the language of the issue.

What can be done:

  • Change account language . To do this, click on your account avatar in the upper right corner and the current language will be written. For example, English, click on it and we can set the Russian language.

How to change country on TikTok?

  • Create an account via Tor . In the specified browser, you can select any region and with high chances TikTok will set it as the default country for you.

Although changing the TikTok country for existing accounts cannot be done, we can still change the language of the videos that appear in the recommendation feed. Usually, this is what users want to replace the region for.

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