Everything you need to know about ram sticks

Many parameters are to be taken into account when a person decides to choose the right PC, and which is adapted to his daily activities. It is therefore important to choose a model by evaluating many elements, such as the processor, the hard drive, and also the storage capacity of the PC. And concerning the memory of the PC, many parameters are to be taken into account, including the quantity, the frequency, as well as the voltage etc. All of these affect the functioning capabilities of the PC.

The appropriate amount of memory

You should know that the amount of memory greatly influences the storage capacity of the PC. This is measured in gigabytes . It should also be noted that the greater the memory capacity, the more efficient the device. However, some operating systems, such as OS, have a memory limit, which is 3 GB per RAM. It is also very important to take into account the different applications in which the PC is intended to be used, and which will greatly influence the amount of memory required. The operating system is also an impacting factor on the memory capacity, and also the amount that the user can pay. It is also important to choose between a high frequency or a high amount of memory.

For example, in the case of a Windows operating system which is intended for desktop computers, a memory of four gigabytes constitutes a reference, however it is better to opt for eight gigabytes, which can be even more efficient. , and thus lengthens the scope of the user.

For example in the case of a computer which is intended for Gaming, double the memory is necessary, ie 16 gigabytes, in order to download a certain quantity of games, which requires a lot of gigabytes. Or even intended for downloading fairly heavy software.

For higher amounts of memory, of the order of 30 gigabytes, these are intended for heavier uses, such as virtualization devices used by gamers.

The adapted memory frequency

It is also important to consider the memory frequency, which impacts the processing speed of RAM. This is measured in megahertz . You should know that the higher it is, the faster the bar is.

However, in some cases, there is a frequency limit value, imposed by motherboard manufacturers, which cannot exceed a certain megahertz threshold.

Concerning the reading of the frequency on the card, for example for a PC 19 200 type train, it suffices to divide the figure by 8, and thus to deduce the frequency, which in this case is 2400 MHz.

The voltage for RAM

Regarding the voltage, this defines the electrical power intended to ensure proper operation of the bar. This is thus proportional to the energy consumption , that is to say that the higher the voltage, the more the bars consume energy. It must also be compatible with the motherboard, that is to say an energy threshold that does not alter the latter. There are different bar profiles:

  • An XMP profile;
  • An AMP profile.


The most commonly sold brands on the market are the G.SKILL, the CORSAIR, BALLISTIX, and the hyper X.

The interest of memory

The RAM in a computer is something that is very important: it is available in the form of bars called memory bars or RAM. The main interest of the memory is to ensure storage of all the information and applications of the PC. However, this temporary storage with an accessibility of the order of nanoseconds. It is called short-term memory, unlike the hard disk which provides long-term memory. It also provides organized storage of all data, with constant availability.

The process of mounting a RAM memory

This is a simple process, since all that is required is to place the memory at the appropriate and easily identifiable location site . There is also a color code which makes it easy to connect the oars. There is also a system which makes it possible to correct a possible error of location, using polarizers and notches. For users wishing to expand the capabilities and performance of the PC, deemed insufficient in terms of memory, it is sufficient to place a SO-DIMM RAM, however in this case, the bars and the motherboard must not be soldered.

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